The Complete Qantas A330 Business Class Review – Sydney to Bali 2022

October 23, 2022

Enjoy this Qantas A330-200 trip in their flagship business class between Sydney and Denpasar, Bali!

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Date of Travel: 12 DEC 2019
Airline: Qantas
Livery: Qantas standard livery
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
Flight Number: QF 140, QF 43
Miles: 1344, 2868
Airborne time: 3h14m, 6h20m

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  1. Reply
    Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas October 23, 2022 at 4:31 pm

    Maybe you caught this when it went public by accident a few days ago! Oops! Well, it's back for good now.

    Enjoy this Qantas A330-200 trip in their flagship business class between Sydney and Denpasar, Bali!

    Read my written review ONLY on Simple Flying:

    WATCH NOW: Amazing CrossCountry HST train trip in England!

  2. A330’s don’t fly to Bali? Only 737’s nowadays…

  3. Reply
    Gunvald Sandhåland October 23, 2022 at 4:31 pm

    Good job,Qantas is a very good airliness,love business class

  4. Flying past a storm,well that's Indonesia for ya

  5. Hi Paul. Always love your content. Now that us Aussies are finally free to leave the country again after nearly two years locked in, I have booked to fly Qantas to Singapore on A330 200 in BC which is why I was watching. Before changing over to Emirates A380 to Europe. 19th March will be 2 years since this travel nut stepped on a plane. And that was to scurry home from OS before the border shut. Can't wait for this trip. Longest I have been grounded since a kid.

  6. Reply
    Nick's Emotional Baggage October 23, 2022 at 4:31 pm

    what happened to the 27 videos?

  7. Nice trip to Bali Island ✋🏻🛫✈
    Don't forget the face mask 😷

  8. Great video, i really liked how you explain things clearly. I also in enjoyed your Singapore/Narita/LAX video, some great advice there. I am Star Alliance member tragic and still find it all a complex equation at times, it is though the best thing to do, join a program, One World, Sky Team ,though i skimp , suffer and save all my loose pennies to fly business whenever i can.Do you have any Asiana or Seoul ICN videos in the pipeline?

  9. Reply
    Benjamin Mendenhall October 23, 2022 at 4:31 pm

    That was a nice looking manu

  10. The reason Aussies hate on Qantas is only because of the near extortion prices they charge. Good series.

  11. 12:32 i wonder why they turn off the entire runway lights

  12. Haha what a surprise Aussies can do service well. No shit

  13. Love your videos man, it brings me back to my childhood fearlessness of flying, loved the whole airport to destination feeling. I am slowly starting to like flying again and cannot wait to get back up there when all of this Covid madness has stopped.

  14. Love Quantas 🇦🇺😃😀

  15. customer service is always the one to look out for, and Asian airlines beats any other inflight service any day

  16. Thank you so much ….

  17. PS: I too love peas!

  18. What is that model at 2:50 ?

  19. 12:05 That’s A Definite CB With All of that Cloud to Cloud Lightning in that Thunderstorm

  20. Hello from Canada. I have been to Australia also.

  21. And hello back to you as we have (kind of) got out of lockdown and you guys are back in :((

  22. After being pretty much grounded in 2020, I'm starting to get excited again about 'going flying' again. Gotta love that Business Class.

  23. Here in Perth Qantas abandoned us for International flights years ago – they only eventually came back for the non-stop flight to London. So the international carriers jumped in and to be honest the service is better than Qantas.

  24. What window mount do you use for your gopro 7

  25. Thank you for your content! I’m currently planing to be a transit agency worker in the SF Bay Area as well as continuing my journey as a YT- ber. Keep posting!!!!

  26. Never ever complain if issues need to looked at – we would rather problems happen on the ground than in the air … join our emergency procedures one will understand

  27. November 2020 Qantas 100 years old 💕💕

  28. what do you use to stick your device to the window?

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