The new Ford Focus has STILL got it: review reviews

June 24, 2023

The new Ford Focus still does one thing better than the rest.

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The Ford Focus is fast approaching its 25th anniversary, and ever since the radical first Focus hit the road, few other models have so consistently delivered such a strong all-round package in the family car segment.With SUVs stealing sales from traditional compact hatchbacks, the fourth-generation model hasn’t quite hit the same level of popularity as its predecessors, but it remains a key player in Ford’s range. Now, the current Focus has been treated to a mid-life update that includes changes to the styling, interior and powertrain line-up.

The model range has been revised, too. The previous range-topping Vignale is now a more luxurious add-on pack for the core trims: Titanium, sporty ST-Line and off-road inspired Active, plus there’s entry-level Trend spec. The changes on the outside are mostly cosmetic, but the Focus’s cabin benefits from a comprehensive tech upgrade. The centrepiece is a vast new infotainment screen running new Sync 4 software; Ford says that the 13.2-inch display is the biggest in the class. Loading times have significantly improved, and the large icons and clear graphics make it a doddle to use. But do the upgrades pull the Focus ahead of its rivals? Nicola Hume finds out.

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  1. 55 plate derv mk2 48 around town can get 60 mpg on motorway . and thay say modern cars are better NO

  2. How many of the things you have pointed out are extras

  3. For me the only negative of ford cars is how badly soft touch cab materials wear after only a couple years

  4. Huge mistake no one is noticing?? Steering wheel is on the wrong side

  5. Reply
    A & B Photography June 24, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    Love my 40k Mk4 2018 St line.

  6. Compared to my a1989 escort rs turbo it’s build cheap

  7. ive owned a 2020 ford focus for 3 years and its been a bag of poo been in the garage 9 times stupid stuff and still has a miss fire they say is fine. my mk1 focus had that 5 years never missed a beat took it everywhere. now waiting for a skoda kamiq cant wait for the focus to go. great review tho and oh yeah i did like the sytling but not happy with the issues. maybe a friday afternoon built car.

  8. Mk1 was the best hatchback

  9. Did you deliberately forget to mention the new astra as the main competition I think the astra will outsell focus in the UK as Corsa has with the fiesta

  10. Still better than the Golf Mk8

  11. Ford Focus Mk3.5 was the best I thought

  12. Why can’t we get this in the US? Ridiculous

  13. God i wish ford would bring the focus back in the US i'm so tired of all these suv's/crossovers

  14. Reply
    Christopher Spriggs June 24, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    Problem with this focus and the one before the facelift is that every component inside and out looks like it was made by a team that didn’t communicate with the others.

  15. Reply
    William Cuthbertson June 24, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    I wish Ford would sell these in North America.

  16. Reply
    Heaven Isn't Too Far Away June 24, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    One of the worst cars for problems from what I can see under US lemon laws, loads of recurring problems

  17. They do not have any delivery dates

  18. very clever to shoot the video from the side in order to not show the Fugly ford multimedia center , instead of Ford paying you to do that they should fire the inventor of this screen.
    Not a single report of a total absence of a full hybrid system as well as volume and air con nobs which makes the car difficult to handle

    In other news, women test driving is a joke but, ugly women test driving is hilarious

  19. Really, Mazda 3 looks better?

  20. Reply
    Deeps “DeepSKI” Ski June 24, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    Why still no Plug In version ? Ford is always late to party ??

  21. Looks great!

  22. Very nice car and very nice girl !!!!!

  23. Reply
    Dhruvan Unnikrishnan June 24, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    how on earth can someone call these newer versions of ford a good design. From 2011 onwards ive lost interest in fords, i have driven it, drives great but i dont see the point as they look so ugly, even the feistas, such a shame these new cars are all starting to look the same, the tail lights at the top is what made these iconic

  24. So ugly imagine wasting your money on that

  25. Don’t forget your sunglasses, Nicola! As a former Focus owner, it’s a real pity that Ford no longer sells them in the States. Best I can hope for is a nice refresh/update to the Escape, I guess. Enjoyed the review, by the by.

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