January 15, 2023

They are finally reuniting!

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  1. I was not a Fan of the bloodline invading they’re getting really annoying/irritating

  2. The hurt business should take down the bloodline.

  3. RAW WAS NOT FREAKIN BORING. Sorry but raw was amazing. Love the vids

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    Reverse_TheGoat🌀🐐 January 15, 2023 at 4:08 pm

    mvp🌟 Bobby Lashley🌟 Shelton Benjamin🌟 Cedric Alexander🌟 omos🌟 i see talent🌟💎⚒ the hurt Business⚒🌟🔥🙏🏾

  5. Were is Smackdown review? 🙁

  6. I really hope Omos joins the Hurt Business Bethesda would add a new flair to it and the group would be on par with the Bloodline and Judgement day.

  7. Vince just came back to he’s about to ruin all this

  8. You’re just tired of wrestling cause there ain’t much they can do different.

  9. Dominik is hard now because he's in prison 😂

  10. Damage Control Theme Song goes hard, right

  11. How bout them 6 men tag team match 😂

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    HAMEZ_stopmotionandgaming_WWE January 15, 2023 at 4:08 pm

    Bro said it’s the same shit as always when his show is the exact same it’s either Braun I love trains 🚂 or Rey so not booyaka or judgement day

  13. I’ll give this Raw 7.5/10

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    Reverse_TheGoat🌀🐐 January 15, 2023 at 4:08 pm


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    Reverse_TheGoat🌀🐐 January 15, 2023 at 4:08 pm


  16. With omos joining would be epic

  17. hurt business vs bloodline would be awesome

  18. The Hurt Business should be the One to Dethrone The Bloodline

  19. If Hurt Business returns I am officially a Raw watcher hurt business is great

  20. Damage control should have just been a tag team with Dakota and Bailey and a different theme song

  21. Sad to see but Alexa is so boring still and she’s not to good in ring anymore

  22. Should have never got rid of the hurt business in the first place

  23. Why isn't omos and Braun a tag team?

  24. Bloodline vs hurt business would be a w match in war games

  25. Can't wait for the hurt business to return.
    The group was wasted when they had a lot of potential, and they still got the potential if they're booked correctly

  26. Overrating the blood line makes the show extremely borring

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    Elijah Thompson: CAP7URE January 15, 2023 at 4:08 pm

    They need to change the arena designs for Raw and SD. The wrestlers like theory, judgment day, hurts business, the bloodline have grown out of the this era. Its more attitude. They should call it the rebellion era

  28. Hurt bidness vs bloodline

  29. it was not boring, a very good episode so wtf

  30. Bobby is heading to Smackdown maybe Omos is the new member

  31. Reunite the hurt business and even add omas as well. Have all 4 of them as the new and improved hurt business

  32. I disagree here this raw was good yeah a few bad spots but very enjoyable

  33. 7:35 triple h doesn't give a sh*t and hates smackdown but still raw is boring 🤮

  34. I hate factions because they all play the same character together.
    Example – A tag team like new day having all guys with same character is not as good as having two different characters as tag champions.

  35. I feel if Dexter after The Miz fued should go to Smackdown and get into something with Bray Wyatt

  36. Why are people hating on bray’s work he’s the best thing about these garbage shows

  37. Solo taking guitar like a CHAD was cool

  38. Rollins injured his knee

  39. As much as I want Hurt Business back I fear they are just gonna be jobbed out to The Bloodline

  40. yep alexa's cringe shitty gimmic is back…. oh joy

  41. If the bloodline is really over after mania, i think HB can pick up the Big Bad Faction Role

  42. Kevin owns eye is not make up

  43. You get bored with everything lol

  44. Im glad they are reuniting but it really doesn't make sense…. Remember Bobby and MVP turned on Shelton and Cedric. Not to mention MVP turned on Lashley…

  45. I thought it was a good show this week. Bloodline invading again, the Elias vs Solo match, Lumas vs Gable and the main event of Seth Vs Theory. All good stuff.

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