Testing 7 COKE STORE Gadgets! 2022

December 27, 2022

I went down to the Coke Store on the Las Vegas Strip and picked up a few items to test out and see how they work.

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0:00 Introduction
0:43 Haul Overview
3:08 Ice Cube Tray
4:26 Sunglasses
6:05 Charging Bank
8:03 Utensils
10:06 Vacuum Insulated Can
12:46 Ice Cream Scoop
14:17 Slushy Maker
16:58 Final Thoughts

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  1. Anyone else watching this video and drinking a Pepsi?

  2. We sell ceiling fans on Amazon, can you introduce them to us?

  3. Stays hot for 4 hrs in room temp probably

  4. Coke store?! Why waste money on useless consumer crap that will all end up in the landfill within the year. Sad.

  5. Missed opportunity to put the coke ice in steal cup. Next time!!!

  6. Hot for 4 hours outside a refrigerator, I would imagine.

  7. This is absolutely bizarre. Corporations are supposed to give this kind of junk for free or at heavy discounts so that people use it despite the branding, not the other way around.

  8. Why would anyone put a hot drink container in a refrigerator? Putting it in the refrigerator wasn't a fair test. You need to test it again but this time leave it out.

  9. From what I remember after living in vegas 20 years that place were he went I remember it smelling like 💩 poop all the time and around the MGM to

  10. James, you are always nitpicking… that's what we love about you! Polarized sunglasses can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.25.

  11. I wonder if there is a store for other brands like Pepsi or different beer like the Coke store

  12. funny the Utensils made by ZOKU can be found on Amazon for 15.99 so at the coke store you are paying an extra 5 for the name stamp on the case and you can buy the coke versions on Amazon as well. I guess ZOKU has a good agreement with Coke to make a few products.

  13. Looks like the coke store at the museum in Atlanta

  14. Please allow yourself more to criticize

  15. All of these products are flawed and barely usable. Since this video isn't sponsored you should point out, that none of the item are worth anything

    Let me explain:
    1. An ice cube tray which doesn't give enough ice for one glass (like the ice genie)
    2. Sunglasses you could get for 1.50$ at a gas station
    3. A Powerbank which can't even charge half a phone
    4. Ambient temperature thermos
    5. Novelty ice cream scoop
    6. An expensive slushy maker

    Your grading in the end is quite nice but it could be harsher

  16. Not the coke product review I was expecting

  17. Interesting novelty items 😊

  18. " The Coke Store . 'Thought he said coke store . "

  19. My phone has a 5500 milli-amp capacity. The powerbank wouldn't even fill half.

  20. Did you really just scrape your teeth on your fork to eat, in a video presentation? Etiquette matters

  21. This guy going to have one hell of a yard sale one day

  22. I wish we had the polarization card when I worked at the eye doctor.

  23. 16:20 if you want it faster it better put coke in refrigerator so it cold and pour it in cup so it can become icee in 4 mini vs warm coke be 10 min just head up other tricks
    get gel cold pad and throw in freezer znd find spit cup two piece and throw in gel cold pad out of freezer and pour in cold drink it become icee it same setup but it they take gel cold pad combinations into one pieces which it inside white cup just make it harder to make more if you want make multiple icee you have buy more unset of freezer gel swapped
    i think cola cocoa just making them as they Lego slapped on item n selling it as lego name cola cocoa that all dont see much difference between it

  24. It's a shame that most of the products are pure form over function. Power banks, insulated cups, sunglasses, etc are so cheap and efficient now. For $40 my cup still has ice after a full 24hrs and for $30 my power bank can fill my phone and buds 2x without recharging. The branding part could really set their products apart, just a shame they're putting it on faulty foundations.

  25. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  26. I want you to know that the preview animation shows the ice cubes on the black plate at 3:47 and I was about to watch the video because it was on 7 COKE STORAGE Gadgets and then I saw they were coke bottles, not lines of coke and was actually sorta disappointed. 😹

  27. Didn't realize we had one here in Vegas lol Great Video

  28. I had one of those slushie makers back in the 70s.

  29. Good vid, the slushie is great, the next time you use it it should already be in the freezer waiting so won't have to wait 18 hours again.

  30. It looks like the Zoku utensil set is $16 when unbranded, so you paid $4 for the Coke logo on those.

  31. dude, the coke bottle ice cubes were clearly intended to be skinny enough to drop down the neck of a bottle of coke. how did you not see that?

  32. You get more air than ice cream with blue bunny.

  33. This video is click Bait. Not the "Coke" store I was hoping to see. 😅

  34. Merry Christmas to you and yours, James. Thanks for another year of helpful and sometimes hilarious reviews!

    The glass looked kind of small, as did the slushy maker. Curious how many ounces each held.

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