THE MEDICAL SPECIAL – A Two-Part Review of For Science! and Rush M.D 2022

November 22, 2022

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  1. As the Meat Boy segment intensified, I was reminded more and more of the End of Evangelion. "I know. I know I've let you down…because of that it's killing me inside…"

  2. Such a lovley dissection/operation scene at the end. As a boardgaming forensic pathologist, I approve of this very much 😉

  3. 14:57 – Was that a Jerma reference??

  4. Far be it for me to contradict the Editor, but 'ludic maneuver' would mean "game move"

  5. Sure, Tom's fine, but I really want to hear this Meat Boy lad's opinion on board games.

  6. I’m never eating meat boy again

  7. But what about #63, Tom???? What is the # 63 way to get medical at home??? Can we please have a review of all the ways to get medical at home, followed by a discussion of why all but one of them are meat boy??? TOOOOM?


  9. Where can I find this MeatBoy game you were playing in the teaser at the end? You forgot to include an affiliate link.

  10. Bog roll. That's.. not a real thing right? *Looks it up* British people are weird.

  11. So good. I love this boy and I'm definitely going to watch a YouTube again.

  12. That was interesting.

  13. Love the Review Cam. Really makes you appreciate everything going on and happening in the past, and possibly also in the future. Not the present, though…

  14. Who is this guy

    Give us Quinns

  15. Fix the audio Brewster!!!!!!!

  16. I love how Tom videos relentlessly continue a joke for way too long to the point that it turns absolutely hilarious! ^_^'

  17. It appears that "For Science" is no longer on Amazon…probably because it's out of stock on the publisher's website. Must be the blessing and curse of a SUSD recommendation 😛

  18. Reply
    Ricardo Moreno Almeida November 22, 2022 at 9:11 pm

    We're getting quite surrealistic there, aren't we??? WOW… That was a trip.


  20. Is he saying bum roll? Or bug roll?

  21. Meat Boy

  22. I want to see Meat Boy as it matures.

  23. “Each patient is a payday $$$ 🎺🎺🎺” ah so the game is set in the USA!

  24. Really glad I was eating at the end of the episode lol

  25. That ending was… Well, it was certainly an ending.

  26. Unhinged

  27. Dammit Tom I was eating when you decided to “get medical”

  28. WD40/alcohol might lift the ink stains.

  29. For Science definitely looks more appealing to me. Not fond of mandatory sand timers in my games.

  30. Interesting Clinic wouldn’t be in this as well…

  31. Was … anyone else expecting Meat Boy to get cooked, and come out delicious?

  32. Tom has been watching too much "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared"

  33. Never change Tom

  34. Thank you Tom for bringing insanity back to SU;SD

  35. Is this impressionistic melange an homage to the recently passed J-L Godard? Just askin' 'cause of Pingu's beret.

  36. I had a lot of trouble getting through this video because all the stuff on the bottom. that mght just be me though.

  37. the PiP is really distracting in an already hectic video

  38. When a link to another review proves to actually be just the other review playing along side I thought I'd seen where this was going. Then there was meat boy.

  39. Oh man I want to turn meat boy into a hamburger so bad

  40. Could you bring back the Kitchen Rush Review Cam next review? Just title the box "Back by popular demand; Kitchen Rush Review Cam" and offer no explanation. Especially if it's not popular; that would make it even funnier.

    I could do without more meat boy though.

  41. V entertaining as ever. Please keep future humour plant-based! 💚

  42. For science seems like a great Christmas table game with the family with various kids of all ages

  43. Playing with your meat boy again? smh

  44. The permanent marker on table issue can probably be solved with alcohol. Hand sanitiser works well. "Alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems" – H Simpson.

  45. I usually listen to videos and watch when something catches my attention or there’s something that needs a visual demonstration. This…. I don’t know what I just saw. But more concerning… I don’t know what I missed.

  46. That ending was very David Firth. Loved it. Never change Tom.

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