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May 31, 2023

World of Tanks, WoT, 1.20.1 patch

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  1. It's literally a tier 10 Jagdpanther II

  2. Useless WG c**ts – they destroy the game with every update and as they think – improvements!

  3. For me, this tank has a really trollish gun. Even with upgraded bounty aiming device, reduced dispersion field mod and premium consumables, most shots don't go anywhere near where I am aiming. Had the same problem with the tier 9, but not nearly as bad.

  4. Skill, what hits harder a truck full of bananas or one full of dildos?

  5. Seriously, this guy's English pronunciation keeps getting worse. How is that even possible?

  6. Reply
    Luís Augusto Panadés May 31, 2023 at 1:50 am

    360 of AP is to the lower side? Really? Ok!

  7. I wanna play with my Ho Kurva 😁

  8. Reply
    💰 Earn $635 Daily May 31, 2023 at 1:50 am

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  9. skill and 907 has to be banned..lika all other players for this

  10. Nobody likes this tank why?
    Because it looks dumb =)))))
    Even the Type 4/5 looks somehow interesting.
    Some tanks look stupid but in the same way it's interesting.
    This thing… It's just dumb =)))))
    Just like the way human loves beautiful girls, handsome guys, exotic cars,… Tanks need to look good first =))))))
    Anyone tells me that the IS-7 is NOT such an insanely good looking tank plz XD
    The E5? Even E100/Maus has their own signatures.
    But this HO-RI shit 3 is sadly not =)))))))

  11. Armor is horrible. They was compering to German td's that is a bad joke. You can play just from back, hiding and sniping!

  12. Is there anyway to find people to play with, im a new player and i feel like its more fun to play with friends.

  13. It looks like the GW e100 with a roof added

  14. This tank seems like daddy feddi on steroids 😂

  15. Reply
    Synthetic Danimal 90 May 31, 2023 at 1:50 am

    Im convinced the first sentence the baboon king learned as a baby was "like there is no tomorrow" lmao

  16. 16:18 to 24:52 "KILL STEAL!" 🤣😂

  17. Now I want a chocolate covered frozen banana. Curse you Skill 😛

  18. I eat this garbage with my tier9 td 263

  19. The premium shells are better than they look because AP has normalization which HEAT shells don't, meaning that it ignores some armor sloping.

  20. come and play on the NA servers, I want to dance 🙂

  21. Finnaly a good tier x TD

  22. Simply love the dancers on your games, it always makes me smile and reminds me of old times when fun was more important than stats

  23. Hmm.. Skill the 🍌 dancing is almost criminal.. 😊 The reverse speed is nice..

  24. Can anyone tell me where skillz is from?

  25. You shot me in the ass few weeks ago! How xan I dance when you shot me from behind?


  27. Its king until you meet Type 5 with derp gun:)

  28. Reply
    TheWitchKingofAngmar May 31, 2023 at 1:50 am

    I look at it as a slower Jagdpanther 2 at tier 10 or similar to it anyway

  29. when the barrel shows through a wall (like the Obj 430U's barrel at 4:13), if the gun is fired will the shell magically go through the wall? or will it hit the wall closest to the tank that just fired? Or like where does the shell exit the tank from? the end of the barrel (normal real-life logic) or the gun mantlet (fake in-game logic)? Asking for a friend.

  30. Man skill the kabob dance 😂

  31. Ugly shit.
    I will never ppay such design trash

  32. i suppose m6 need an update

  33. Your previous mic was better (more natural)

    This condenser is for radio broadcasting

  34. It isn’t really shown in this video, but those 360 AP gold rounds are no joke. The normalization makes it pen more than you think and the shell velocity and penetration drop off are underrated. you kinda get the best if both worlds with Apcr and Heat.

  35. You should realy try out t7, it's insane and t9 is also lot better tier per tier than t10

  36. Do a test of tier VII Japan TD. After you get new microphone, please.

  37. its def good if not very good, 5k requirement for 3 marks speaks for itself

  38. T9 better i think

  39. The bruuururuuuruuruuu when skill attempts to drawn last game is priceless😂😂😂

  40. IS it ; Ho-Ri-bl3 ? 🙃😉🤑(Not – really 😉

  41. the gun is hitting like a truck full of bananas? … is that hard? as trucks go that seems kind of light and squishy?

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