The Kulture Study: XG 'LEFT RIGHT' MV REACTION & REVIEW 2022

March 27, 2023

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  1. Your reaction videos have been one of my go to videos to watch for years!

  2. I really appreciate your mv reaction. I love your reaction about KARD, SUPER JUNIOR and XG. I wish you could react to YESUNG ft. Winter (Aespa) "Floral Sense". Thank you in advance.

  3. Still waiting for you to react at Purple Kiss- Sweet Juice

  4. Guys, you keep talking about this school and curation thing. Think of it like the Olympics, where countries aka production companies recruit and compete for talent, immerse them in training and some survive

  5. bro this video is heavily inspired by late 90s, early 2000s R&B and rap videos and im here for it,.

  6. Reminds of some Men in black stuff 😀

  7. 26:28 actually they dance in slow-mo, it's not edited. It's in they choreography. You can see it clearly in their dance practice videos.
    It's the same with the choreography in the first part of Shooting Star when they jumping and you thought they edited it because you feel fake =)))

  8. Pls watch xypher


  10. I wish I can support channels like this monetarily lol but I am also broke so I will just comment, subscribe, and like this video.

  11. Not PD losing all memory of anything after being blown away from this MV 😂

  12. not a k-pop band

  13. IDK if you're into it but i'll take this XG hook and ask, would you be into some other JP stuff? really intrigued on what takes would you have on Babymetal and Band Maid.

  14. turbo amo!!!!!! amo todo, el concepto, la cacnión su actitud, el vesturio la edición! XG! pega por que pega!

  15. The talent. The looks. The vibe. Everything is just on point 100%. These young queens are the future

  16. High note got me screaming
    Not ready!!!

  17. Would love to see you react to the shooting star live stage choreography of this.

  18. You have to watch their dance practices, that's not slow-mo. They're just that amazing at what they do. I really think this group is going to be the next BTS level sensation

  19. the way this would be charting on bb hot 100 and getting paks and raks if it was a "korean" kpop group

  20. Amazing fun video great singing dancing production I get it

  21. Your breakdown give me a whole new appreciation for this MV. Thank you ❤

  22. Good job PD!! I’m going to join your Patreon now because you did a great job on this video. I’m glad you’re following your heart and going to Korea. You should give us a Vlog on your journey.

  23. oh oh oh hey oneway! Knew them too

  24. Jakops runs XGALX.

  25. I hope you can react to XG’s rap line on their Galz Xypher I’m sure you will be confuse who is your real favorite member 😎👌🏼

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