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May 26, 2022

Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback, authors of “Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader,” describe the three types of networks you need to succeed.

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  1. wow really informative

  2. If your a fake smiling, two sided weasel than you'll probably do great..If your a decent good person they will try to corrupt you and if not successful, they will blame you….cover your own ass!!

  3. In the end, sometimes playing politics STILL doesn’t get you anywhere. Don’t waste your time. People who play politics are the ones who are born with low empathy, high narcissism, so the a$$ kissing, lying and manipulation is like breathing to them.

  4. Building a network — for what? To try to use your “pals” to spread gossip about enemies? To try to manipulate your posse? This is all so gross. I’ll work for myself, thanks.

  5. Guess lots of folks will struggle with office politics in 2022 work from home environment

  6. this people are old as dirt

  7. I hate office politics so much.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. I am just seeing this in 2022….

  9. BUS 221


  10. I have read almost all the comments below. Readers, please don't forget, sometimes the manipulating managers behave like angles in front of the senior leadership. However, when they deal with you they behave like a prick. So, speak up, raise your voice to let your seniors know what is going on there in the middle management level. Sometimes those in middle management think that they are the franchisers of the company. Fact of the matter is that they are employees like you with one extra responsibility and that is: managing you. If they give you dung return it back to them is a professional manners. You will be surprised to see the response of the senior management. I agree that we should get involved in politics but be honest with your work and with yourself and do not exceed the limits. Otherwise, you will be the last person to know what had happed in the company a day before. REMEMBER: Only God controls our provisions, not human being.

  11. This entire video is why I hate people. the shittiest species ever invented.

  12. I can't play office politics. It's awful! I quit two jobs because the work environment was toxic and I did not want to engage in the gossip and back stabing and mockery and all that mean girl stuff.

  13. Yes. Yes. Yes. Im 21. I’m going through this now. I have my first real job. I love the work but hate my job because of the games people play. I genuinely would like to go to work, do a great job, then go home. But I can never simply do that because I feel such a level of hate from certain people in the office. Specifically, older women.

    When I refuse to feed into the drama, it seems to make it worse. I do a great job at keeping things professional and not wearing my emotions on my sleeve but people say this comes off as arrogant and nonchalant. (Im sure if I was male, I wouldn’t be having this issue). Someone please help!

  14. i want that book

  15. When I highlighted the issue to my senior manager he acknowledged but to my surprise in my performance review it was mentioned I need to develop my leadership skills delegation and collaboration skills. In my 15 plus experience in the same company this was the first time I got such feedback. My senior manager is blind sided with the matter and very partial. There is also cultural issue where this group is from same country and I’m odd numbered.

  16. This conversation is more about management styles, communication skills, and building relationships for support etc. It didn't touch on politics at all. I see politics as gossiping , as us versus them syndrome , sabotage and revenge , self interests, ego, climbing over someone else's head, back stabbing and the likes. Now how do you deal with these negative elements? It's human nature to blame and avoid being blamed and so on.
    Every company has it and very much depends on the personalities you have in the team….chemistry , affinity etc.
    These professors are barking on the wrong tree….they missed the point,

  17. I think I need to listen to this interview daily to actually absorb most of this intelligence. It's as complicated as it is- office politic- I didn't really know it until this video.
    btw, the interviewer's questions are straight to the points and the authors' answer is illuminating.

  18. 10 years on and still valid. Great video.

  19. Reply
    yoga raja Manivannan May 26, 2022 at 2:04 am

    One of my senior told me , you got to know politics well to read the mind your opponents and to move accordingly but you should be genuine and should not loose your values .

  20. Oh wow this 10 year old vid popped up on my news feed. It definitely looks.. dated..

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