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Sudan's Protests Continue – News Review 2022

Security forces in Sudan have fired tear gas to try to break up thousands of protesters gathered outside the army headquarters in the capital Khartoum. There are reports of shots being fired. Protesters are camping out for a third night demanding the resignation of President Omar Al-Bashir. They want the military to protect them. (Cover image: Getty Images)

meet in public to express support or opposition

• Protesters are making plans to rally outside the building in support of the workers.
• Angry students have rallied together in the city for the third day running.

central or most active part or place
• Authorities discovered that the club was a major hub for smuggling in the region.
• Parliament Square has become a hub for both pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit protests.

on the verge of
about to happen or become

• We’re on the verge of a historic election result tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
• I was on the verge of tears when my boss told me I wouldn’t receive a promotion.

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