The Project Economy #56 – Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook 2022

May 22, 2022


In these uncertain and difficult times, I have been lucky to be part of Marshall Goldsmith’s generosity. We are having daily calls with the #MG100 group to share updates and exchange ideas on how we can #help others.

I thought of replication the idea with my network of friends and colleagues, from the world of #projects and #projectmanagement, and from many other backgrounds.

Together we can create a very strong #global #community to try to help as many people as possible and get us ready for the better times hopefully soon to come.

If interested to join please subscribe to this group:

Topics discussed:
– Recovery management
– Crisis management
– Long term focus, spotting irrational decisions, staying good-hearted
– Identifying new opportunities for diversifying income streams, for individuals and businesses
– Project strategy
– Dealing with feeling shocked
– Share resources. Networking. Home office project Management
– How to best serve our industry to get them positioned for the new norm.
– Rapid response plans and strategy pivots. Help for small businesses
– How to keep startups (or more generally SMEs) alive in an economical crisis?
– Co-creating new networks
– What can we do/offer as PMs, to help the world in this crisis, with the constraint of not being able to move from home?
– Effective project management in crisis situations
– Agile Project Management

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