The Poor Man's Plaid – The New Model S Long Range (Full Review) 2022

May 14, 2023

The original Model S, launched in 2012, was a great car, but it lacked essential creature comforts like parking sensors and heated rear seats. Now 10 years later, Tesla released a new Model S for 2021 and people are saying it’s just a minor update to the same car Tesla sold a decade ago. We spent two weeks driving one all around the country and even set the new EV Cannonball record (twice) with it. So with the appearance largely the same, we set out to find out if the haters were right, is the 2021 Model S just a minor evolution or a revolutionary new vehicle.

0:03 – Introduction
1:34 – Overview/Comparisons to other Teslas
3:03 – Drive Quality
4:08 – Charging Speed Improvement
4:39 – Exterior Updates
5:18 – Thoughts on the Yoke
6:25 – UI on the new 17″ Touchscreen
7:56 – Cargo Space/Layout
9:01 – Closures issues in our test vehicle
9:28 – Final Thoughts

Did we miss anything in our video? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll answer as many questions as we can.

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  1. I ordered a Plaid and a Long Range model S Jan 28 2021. I got the Plaid early August and the long range end of Oct. This guys positive comments on the Model S LR resonate with my experience. The Plaid is scary above 60 mph but both vehicles will give you tunnel vision during full acceleration. After I scared a dozen people in the Plaid I got my Long range and I can say the plaid is not worth the extra money. I can barely tell them apart. I got grey for both. The long range handles better (feels a little lighter) rides better (19”tires on the long range) and brakes a little better. (same brakes but lighter car)
    Tesla is laughing all the way to the bank selling the Plaid for 40k more than the long range. I’m laughing too as I was able to sell my Plaid for $24,000 more than I paid and that was after paying 11k in CA sales tax on that car. I love the Model S LR and agree with the reviewer that it’s the better deal. I really feel like I dodged a bullet being able to get my money back and then some on the Plaid. It’s only advantage was pulling like a jet aircraft from 60. You really need some smooth large sections of asphalt to pull it off safely. Yes it was amazing but the long range still wows me every time I accelerate beating even Charger hellcats easily.

  2. 3:49 totally thought he would let one rip

  3. At 2:00 why are we watching the back of your head brah? 🤔

  4. When I bought my Model 3… I had the same dilemma… Long Range or Performance.

    At the time there was about £10,000 difference with lots of people saying it wasn't worth it.

    So against all odds, I bought the Performance…

    Then guess what…

    1st thing my mates said when I rolled up in it brand new… "is it the Performance version"

    It would have been a blow to say no… but instead I looked at them and said "come on… you know me"…

    Phew… sometimes it isn't just what you want, it's what's expected of you 😀

  5. To answer your question, they went with the motorcycle approach for the buttons. You don’t press the airbag on the handlebars for the horn on a motorcycle, right? You use thumb controls for everything, so they did the same.

  6. I still feel like the led reflector headlights are about crap. My 3 has matrix headlights and they are amazing. It took tesla way too long to upgrade the headlights on the S only the later 2022s have the new headlights and tail lights.

  7. As long as the poor man can afford to pay $100+K for this car….

  8. Please show me a poor man who can afford this car. 🙄

  9. İmpressive!!! Can we update(Uncorked) this long range like a before brand 2017 and 2018, 100D ? İf possible 0-60 mph can be faster and more range

  10. All you did was complaining lol

  11. “Your average driving is just small turns on the highway” says the American, oblivious to the rest of the world’s roads

  12. I live in Norway. Never cared for EV’s, until Model 3 sr+ got reduced price early last year, thought this was a good 2nd car for my wife. But man, what a car! Loved it so much, still do! Got myself a Y this year, never going back. Absolute amazing cars. Model S next❤️

  13. The yoke is a complete deal breaker. And the horizontal screen has ruined the sleek lines of the interior.

  14. Thoughts on the 21” vs 19” in terms of ride quality?

  15. Reply
    Kim Conrad Jorgensen May 14, 2023 at 6:05 pm

    Great review and comparison to the Plaid. Long Range for me anytime as much as I love power you rarely get enough space to use it and I prefer the better comfort.
    One thing; you speak too fast.

  16. Make the yoke optional and I would consider it, otherwise it’s the MB EQS or the Lucid for me.

  17. why is the screen keep showing 69?

  18. are they ever going to put interior ambient lighting in these cars? That would be a game changer for me

  19. Only if it didn't have a yoke.

  20. Reply
    Hyram Bautista ❶ May 14, 2023 at 6:05 pm

    Crazy some people in the comments got theirs under 80k – can't find these under 99k brand new now. Picking mine up tomorrow, super excited. Coming from a Model 3 Performance 🙂

  21. Thank goodness mine came with the taillights without the intruding trim. Also came with the blacked out 19's.

  22. I hope Tesla evolves the Model S in the same way that Porsche evolves the 911. The car is iconic, let’s keep it that way.


    JOHN 3:16

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