The Bad Batch Season Two – Faster Episode Review 2022

January 25, 2023

Riot racing! Character development for Tech! There was some fun new stuff in the latest episode of The Bad Batch, titled Faster. Here are my thoughts.

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  1. One of george lucas's favorite hobbies, racing.

  2. One of george lucas's favorite hobbies.

  3. Ima need the racing music lol

  4. I loved this episode! I was not expecting much but I love it when a minor character finally gets some much needed spotlight

  5. Unpopular opinion: I like Riot Racing more than pod racing

  6. Overall I enjoyed this episode. Its nice to take a break from mission after mission in order to flesh out cid and explore different areas of the galaxy. I agree that I enjoyed previous episodes more but I like the tension this episode created around Cid moving forward.

  7. I found this to be a filler-episode plot-wise, but character-wise planting some seeds about Cid and a potential future. It kept with the SW theme of violence is what keeps you away from actually winning, as when he dropped the weapons, he was able to race more properly!

  8. Sady i Found the plot of this Episode super predicteble

  9. This was fun, even if it only served to show us another side of Sid. I've always thought SW should do just a racing movie though, I would love that

  10. Do we see Milleggi again at Maz’s cantina in Force Awakens?

  11. How is this more legal than pod racing? Go🙄

  12. My biggest takeaways from the episode was that we got to see a dowutin be a part of the dark times era of Star Wars. They made their first appearance in The Force Awakens. It's a small thing but to me it's nice to see the species getting integrated within the franchise more and more. I also love to see Tech do something beyond being a soldier for the grand republic/mercenary. You can tell he enjoyed the victory for a small moment. And it was nice to see always Omega standing up to her enemies. Plus part of his crew was a prequel trilogy alien and an original trilogy alien. Subtly uniting all trilogies.

  13. Fun fact: Grini belongs to the species of the Dowutin first shown in The Force Awakens, which makes him the first Sequel Trilogy-alien to be ever animated in the TCW-animation-style.

  14. I really liked the race itself and I'm still processing from seeing a Nosaurian and a Dowutin in TCW-style, but the citiezens of Safa Toma just seem to be recycled props, I wish they could've gotten more individuality.

  15. Now this is Pod, wait no, Riot Racing!

  16. They punish Tayo for having human qualities so they brutally crush him beyond repair.

  17. I read the title of this review as meaning that it was faster than usual, not the title of the episode, so I thought that why it was so short, lol!

  18. Riot Racing would make an awesome video game like the pod racing game for the N64

  19. At least Tech’s broken femur is fixed 😂

  20. a lot of the time episodes feel like filler until you see the conclusion. all the wonderful droid episodes in clone wars that people complained about were building to their assistance in the s7 finale. just cause we dont see all the pieces yet doesn't mean it was a waste. i hope people have patience with this episode, it was fun and expanded on the team's dynamics. seeing the level of trust they have with omega to be a bodyguard was awesome.

  21. TAY-0 reminded me of Bender from Futurama quite a bit. I don't think we've seen a droid with that attitude in Star Wars before, L3 was rude but not nearly as entertaining. More of that would be great to see! Droids are a great source of comedic relief

  22. Annoyed for many reasons, Omega has shown Sid loyalty before. Last two eps are not my fave… Hope it improves, a lot.

  23. Alex you likened the racing to Mario kart but it actually reminded me more of the WipEout franchise on PlayStation. They are great games

  24. I'm just so happy Tech FINALLY gets an episode and something to do

  25. Tech is so hilariously stoic

  26. I wouldn't be surprised if next week we join Hunter and Echo on their mission.

  27. I know resistance kind of tried to do it, but I’d really love a show or a movie that’s exclusively about one of the three racing cultures we’ve seen so far in Star Wars (fighter, podracing, and this one) and all the seedy gambling, crime, and double dealing that seems to underpin it all.

  28. Can we have an Arcade Style Riot Racing Star Wars video game? Take my Money please.

  29. I really liked the race trac commentary and found it hillarious. Especially the comments that the track is not responsible for deaths of fans.

  30. Maybe the voice actor for Hunter and Echo wasn't available… Oh wait….

  31. they preparing us for the banger next episode we know is coming

  32. Am I the only one who initially thought TAY-0 was voiced by Kevin McDonald? (I was proven wrong at the credits, but he’s still all I can hear lol)

  33. They probably couldn’t afford the voice actors for Hunter, Echo, or Crosshair this week

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