"The new Kia Sportage is so good, I bought one": REVIEW reviews

March 3, 2023

Our Nicola Hume couldn’t resist ordering a Kia Sportage – find out why in this full review.

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The sharp, ultra-modern look of the Kia Sportage is a bold move from the Korean manufacturer, but one that should at least help its family SUV stand out from a slew of all-too familiar rivals. Elsewhere, the Sportage has been improved in all the right areas – there’s more passenger room, a bigger boot, a stunning new infotainment system and a choice of efficient hybrid engines, including plug-in technology for the first time. The Sportage doesn’t provide that much entertainment out on the road, but then that’s missing the point; comfort and refinement are excellent, while Kia has added extra practical touches to make its best-selling SUV even easier to live with – particularly for our resident car reviewer Nicola Hume, who bought one for herself!

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  1. fuel economy not very good.

  2. Good evening.
    Pls tell me what its your fuel consumption for this engine ?( pls its 1.6 ? )

  3. Nice car to be fair shame they're all going to end up on the motability scheme to be wrecked,raced,and ruined

  4. Bought a new Sportage JBL version nearly 2 years ago and have had endless problems including loss of power on motorways due to electrical and mechanical failure – customer care hopeless. Changing back to Nissan as had 9 reliable years with them.

  5. Do the British still call trucks " lorreys"?

  6. KIA Sportage looks very nice!!

  7. Seems you are exited with your car!! congratulations and enjoy the ride!!

  8. I know why you like Kia I bought a Picanto and it's amazing.

  9. Bollocks! I had the previous model for 3 years and loved it. I recently hired this model for a while and it immediately felt like a downgrading.

  10. Is te Apple Car Play/Android Auto wireless or do you need a cable?

  11. Kia Rocks!!!

  12. That's the Top Gear track!

  13. just love Nicola's style of reporting, but based on her review and the drop dead gorgeous looks of the Sportage I purchased one to, the GT line version…..cant wait

  14. The diesel engine seems to suit this car best

  15. Still trying to locate one that I can buy of the 2023 model, prob have to wait until more inventory.

  16. Never by a KIA, not reliable car. Had one had have it repaired 3 times. Then wife had one that almost caught fire. All cars were new.

  17. The best car you can buy is one that makes you want to go out and drive it every day, and fits your daily needs of course. If a car cannot make you feel this way, then it's not the one for you. Nicola clearly found the right car for her, at this point in time.

  18. Been some really bad issues with the mild hybrid if you read the forums.

    Also. Is this the top gear track?

  19. One passed me on the motorway…such an ugly, tall rear end 👎

  20. Yes, I can see it. Seems pretty decent. The 2022 high spec model -> very nice.

  21. I bought my Kia Sportage 6 years ago so forget this video and I will tell you what when wrong with my car. Nothing absolutely nothing I sit here thinking oh battery needed changing but you do that on most cars when they are older. Oh brake disc NO!!!! windscreen wiper blades shut up. She still looks immaculate inside but I do look after her. My Sportage gets from A to B every time she is the best best car I have ever ever owned. Lets get to the crunch line. Well normally I change my car every 3 years but my beloved Kia no she is staying with me. My brother in law looked it over a few weeks ago his judgement was KEEP IT. But I am drawn to buy the new Sportage why well I am sure you can guess why if you read carefully what I have just said.

  22. 40k is too much although nice car.

  23. The Kia Sportage GT line was the first new car I bought in 12 years. They never explained about the petrol cars having a PPF for emissions. The warning lights came on at 800 miles in and I was told to drive fast at low gear, high revs until the warning went off. It never did. They waived the diagnostic fee the first time and couldn’t tell me if I would get charged again if it came back on. I’m not a distance driver, hence the petrol choice. The car is a lovely drive but this has really put me off.

  24. Lol you crack me up. I just sold my 22 Seltos to upgrade to this beauty but in Australia a 1.6lt turbo gt-line

  25. a very convincing video i must say. well done Nicole. tell us more about the PHEV tech of it pls…

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