The Crack Era Was Planned | A Review of The Book The Chasm Pt 4 2022

November 16, 2022

It is widely believed that the crack era was planned by former U.S. President Ronald Regan and the CIA. Poor black communities across the nation were flooded with a new drug called crack. The use of crack helped to further separate the black man, the black woman, and the black child. In addition to the drug devastating black communities, mass interaction, the loss of jobs, and living in poverty in a racist country, also contributed to the fall of the black family. Black America was under attack with no defense. Many believe the CIA planned the crack era to fund military projects in Nicaragua and other countries. Black Americans were becoming addicted to crack while the government was getting wealthy.

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  3. It's a war going on ever since the devil got here he has been trying to kill our people in many different ways

  4. BM leave regardless of any circumstances. If you are intentional it will work out. However, lack of discipline is the main issue.
    Chasing whiteness is also an issue with black people. They fall in love with biracial looking children. So, future black children aspire to a culture of fading away blackness.

  5. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention.

  6. I am extremely impressed with this channel. For you to talk about this issue, is awesome. Unfortunately, in today's society, some black women use the "We've been on our own since we've been here" is extremely dishonest to the history that covers why things are the way they are today. It's more complicated than that. We never abandoned our women. If we were to fight them they would've killed us off, leaving a whole bunch of illegitimate kids being raised by racist white men. Decisions are deeper than what they appear. This was a strategic effort to separate us from each other which created disdain for one another (depending on the mind-frame of those that entertain having a relationship. They created the gender war that we've been having and those who don't do the knowledge won't understand it. Much love to you young man for keeping it going.

  7. Great breakdown. Keep sharing!

  8. Thanks for taking the time to explain these behaviors, because BW did not start kicking good BM out of the house because they preferred welfare. The BW was struggling because the BM had already chosen to leave his children for whatever reason. i.e drugs, stress, depression

  9. The crack and heroin era was and should be looked upon by Foundational Black Americans as chemical warfare upon our peoples.
    #DONTVOTEBLUEorRED* "We have No friends"- Dr.John Henrik Clarke

  10. Breaking News; Every attack on a minority group in America is planned. The idea is not to participate.

  11. Your presentation did catch my attention I am product of the early 1960's. When the Heroin epidemic hit
    our the B!ack community. Then in the 1980's the Crack epidemic hit our the Black community and mass
    incarceration. The United States of America was built on the shed blood. Sweat an tears of Black people
    Slavery and the Drug trade is an continue to be apart of the GDP of America an wall street. Furthermore
    yes Joe Biden as Senator did pass the Crime bill for mass incarceration of Blacks. What you may or
    may not be aware of it was the so called civil rights leaders Jackson, Sharpton and the Church preachers
    in the Black community that pushed this incarceration for crack offenses because grandsons were
    killing their grandmas for money to get crack. Yes the disintegration of the Black family was on purpose
    Black people need to wake up The guns and drugs will continue flood our community. The police will
    continue to shoot us down like a dog in the streets. All they maintain to do to us is Control & Dominate
    Check out Dr Frances Cress Welding videos it is about White genetic survival

  12. And i believe This government here was trying to do it again

  13. The Biden bil. Joe Biden. All facts

  14. Heard about this from all the way back in the UK. Not just the deadly drugs but little kids finding dusty cases filled with used guns and fresh ammo. Oh and that guy Oliver. Retired United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. Got his own television show now lol! To think humans sat down and thought up a plan like that to deal with fellow humans? so sick.

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