January 22, 2023

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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Air Serbia.

Class: Business
Route: Copenhagen (CPH) to Rome (FCO) via Belgrade (BEG)
Plane: Airbus A319-100

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  1. What do you think of Air Serbia? Follow me on for daily updates! 😊

  2. I enjoy your coverage of your flights. I am sorry you found the Museum closed. That would have been enjoyable. Safe travels.

  3. Used too love Czech Airlines 👌

  4. I very much enjoyed your short side-trip into the city. Thanks for the great video.

  5. Josh is your flights totally funded by you and not the airlines.

  6. Flew from CDG to BRU in Air France Caravelle…. Very smooth flight, more sofisticated than Boeings of the same era.

  7. Reply
    HeavenSound Ministries Alyssa Storm-Gould January 22, 2023 at 1:25 am

    That breakfast is amazing. Airlines from other countries (not fromUSA) have it right. The airlines in the US are lacking so much. Watching these videos makes me feel so upset at how the US based airlines make us think their sub-par service is acceptable. United, American, etc… need to do better!

  8. Josh aren’t you German? 😅
    But I get you, I sometimes tell people I’m from a boring country just so I don’t get any follow up questions or judgmental remarks lol.

  9. Definitely loved the side trip into town. Love to see those when possible along side the flight review.

  10. Hey Josh, very enjoyable video once again so thank you. In answer to your question I did a quick search and found out what that 'unknown' aircraft is, just over the fence by the Caravelle, it's a Soko J-20 (P-2) Kraguj. I have no idea about any details but it very much looks like a basic military training aircraft. Hope that helps. Keep the great videos coming, and stay safe. Wishing you a very happy new year 2023. Paul. (from Wiki)

  11. Reply
    Vyomakesha Consultancy January 22, 2023 at 1:25 am

    Hello Josh an interesting video especially for those who do not travel much in Eastern Europe keep up the new destinations as usual cheers. Gowra

  12. Hi Josh, a very nice review – thank you! Once I travelled with a Caravelle in 1984 with a german charter company named SAT from Munich to Agadir and back to Germany. Later, in 1991, I had the oportunity to travel with a Caravelle of the Colombian cargo company Aerosucre (is still working…) from Leticia (Amazone Rainforest in Colombia) to the capital Bogotá. Luckily I decided to wait another day and pay more money to travel with the regular Avianca flight (in Boeing 727) because this Caravelle flight did never arrive in Bogotá…after the start the plane crashed in the rain forest…. Now, I am happy to follow you on youtube and enjoying your flight reviews!!! Best regards from Colombia!!

  13. Please Josh, more footage from you walking around in the places that you fly to.

  14. The receptionist at the Belgrade lounge is beautiful, unfortunately she doesn´t seem to be that nice. Not even a smile. The same goes for the girl he makes a question to in minute 13.35.

  15. Ok so, there is absolutely no chance Serbia enters EU by 2025

  16. Josh, when are you flying Air Algerie?

  17. 5:43 the IATA designator for JAT, just amazing

  18. Hi Josh, i am 59 already. I remember my parents and me in 1971 taking a flight from Geneve to Zurich in a Swissair Caravelle. I was 7 years old and i always wanted to know about the type of airplanes that we were going to take in each flight. Best regards from Argentina

  19. Been long time I missed you ❤❤

  20. Many Caravelle flights with Alitalia, also SAM and Aviaco, pleasant aircraft.

  21. HAHAHA😂😂😂 Actually the taxi drivers were not understanding you were asking them about paying by card, they didn't understand the word CARD (in Serbian it's KARTICA, pronounced kartitsa). BUT in Serbian slang the word kara means "c*ck", so the older man was actually joking "yes yes, you ´ll film the kara, nice things you ´ll take home" 😂

    And then when the guy was driving you he was telling off his son for behaving not the way he should😅, and he had suuuuch a strong dialectal accent.

