The Design Portfolio That Got me Freelance Work and Jobs – Review Part 2 reviews

April 24, 2022

👉 Watch Part 1:
Matthew Encina reviews 20 years of his art and design portfolio work from high school till now. See his portfolios throughout his entire career. From graduating from ArtCenter, and then going on to own his own company, freelancing, and eventually becoming a creative director at Blind.

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0:00 – Matthew Encina, as a young artist and designer
1:32 – Starting my design studio, BORN in 2007
2:33 – Greg Gunn and the 3 Legged Legs, 2006
3:58 – BORN Summer reel 2007
7:12 – How the market crash affected my business in 2008
9:43 – How to deal with failure
11:53 – Becoming a freelance designer, 2009
13:06 – The work Matthew Encina was doing as a freelance motion designer
16:37 – How to be a successful freelance designer
18:10 – If freelance is good, why go staff?
19:29 – Becoming a young creative director in advertising, 2011
21:00 – I don’t know how to talk to clients and direct my team
22:13 – Why it’s important to learn how to communicate as a designer
22:40 – Turning gaps and shortcomings into opportunities
23:42 – The first projects I’ve done as a creative director
24:14 – Working for JK Rowling and Playstation
28:05 – The later years of being a creative director, 2014
29:10 – Working with Coldplay
30:10 – The process of working on an interactive music video
31:54 – Playing video games lead to the biggest opportunities
32:27 – Working with Xbox
36:18 – Reflecting on 20 years of creating, failing, and learning
38:51 – Matthew Encina, what’s next?

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  1. You're an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Very inspiring, thank you

  3. As a recent graphic design grad in the heart of 2020 and the pandemic, when normally I would have had the opportunity to meet people and find work, taken away from me. This video was extremely inspiring to just do the work! It seems incredibly daunting but the drive is there to do something and I've always followed my curiosity as well. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I'm kind of sad that there is no perfect job for us.

  5. Reply
    Orlando Angelo Cerezo April 24, 2022 at 2:21 pm

    Thank you The Futur Academy and Matt Encina for this wonderful mini-series. Definitely learned a lot from it. It’s so inspiring especially to newbie designers like me who’s just starting out. I have a long way to go but I am not stopping now. Learning should never stop after university.

  6. What is the music at 34:25.

    It's just my kinda style lol

  7. Reply
    Grażyna Strumiłło April 24, 2022 at 2:21 pm

    I'm 40 years old and I have raised 2 sons. As a result, my career was delayed. Now I'm getting up. Thanks for those words. Great work! I have experience, also 20 years, with breaks. I have talent too. I just need to get my head in order. The only question is how to become an Art Director when I don't have experience as an Art Director. People from HR only employ Art Directors who have already worked in this position somewhere.

  8. so inspiring..thanks for sharing

  9. Thank you so much for creating this video, for being so vulnerable, open, and honest. Everything you shared was very insightful, eye-opening, and helpful. What you shared about learning the importance of communicating your thoughts resonated so much with me. I feel that I had got to a point where I was always relying solely on my skills to get me jobs but I've found without the ability to clearly communicate it really makes it hard. I myself can be extremely introverted at times, and shy —which can be irritating when I want so much not to be— but I know with practice I will get better.

  10. Thank you so much for this! Really inspired to do things after. Stay great and awesome, Matthew!

  11. 38:58 got me like 😢😭

  12. Matt is incredible

  13. How to articulate my thoughts to come out as words in my mouth. I struggle with that one.

  14. Matthew, thank you so much for sharing your career path with us, it's inspiring, encouraging and eye-opening. So many people out there who are just on their path to find their own voice will see themselves in your story, find the answers they are looking for, and find the power to go forward, just like me. You and the team made another really valuable content once again. I wish I had know you guys sooner but it's never too late. <3

  15. What a great and inspiring journey you've had! You and Chris Do are my superheroes and it's such a valuable part of my day to watch your content !!! Thank you Futur Team!!!

  16. Reply
    NENAD ZIVANOVIC // NEKS April 24, 2022 at 2:21 pm

    Great stuff man!

  17. This makes me scared, yet excited and I hadn't felt like that before!

  18. You're an artistic expression Matt.

    This was incredibly captivating and the part on HP and Xbox was extremely thrilling. Thank you for this.

    Just realized I'm in this! Yay! ✌🏻🤍

  19. Amazing Matthew! Really nice to hear the stories behind the stories. The thoughts, the feelings at the time as it happened. It makes the story have more connection with us, the viewers. Please more videos like these. Well done to The Futur team… one of the best subscriptions I ever made. Never fails to impress.

