Strategic Business Review reviews

January 18, 2023

Consider bringing your team together for a Strategic Business Review. It will create clarity about the right issues to address. It will get the leadership team aligned around the right priorities. It will generate new insights and a plan of action to improve the viability of the business.

Our Strategic Business Review will bring your team together for a rigorous examination of the business. Using a range of models and expert facilitation, the team will do a challenging, but beneficial deep dive into the critical issues affecting your business.

In the six-step process, we will:
1. Address the value we need to bring to our customers
2. Consider the relationships our customers expect and the various channels they can be reached
3. Assess our revenue streams and their contribution to total revenue
4. Identify the key activities, resources and partners that are necessary to have an effective business model
5. Assess our cost structure and the implications for profitability
6. Build a priority-based action plan for selected aspects of the business.

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