Taliban: No beard, no job! – BBC News Review reviews

April 23, 2022

The Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice warned that employees would risk losing their jobs if they failed to adhere to these rules and to pray five times a day.

This is the latest of several new restrictions imposed by the Taliban in recent weeks.

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Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:32 – Story
1:37 – Headline 1: Taliban hard-liners turning back the clock in Afghanistan
5:00 – Headline 2: Taliban bars government employees without beards from work
7:02 – Headline 3: Taliban order Afghan govt employees to show up at work with beards
9:44 – Language summary

Key words and phrases

hardliners (or hard-liners)
people with strict views or beliefs
The hardliners are trying to overthrow the president.
The police take a hardline approach to people who drink and drive.

officially prevents something from happening
My mate was barred from the pub after he got into a fight.
There’s a bar on any flights taking off after midnight.

show up
appear at a place
The bus showed up early, so we missed it.
My friend didn’t show up, so we went to the cinema without her.

To download the audio and a transcript and test your understanding, go to our website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/newsreview-2022/unit-1/session-XXX

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  1. Reply
    thùy nguyễn thị bích April 23, 2022 at 10:51 am

    Thank you so much for your lessons from Vietnam 🇻🇳

  2. BBC is fake never trust BBC and British.

  3. Reply
    Niezatapialny Raczej April 23, 2022 at 10:51 am

    Cảm ơn cô Mây xinh đẹp nhìu lắm luôn👭❤☁️

  4. Great lesson
    Does hardliner mean fanatic ?

  5. West destroy their own society with their own hand. Big chunk of population dont know who is their actual father. They love pub and casiono. Retired rich travel to thailand to hunt young chicks.

  6. Reply
    P777 Gamer Minecraft April 23, 2022 at 10:51 am

    No reply to my question so for. Kindly reply.

  7. It's true. They are very extremist.

  8. Just like you guys do not want a priest selling drugs or watching pornography, or in other words, you do not want hypocrites as religious preachers. Similarly, Afghans do not want preachers who do not practice what they preach.
    This restriction is only meant for jobs of the described ministry, not for all government jobs.

  9. That restriction is only meant for jobs of that specific ministry, not for all government jobs. As the name suggests these jobs are only meant to be for preachers. And what kind of preacher are you going to be if you yourself are not practising what you preach.
    Shame on you BBC for the unprofessionalism you have shown here.

  10. Reply
    P777 Gamer Minecraft April 23, 2022 at 10:51 am

    Dear sir,
    You are hereby requested to guide me about strong forms in English . What are the uses of strong forms?
    Do BBC English News Channel readers use only strong forms in English news reading?

    Should English teachers use only strong forms in reading English lessons and poems?

    Prateet Mudagal

  11. hình như là xem rồi

  12. Same like in many Western countries if you wear hijab no job

  13. 4.39

  14. Hello Everyone
    I am afraid the link for the test isn't working. I tried to follow it a little while ago but it seems the page is unavailable.

  15. Reply
    GERARDO SANTIBANEZ VARGAS April 23, 2022 at 10:51 am

    BBC hits the roof on what happens in the Taliban´s Dictatorship, but in a Western world´s Dictatorship, people are fined in California for saying that the man can´t be a woman and woman can´t be a man. Both are wrong. but in the western world, this is de dominant thought. The science and the Truth have been silenced.

  16. In other countries if you have beard you can not work….

  17. I downloaded the app but cannot watch any contents. It says "the content is not currently available". Help!!!!

  18. I love watching all your videos. Thank you so much for the opportunity to ha such interesting lessons

  19. As always western state media hypocrisy is beyond sad and laughable at the same time 😂

  20. You look like England cricketer Ben Stokes

  21. Is it possible to have a direct link for the quizz, please ?

  22. Lâu lắm rồi mới được nghe lại bài này. Hay lắm ạ 😘

  23. I showed up here at the right time to learn your English lesson! 🥰

  24. Thanks sir ji

  25. And I also can not download the PDF over it is not exist.

  26. Thanks a bunch

  27. Who wants to talk with me in English?

  28. Add substitle pls I couldn't learn English without subtitles

  29. Ông nào không kịp nuôi râu chắc phải mua râu giả đeo không thôi mất việc.

  30. Would you please add back the subtitle? Your broadcast is great! And I need to make notes for my study. Thank you.

  31. Reply
    Thuy Nguyen Thi Thu April 23, 2022 at 10:51 am

    thank youuu

  32. We want to learn English not politics!

  33. Sorry for the others but when Neil is presenting the quality of the video increases a lot. For me Catherine and Neil are the best.

  34. Fub !!! Thanks a billion.

  35. Fub !!! Thanks a billion.

  36. that's your subject's ?! what a hypocrisy talk about the poverty children are dying girls can't go to school that's what matters and it is the only thing the people of Afghanistan worrying about it is not ur dam business what rules for jobs are this is getting ridiculous !

  37. Зеленский-клоун, был на сцене и было весело, теперь Зеня-клоун дорвался до власти- все плачут! Ненавижу клоунов!

    Zelensky the clown was on stage and it was fun, now Zenya the clown has seized power – everyone is crying! I hate clowns!!!!!

  38. Taliban know the best medicine of so called democratic west….

  39. Bị nghiện bài này từ thời Bảo Thy, ko ngờ lại có ngày được nghe idol mới trong lòng mình Đức Phúc cover lại. Cảm ơn em ĐP vì đã cover lại lắng đọng cảm xúc như vậy

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