  20. This was the pep talk that I didn't even know I needed.Thank you for this. I'm in my late 20's barely starting on my journey into the graphic design world. I have been having doubt's lately since I don't know where I'm going in this broad field. But this video has made me feel much more comfortable about not knowing where I am going to be in the future. Feeling motivated to just keep exploring till I find my place.

  21. Thanks for sharing your creative journey Matt 🙂 Super honest and inspiring.

  22. very inspirational, thanks. do you have any advice for someone that feels like they have to start completely over? I went from a creative position to a developer position and been stuck there for too long. I'm in this weird limbo of having work experience in a studio but not the creative experience everyone is looking for.

  23. Thank you for sharing your journey Mathew. I have to say you're work is by far the best. Keep up the amazing work.

  24. Thank you so much! Mat for sharing. Very inspiring and I have learned a lot from just by listening, you have answered a lot of my thoughts that are holding me back to move forward. Really Thank you so much.

  25. I absolutely loved this series! Your journey is inspiring.

  26. You remind me of myself. I have many years to go before I build experience like yours. But it’s good to see a future in all of this. I’ll keep doing my best to show up.

  27. I enjoyed this two part series quite a bit. exploring an individuals career path and even broadly their life path has such insight and inspiration tied so deeply to it. I found it very endearing following your story as a creative, the challenges you embraced and the personal battle with self esteem and chasing the "best version" you HAD to be. Thank you for sharing your story.
    I am curious about the passion you showcase as a person. has it ever had a negative impact in your life? especially after the 2008 crisis and the after math that resulted in a need for your to work extra and demanding more and more for you in each project. Also would love to hear more about you current artistic exploration and you plans along with how teaching and educating started to become a part of your life with this YouTube channel or beyond.

  28. Matthew, I LOVE the "INSPIRATION" "DISTRACTION" "ACTION" scroll.

  29. Matthew, I'm not in the graphic design space, I do videos, but your work is outstanding. And I love your story.

  30. For me, this is the most inspiring content I've seen in 2020.

  31. This is incredible. As a Freelance Cinematographer/ Videographer for the past two years I'd say I've been doing extremely well but currently struggle with wanting to learn so many different softwares and areas of the industry. I primarily work in Premiere and DaVinci, but briefly jump in and out of After Effects, motion graphics, illustrator, I dipped my toe in Cinema4D and there's just so much I want to learn all at the same time. This gives me confidence that as long as I maintain that drive to learn and try different things, in 10-20 years I'll eventually have made my way through most of them properly and I can look back as you do. It's already crazy looking back right now for me, so it must be amazing to see yourself 20 years down the line. Amazing video, thank you for sharing your journey and loved how personal it felt, just followed you on Insta Matt! I'll have to watch back through part one and two again 💯

  32. please do this kind of content all the time

  33. I should have been editing almost 3 live music production videos but totally don't regret watching this 🙂 Both Part 1 and 2 CHECKED!!! Thank you for sharing these with us.

  34. damn MGS

  35. Thanks for this, watched both and gonna now check the TED real quick because I really like the advice of "start before you're ready."
    Very informative, honest and inspiring. Enjoyed immensely and best of luck on the rest of your journey.

  36. I just clicked on this video randomly because it was suggested by youtube and I am a growing artist. I love the journey, the advice, and just the inspiration he gave me during both videos. Great job!

  37. Thank you Matthew 😩♥️

  38. How did you get to work with clients like Nissan and Linkin' Park straight out of college like that?

  39. wow… so touching

  40. Reply
    Asterisk ”films” April 24, 2022 at 2:21 pm

    this was very helpful. thank you!

  41. Thank you Matthew for sharing your journey. I’m graduating from uni this September and I’ve been feeling so lost. This was such a reflective and inspiring episode. I’ve been using this quarantine to reconnect to my creative roots and explore how I can pivot from social science research to design.

  42. This was amazing, Matthew! Thank you for your vulnerability. There are so many lessons in your story. I loved your thoughts at the end about still feeling insecure at times because you're always trying new things. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  43. Reply
    yadira m hernandez April 24, 2022 at 2:21 pm

    Hey Matthew! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your journey. It's really easy to get discouraged during these times where, as artists, our place in the economy is a little shaky–as far as what comes after our world's situation.. So thank you for sharing your experience from 2008. Thank you for inspiring me so much and giving me hope.

  44. this.was.amazing. there are no words to describe how inspirational this was. injection of inspiration. thank you

  45. thank you

  46. I learnt to just keep going, there is never a point of arrival. Loved this video, gives you so much to.

  47. The housing market crash in 2020 bit made me think of the current pandemic… How's it gonna be after this? This video is SO timely. Glad I got to watch this tonight, thank you.

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