THE INVASION OF ITALY BEGINS! Company of Heroes 3 – Italian Campaign #1 reviews

February 26, 2023

Welcome to My Company of Heroes 3 – Italian Campaign! Enjoy the latest edition in the WW2 RTS series, Company of Heroes!
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  1. That looks like and Enhanced HD Mod for Tales of Valor 🤣👎

  2. Conti from coh1?

  3. Oof. The beginning was amazing but the campaign is super rough. Skipping the entirety of Sicily that could have been a good tutorial ( it was an absolute rout for the Axis, took in 15 days ) and missing so many battles for the most handheld set I’ve ever seen is not a good first impression.

  4. love the tactical pause. you didnt capture pizzo

  5. 17:17 someone’s left their toy car on the side of the road

  6. I almost like this game, I just cant get over how silly they look running around in the open getting shot in the face with machine guns and not instantly dying.

  7. Hope you do more of this really enjoying it

  8. I can't believe you are playing one of my favourite game ever. We Played this for hours as kids

  9. Wait i just noticed this small issue with this new feature. Pausing and RTS removes thr RT part of RTS. this is no longer a Real time Strategy game.

  10. if you pick up the weapons on the floor, that will increase attack of your group.

  11. Reply
    Professional Bird Watcher February 26, 2023 at 2:40 pm

    The field of view sucks. The graphics sucks. They really gutted this franchise

  12. I remember in coh 1 That you can skip hall the Beach mission by capturing and usine thé First 88

  13. The only thing that bothers me about this game is it’s so easy it’s like tooo easy.

  14. Looks like a mod of COH 2… no thank you.

  15. Mixed reviews… Worth the money?

  16. Canceled my prorder of this game after stress test. Horible balance and garbage skill trees.

  17. What's up LionHeart! I'm a big fan of your content and a voice actor on CoH3. I voice the US Snipers. Excited to watch your playthrough!

  18. ai looks baddddd

  19. Wow this game looks like shit

  20. Has armored battalion Bombs the weakened infantry "Is this overkill?" No good sir, I believe that is only bordering on a war crime 🙂

  21. Is there any way to remove the bright colours on the unit models?

  22. CoH has been dumbed down so much it's painful to watch. Hope the modders do a good job with it.

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