January 12, 2023

HOME COOKED BREAKFAST BONANZA 🍳 We return to The Village Kitchen in Water Orton the home of Charlie’s amazing fried chicken and this time we have come to try his mum’s home cooked English Breakfast!


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  1. Love it and well deserved

  2. Looked like you were gonna snort that sauce off your hand :):):)

  3. Literally hooked on your videos bro. They way you articulate the videos is exactly what a viewer wants to hear. You don't leave anything out. Thanks for the videos. Love to do a collaboration with you in Birmingham.

  4. Looks good bro. But not was it better than starburgers brekkie? Surely not

  5. What a place. 10 from me at that price.

  6. Top toast.

  7. Fantastic price for such a great breakfast

  8. Hi great videos please come to Walsall west midlands I want to do a video with you zulfqar Ali Walsall born and bred

  9. Looks like you lost weight man.

  10. In many ways I have been "forced" to travel for work – as I wait for my Canadian work visa to clear. The reason I mention this, one things has been constant is.. your show. Watching it in France -> Netherlands -> Hungary -> now Brazil. Traveling alone, but always finding happiness through your show.

  11. Like it when you do breakfast mat

  12. Good portion, great value.

  13. Proud to be a brummie

  14. That really is not the best breakfast in Birmingham, I’m from Birmingham and that is not even close to being the best breakfast!! Look shit

  15. great birmingham accents i have relatives from birmingham AAA11111

  16. An old festival trick

  17. You are an annoying man but I understand this is YouTube and that’s why your on here my mistake

  18. Looked f'kin epic that breakfast and for £7.50 unreal. Bump of sauce, must be good stuff that lol

  19. I’m in brum this weekend lads, have you got a post code for this gaff. As there seems to be a couple village kitchens. Top review matty 👊🏽

  20. I mean come on it’s not hard to cook a decent English breakfast that’s what we are known for !

  21. 🇦🇺 Oi Oi Oi 😋

  22. Reply
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    "You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction." -George Lorimer

  23. Dya want a bump 🤣🤣🤣

  24. First time I’ve been asked for a bump off sauce instead of shovel 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. I’ve only got one thing to say why have you not got at least another half of million subscribers when people who havnt got a clue have only one food reviewer mate that’s you

  26. what is it with hashbrowns on a full English

  27. Only English would get that hahaha do you want a bump 😂😂😂

  28. Mushrooms looked tinned I hope they was fresh looks lovely other than that, also hair net pleasssssseeee women x

  29. I thought Matt was going to flop it out and slap it on the countertop. He was one sausage away from being fully aroused.

  30. Very nice reviews…its so nice to see how much passion you have,doing those good videos..respect from the netherlands,and yes i am half scottish..but that doesn't matter lol…

  31. From wolves this contents making me want to go down the road for a very good brekkie

  32. Everything looks on bloody point, really presented nicely as well.

    Those butchers sausages look banging as well, near perfection for my personal taste and not greasy looking, especially the hashbrowns which looked crisp. Only thing for me and this is just my preference is that i love my fried eggs runny like that, but when i cook them i like them nice and crispy at the bottom by frying them with a good amount of oil and really high heat, where the yolk still runs when breaking it. I know you did it sometime in 2020 i think , but would be good to see you try cooking your own english fry up again.

    Keep up the good work Matt, i hope this year you can reach 100k subs, its the only channel i have been coming to consistently for nearly 3 years now. Also just a note, i have seen channels like RMT that were trying to put out videos every single day and lost viewership as people ultimately got bored with the quantity. Stick with these quality over quantity uploads and dont ever feel pressured to do daily uploads, it will just burn you out and the viewers wont appreciate it as much.

  33. Mate your reviews are proper fair and that looked amazing . Keep up the good work supporting small businesses . I don’t think you know how much you do for them. 🤛🤛🤛

  34. Love love the look of that place and that breakfast but ive got to ask because its important. Do they do fried bread? If they do Im going to travel down to try it very soon.

  35. Love your passion Matt. It’s what drew me to your content. I feel the same about music. Been going to gigs for 36 years! And it’s moments like those. We’re not talking about the superstar bands in a stadium. We’re talking about a small band hardly anyone knows in an out of the way place that gives you one of the great experiences of your life. It’s what it is all about! And huge kudos to you mate for what you and the team are doing, bringing these places to the attention of so many! Big love x

  36. Love to see little family run business like this coming out with belter food, could tell as soon as the toast come out you were in for a treat.

  37. Do you want a bump hahahahhaaha

  38. Sensational review Matt, long time subscriber here and this is up there with the best for me. You can't beat these down to earth places where they care about the food and their customers. Your love of food and the deeper meaning of it; love, community and sentiment is transcendent

  39. has everyone died in birgham where are all the customers this place should be heaving Birmingham fucking birgham

  40. That’s disgusting you just contaminated that sauce bottle for whoever uses it now. In this world after Covid etc that’s seriously disgusting!

  41. It looks fantastic it must be a 10

  42. Now that looked a good breakfast

  43. I've got to admit – I prefer these type of reviews to the over-priced hipster food truck stuff. You need to do more curry houses though!

  44. Ja wanna bump…. Of Sauce?

  45. That's an impressive breakfast.
    Looks very flavoursome
    Also… Cheap as you like.
    Also… Family run
    Great stuff

  46. King Henry 🤴 8 yeh 😆breakfast
    😘Aģape Food Review Club

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