Texas A&M University Student Review | TAMU Tuition, Scholarships, Courses & Jobs reviews

May 21, 2022

💡Learn all about studying abroad at Texas A&M University in College Station as international students.
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= 📝Resources & Links Mentioned in This Video 📝 =
🔴Texas A&M Best Housing Options: https://youtu.be/NS-qNky_v8Y


🔘Airport Ground Shuttle Service: https://groundshuttle.com/RouteSchedule/HoustonToCS
🔘TAMU campus bus route: https://transport.tamu.edu/BusRoutes/
🔘Local city bus route: http://www.btd.org/bcs/
🔘Car Pool TAMU: https://carpool.tamu.edu
🔘Indian Graduate Student Association: https://igsatamu.com
🔘Jobs for Aggies Portal: https://jobsforaggies.tamu.edu

⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Texas A&M International Student Review
1:05 Tuition Fees & Cost of Living
3:38 Scholarships & Saving Money
4: 13 TAMU Transportation
6:38 Top Courses & Degrees
7:33 Student Organizations
8:33 On Campus Jobs
10:23 Internships & Full Time Jobs

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  1. ☕️Chai Question: Is Texas A&M the right college for you?☕️

    🔴Texas A&M Best Housing Options: https://youtu.be/NS-qNky_v8Y

  2. Hey man I wanted to ask a question that if I want to do my MBA in 2024-2025
    Do I need to apply right now or I can apply in 2024 after I complete my bachelor's degree?

  3. Hey how much scholarship provide for computer engineering with gpa 3.71 can you tell me clearly

  4. What is the deadline for Computer engineering department for Fall'22 intake ?

  5. Thank you this was really helpful. 😊

  6. Hey! I wanted to ask about MENG at TAMU in aerospace engineering. Is it 1.5 years or 2 years? Also is it worth doing MENG at TAMU?

  7. Is the fees 13k per semester or per year for engineering?

  8. Thanks for the detailed video, Rob :). Could you please get us an idea on MS in Data science at Texas A&M University. I believe it started there only in Fall 2021 so reflecting on whether it would be a good idea to apply there.

  9. Hey Rob! Can you have such a video with master of computer science students too which also covers the internship and job opportunities after graduation for computer science/software engineers?

  10. Hey!! thanks for making these videos, they are extremely informative.

  11. I think your channel is more skrewed to India. I think you need to broaden your horizon so that Africans can benefit. Seeing an African been interviewed will be very phenomenal.

  12. 0:32 Super weird seeing the half renovated Kyle Field again

  13. Make video for computer science too please

  14. Reply
    Kalyan Pamidimukkala May 21, 2022 at 8:02 pm

    Hi, can incoming graduate students apply for part-time jobs?

  15. Thank you so much Rob. I really needed this video right now. I also love that you have given links in the description. That is really helpful!

  16. almost everyone whom you interviewed in this channel told that "one should have networking skills to get a job".can you make a video how to build networking skills in university?

  17. 👍👍👍

  18. hey! one of the most useful topics again! I was waiting to watch this

  19. Watched the right video in the right time. Thanks rob 😊

  20. it would we great if you ask them about how they got into the university like their gre score and their academic profile .so the viewers can know if they have chance to get an admit in the university.anyway,great video

  21. Amazing video! It was Really helpful.

  22. Hey great one Rob 🤩🤩💯

  23. Hi Rob, couldn't find the link where you discuss the housing in college station and around A&M

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