    And also in Serbian the word for "thousand" is HILJADA, but the older man said you "tri tysiachi" for 3000, which is in Russian, as this might be the only foreign language he actually knew😃

  22. Amazing work Josh! But did anyone else notice the Non-Schengen area at Kastrup looks like an Apple Store? 😆

  23. Liked the video. I enjoy stuff that is not so mainstream. Liked the trip into town and air museum very much. And the pics inside the church. What kind of car was there guy driving back to the airport? It looked odd to me and part of the fun if traveling is seeing the car's we don't get in the US.

  24. It was nice to add a few culture view in to the program, and it makes the travel a little better then before.

  25. Hi Josh, another of your older subscribers here, who loves to reminisce about the glorious days of flying on the likes of the Comet 4, BAC 1-11, HS Trident, Tu-134, Yak-40 etc. Yet the Caravelle was undoubtedly the most sexy-looking aircraft ever, and those triangular windows were truly unique. They do not make them like that any more. WMy first experience of the Caravelle was on Air France, from LHR to MRS in the early seventies. I was struck by the wonderful interior colour scheme – the seats were pink. I also remember feeling almost dizzy at the high initial rate of climb after take off. I immediately fell in love with that aircraft. My first flight on the Caravelle remains one of my most memorable flying experiences ever – I cannot feel the same excitement when stepping on board a B737-800 or a A320.

    On a separate note, do you plan any itineraries in Latin America, especially domestic flights within Venezuela? They were always an adventure, and I believe there are still some ancient birds operating there, especially MD-80s.

  26. Does anyone actually do economy class reviews anymore?

  27. Delhi recent had a couple of renovations to their lounge, so hope you enjoy those!

  28. Everyone I have ever met from Serbia has all been extremely Pro-Russian and basically hated all westerners…..I am pretty much shocked to see anyone from Serbia actually being nice to you, because none of them were particularly nice or friendly towards me.

  29. My first trip on a Caravelle was from Orly to Tel Aviv on Air France and stopped in Rome in 1961. Between Orly and Fiumicino Gina Lollobrigida was on the plane and once we stopped near the terminal, a bunch of paparazzi gathered next to the plane and took pictures of her. I have always been an aviation geek. On the way back we took a TWA 707 flight from Madrid stopping in the Azores to Idlewild (JFK now) and coincidentally Ava Gardner was on the plane. I was flying with my parents and was my first trip to Europe

  30. Josh, your adventures are amazing and I enjoy how your chroncle them in video. I too and an intrepid traveler, although not as frequent at you. Your video on Air Greenland encouraged me to book a trip to Greenland, which I am leaving for next week. I did enjoy this side trip to downtown Belgrade, which I too have visited once. I am now also very interested in flying Air Serbia. I fly to Chicago regularly from Budapest, and since COVID and the suspension of direct flights (LOT), I am looking for an alternative. I will checkout Air Serbia as per your recommendation. Thanks again for your interesting videos. I really enjoy your reports.

  31. Much better than the last breakfast I had at Lufthansa.

  32. I love this video format Josh.

  33. Visit into the city center was 👍🏻

  34. Wow! That cathedral was stunning! Another great review! Safe journey!

  35. Lovely video. I always enjoy content from the destination, so if you would go more often into city centers that would be awesome 🙂

  36. I flew in a Caravelle from Nicosia, Cyprus to Rome and back on Alitalia. What I remember was the built in rear entry stairs and the overhead luggage racks. They were not the enclosed types with a door that you have on today's planes, but were instead just an open rack like you would find on a train!

  37. no eu membership for them

  38. Ya josh that was cool.

  39. Loved the city visit, more please!

  40. Josh, one hack I always do.

    Keep $100 and €100 in small denomination notes. Just for tips and taxis!

    Cards are much more common now. But you never know when it’s not accepted and a bill that comes to $8.87 can be taken care of with a $10 bill!

  41. U.look amazingly cute n s…exy..

  42. Josh…u r amazing…. Love ur face, hair colour, dressing style, and content is just number 1…..

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