The Dark Side Of Jobs (DHMIS) 2022

November 8, 2022

Part 1 of a six part series (link to playlist).
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Links to the liminal space and artwork used in the intro –
Check out their posts they’re fascinating

0:00 When Nostalgia & Horror Meet
2:00 intro Analysis
3:20 Episode 1 Analysis
29:20 Replicating Puppet Shows

#dhmis #donthugmeimscared #horror #videoessay

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  1. Reply
    The only nightmarionne November 8, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    So am I the only one that noticed on the board with those jobs one of them was slug

  2. Fun fact:red guys actually a puppet

  3. Will their be more of these videos 😃 this is super fun to listen to and watch

  4. I like how the bit and parts are reused its a loop
    They make it it gets sucked up goes through the tube and gets splurged out as a blob

  5. I always thought the black water was coffee

  6. Yellow is youth, red is middle aged and duck is elder and how they relate to the situations given to them

  7. This show is like someone tried to make a kids show, but they aren't aware of what even is a kid.

  8. The dark side of jobs is also the main side of jobs. #NEETpride

  9. Right that is such a good point that once he’s in power he just wants to sit around and do nothing

  10. Is it me or is it that the sudden realization of the name “don’t hug me I’m scared” is much how the show itself is at first comforting but the same thing you once found comfort in scares you, thus making you saying “don’t hug me, I’m scared” like how one would say that to another person or thing, you are scared of what once comforted you, maybe I am just slow idk bra it’s 1:29 am and I’m so sleepy and I just wanted to comment to look later before I forget

  11. I'd imagine the coin landing in ducks eye is a metaphor for money blinding you

  12. I like how they end up on a factory, like a good number of people irl, I’ve always assumed that the water was just coffee

  13. Little bit too literal but fun video

  14. 1:03 omg that clown in the background is so scary😰

  15. The problem of this tv show its so complex no body knows what's behind the truth of this show and keeping doing reviews all episodes, its so entertainment

  16. Its my theory is that "The Care Hound" is "The Human Resources" department…He's led there after a falling out with his boss, and comes back to work as if the "issue was resolved"…Just my take.

  17. Reply
    Verbigereando Channel November 8, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    Dude, excellent video, hope you do more but…my guy i have a really heavy cetalophobia (fear of whales, severe one) and your wallpaper is killing me 🤣🤣🤣

  18. The person looking through the hole in the wall is Roy, Yellow Guy’s father. (But you probably knew that lol)

  19. 4:28 I used to hear BoyInABand. He also reminded me of him because of the and long hair with red in it. So that got kinda ruined for me lol

  20. I need more!

  21. How are you?
    How is your child?

    Edit-Just a btw, I can’t WAIT for you to look into the ‘Family’ episode! That family be a lil crazy-x

  22. While watching the intro for the first time I noticed that the last group of portrait shown, the oval ones on the table, looked like the ones you see at funerals or that like grandmas have of their loved ones that passed away. I just thought it was a cool detail, maybe to imply they really did everything together, like the darker things that happen in the show.

  23. What I love about this video is that it is finally a decent interpretation, considering the shows stylistic choices and their effects on the viewer, getting to a conclusion about the meaning and the message of the show, instead of speculating about hidden time loops or who is responsible for the events of the show or whatever.

  24. Reply
    UnderTale_FanI 2015 November 8, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    great vid! I love it!

  25. You should crank up your record volume a bit so it consist through out the video, really love your content btw.

  26. Excellent video

  27. this made me feel stupid

  28. Bruh the hound point reminds me of Sherlock when he gets weirded out by someone saying they had a hound problem. That nostalgia was chefs kiss.

  29. Damn you seem to be to close to unemployed brendon don't share your woke hate be an eagle instead

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