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June 5, 2022

THE BOYS SEASON 3 REVIEW | Double Toasted – Today at Double Toasted we have our The Boys Season 3 review. In this funny video, we look at The Boys Season 3 trailer before getting into our The Boys review. We discuss The Boys Season 3 Soldier Boy, and The Boys Season 3 Jensen Ackles performance, along with discussing The Boys Season 3 Homelander, and more! What did you think of The Boys Season 3? Let us know in the comment section below.



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  1. Wait they have seen all 8 episodes

  2. That first episode was a bit much. Like, gross for no reason

  3. Huey is a Beta B, so far

  4. I wonder how far homelander will go by the end of the season. His unraveling is exciting and terrifying to watch. Antony Star is way too good at this role

  5. Reply
    Standing@TheTerminus June 5, 2022 at 7:14 am

    The problem with this show for me is that all of the characters are unlikeable,to top off the level of violence and gore. The only "likeable" character on the show is the one who doesn't talk at all.

    Just getting tired of this cynical type of stuff. Garth Ennis is like Mark Millar (or is it vice-versa)and just isn't my cup of tea I guess.

    I like the first season of this show,but I feel like the overall plot is much better than the details.

  6. Are they mistaking the penis opening for the asshole. Yes I know … this is a weird question

  7. I wonder if edgar has a more powerful 'power' on ice somewhere?
    But scared to wake them.

  8. Mother milk is one my favorite character.

  9. Just sucks they didn't drop all of season 3 all at once like they did with season 1 and 2.

  10. Fake ant man really went in that man's peeper

  11. I think The Boys might last about 5-6 seasons. Anything longer then that will just be too much.

  12. The best show on Amazon Prime.

  13. Homelander is a complete psychopath. Thus guy is just insane evil.

  14. Wow. reviewing whole SEASONS now. Of course, I wont be able to watch this video until ive seen the WHOLE season. So no one else cares about spoilers or what?

  15. Anthony Starr was great in Banshee. Very amazing show!

  16. Antony Starr such an actor, dude.

  17. As violent and cynical as the show gets, I'm totally cool with the shock factor just to be shocking.
    Some people don't like the pointless violence but I think it's all in service of being a parody of Marvel and superhero movies in general.

  18. anythony starr is one of the best actors ive ever seen im ngl

  19. Poor Timothy.

  20. Maeve is bisexual. Her girlfriend mentioned it last season while meeting with Vought, and the "suits" told them both that "lesbian was more marketable." As a bisexual woman myself, that kind of shit is very relatable.

  21. Reply
    Cat to the Future June 5, 2022 at 7:14 am

    I'm always on edge while watching the episodes but never stopped wanting more. Whatever they're doing; they know how balance it out.

  22. I love it how they finally show Homelander out of his suit and he "wears" exactly what you would think he would "wear" LOL

  23. It’s the Head Popping for me.

  24. On another note, are you guys going to discuss the cancellation of “Raised By Wolves” by HBO MAX? I found it shocking.

  25. Homelander went from evil Superman to full blown Joker from Krypton, he’s got that narcissistic rage down

  26. Actually in the comics they all took the V and had superpowers

  27. The Showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed a while ago that it will be a 5 season show!

  28. Black Noir

  29. Sounds like there might be some major deaths

  30. 16:19 I think Marvel explained in later years that Steve was the son of Irish immigrants. Being Irish American himself, he was also a victim of prejudice growing up; which helped him learn to empathize with people of color in that time period. It also didn’t hurt that his creators were both Jewish and they created him to try to raise awareness of Hitler’s actions during the war (they even received death threats and hate mail when the first issue was released back in 1941).

  31. God damn man for no spoilers they're dropping a shitload of stuff that would've been a nice surprise

  32. In The Time Traveler's Wife series, teleportation/time travel leaves clothes behind.

  33. Talk about bussing a nut.😁

  34. Reply
    Urkie Yoga Live Love Laugh June 5, 2022 at 7:14 am

    So far so good enjoyed the first three episodes 😊

  35. rather have hardcore gore than any core gay porn

  36. i rather see violence than guys butt and cock holes, that the sht that aint doin nothing for me lmao

  37. couldnt give a fk less about frenchy or wing wa lmao

  38. idk and idgaf what gender fluid means, ill just assume it means they enjoy drinking body fluids from either of the 2 genders lmao

  39. So obviously I only saw the first three episodes and honestly I get what you kind of say about the whole making the effects and seem over almost over and done with at this point at the casual violence.

    I like to kind of equate it to what my experience was to the original No More Heroes on Wii: a very hyper stylistic and violent game that if you were to just simply judge by gameplay and actions that you see would get very dull and repetitive after a while…

    However!!! What drives you to it is the depth of story be fascination of the characters the interpersonal stuff and although there are some strings on that that were never resolved it's one of those things that it's still sticks with me after all these years.

    I'm looking forward to the rest of the season

  40. gay train black as kkkanyeisha west. basically he a lil bish bish lmao

  41. You should watch banshee. Anthony Starr is even crazier

  42. I don't like how Homelander is just so openly unhinged at this point. In Season 1 he was much more controlled and could actually put up a front of being wholesome, but that contrast just got abandoned in the last two Seasons, his arc is now dropping dimensions.

    dude shut tf up bro! HES GONNA KILL US ALL! LMAOOOOOO

  44. i lmao TWICE during the suicide roof scene
    im so sad about so n so….
    but anyway… you wouldnt know, cus JEW and all but uhhh
    im not asking. LMAOOOOOOOOO

  45. The Avengers went through time to stop Thanos and The Boys showed us how Ant Man could have done it in seconds.

  46. people love drama cause it brings excitement to their lives, I'm like well you ordered drama so don't trip when karma knocking at yo door with the bill

  47. The reason why Anthony Starr is so good in the show is that how he is in real life. Almost blinds a guy yelling "dont you know who I am" and gets away with it scott free.

  48. Series end.

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