The new Nissan Juke is WAY better than you think! REVIEW reviews

March 5, 2023

Nissan Juke Review Breakdown:
Design – 00:57
Interior – 01:55
Equipment List – 02:38
Infotainment – 04:16
Back seats – 06:24
Boot – 08:48
Engines – 13:02
Driving – 13:48
Verdict – 15:53

This is the all-new Nissan Juke! It’s a complete refresh nine years in the making, revitalising Nissan’s popular SUV with a controversial new look, as well as some new gadgets! Plus, beneath the bonnet, the 2020 Juke is powered by a 3-cylinder engine, armed with up to 117hp and 200Nm torque. Is all this enough to let it make mincemeat of the Peugeot 2008 and Skoda Kamiq in the competitive family SUV market? Join Mat and find out!

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  1. Why u fucking winging for everything

  2. There are car reviews i've watched that give useful information without the reviewer acting the fool – this guy should take note. The best I've seen were from Poland, Germany and Ireland – although all given in English.

  3. It's a kick under juke name

  4. Just bought one of these…
    I’m a driving instructor and I wanted a bigger car than my Suzuki Swift. Hope my pupils love it as much as I do!

  5. Wait… you're 5'8? I'm taller than you?? I honestly though you'd be 6ft

  6. If only it had a proper engine.

  7. Warning there is a recall on jukes we have a 2022 dash screen went grey blank common problem? Now 1 year on still not fixed waiting to get parts

  8. Matt, I’ve got one as a hire car and hate the fact the sat nav screen is facing the passenger. Why???

  9. It is a lot better than the old one. The problem is Puma. Ford Puma

  10. Japanese cars will be winning ugly car contests for many years to come.

  11. I'm addicted to these reviews. Specifically to this tall witty funny guy presenting them. Please do not stop.

  12. Polarising look? I think the original Juke was 🤮 while this one is 🤢. It's for the people who also think that the Fiat Multiple is cute. Not for me, this one.

  13. Yikes I do not like what they've done with the look for this redesign. I prefer the 2011-2017 aesthetics. They've gone too luxury looking. The originals looked sportier. I certainly couldn't imagine this in the Nismo variety, for the same reason as the present Sentra, which I also do not like the current take on. It just looks like they should both say Buick or Cadillac on the grill. The originals looked more akin to a VW Beetle, or even a Porche.

  14. Did you just say steel wheels?!!?! A car from this year with steel wheel?!

  15. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد
    .Thanks for the video. carwow good video reviews

  16. Do not get this car. Ive had mine since Feb 2022 – huge regret! Just not worth the AU 40K. The drive and steering is terrible especially at low speeds driving around carparks🫣

  17. Car has amazing looks! So sporty and great review there.

  18. Περί ορεξεως κολοκυθόπιτα.

  19. Wht type of Nissan juke is this?

  20. He's becoming so annoying and stupid

  21. Could you do a review on the new Hybrid version.

  22. This Juke as an Automatic has a DCT gearbox that somehow is trashy and sluggish.
    It cant move from a traffic light propertly without odd jolts. (Ive driven multiple same 2022 model Jukes) just get a toyota hybrid for a smooth drivetrain.

  23. Wait. We are supposed to trust a guy who thinks the recent Star Wars movies are better than the original? I think his credibility committed suicide.

  24. Just don't buy the hybrid one

  25. It’s a slightly different animal when you flick the sports button 🙂

  26. Forget the design, did Nissan fix the trash CVT transmission installed in Jukes (and other Nissan cars) that clicks over to "limp mode" in any weather over 85º F and a small incline, then dies completely between 50K and 100K miles? When your customers form a class action suit under existing "Lemon Laws" because of CVT issues new piping and body panels on the next model matter less lol

  27. i like it, i am disabled and am getting one on the motability scheme mine will be the hybrid model so i can potter around town to macdonalds and park outside on double yellows using my blue badge! nice!

  28. I love love this❤️🇿🇼

  29. You have to be a duke to buy the Juke 🤣

  30. Reply
    CL Racing UK ludurkris March 5, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    Looks very nice!

  31. Where od panoramic root?

  32. that hole in the headrest is a John Wick hole.

  33. It's so beautiful i have one as a taxi its amazing car

  34. frog car / upgrade frog aka crappo / bare skunt for your money

  35. Just got my Juke today! 😁😁

  36. Keren bngt

  37. No Nismo RS variant, No deal

  38. Reply
    Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan March 5, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    the funniest bit is when Mat says to click on the pop-up, and there's no pop-up (even after a year of the upload) …

  39. As soon as I heard it was a 1 litre engine only, im like NOPE… Next!
    Too bad, as styling wise it looks great. Smaller engines with same power as a larger engine=higher tuned=more fragility and less chance of it lasting, long term. A Captur 1.5D is a better option, though not as good looking as this.

  40. I hate the way the new juke looks. The juke was a unique, you could tell from quick glance that it was a juke. The new juke looks like all the modern new cars. :/

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