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November 25, 2022

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STRANGE WORLD MOVIE REVIEW | Double Toasted – Today at Double Toasted we have our Strange World review. In this funny video, we look at the Strange World trailer before going in-depth into our Disney’s Strange World reivew. We discuss the visuals, the characters, an aspect of the movie that some people might not enjoy, and more! What did you think of Strange World? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. This movie had like zero marketing compared to most Disney movies. Like, even Turning Red had more tv spots and shit. This one had NOTHING in that regard. Kinda sad.

  2. I thought it takes place in an alternate history where Earth has an alien hollow world.

  3. I dig the Jules Verne explorer aesthetic

  4. Man you guys have reviewed every piece of trash Disney release episode-by-episode besides Andor? LAME!

  5. Reply
    SeventhSonOfASeventhSon November 25, 2022 at 4:53 am

    If my sources on movies are even remotely correct, this isn't Disney's best work. No hate, but I'll skip this one…

  6. Better content, please.

  7. I have a hard believing that the liberal audience in America is worth more than all of the Chinese, Turkey, and the Middle East audiences that will never see this movie in the theaters just being the Devil's Advocate that's all

  8. WHAT? But I love Legend! That dog is the best thing about this movie and it’s my duty to protect him at all cost! But for real, I agree with everything else you guys said. This is very much like some of Disney’s early 2000s animated adventure films like Atlantis and Treasure Planet. It’s got great ideas and awesome worldbuilding, but the story and characters need work. Also, love the speech you guys made about the whole “Woke” narrative. Very spot on that it’s just to acknowledge that different people exist and there’s nothing wrong with that. Awesome review, dudes 😊

  9. Disney doesn't care about anyone it's all about those sweet ESG points which translates to dollars. This movie is not going to generate money through box office sales but through social credit. This is pandering to the extream.

  10. I don’t wanna be that guy but y’all sound ignorant. Gabrielle Union‘s hairstyle is roughly African inspired. Many African hair styles can be very theatrical and complicated. It’s pretty, but if you black you’ve seen hairstyles like that before…. It shouldn’t be such a shock

  11. Buck broken

  12. Is it any wonder why Disney films have to be so formulaic? It seems like whenever they try doing something experimental or against formula, they tend to be either disappointments at best or bombs at worst. I put the blame on our consumerist society.

  13. Honestly after seeing the tralier if Pixar and Disney don’t give a shit about this I whont iver can promise you it’ll go straight to plus after a week lol

  14. I know im being an impatient asshat but I cant wait for them to talk about Andor. Best Star Wars since Empire Strikes Back Imo. Atleast onscreen outside of Legends and Video games.

  15. The backlash against the openly gay character's is just ridiculous….Especially since it would be better people finding about the LQBTQI community when thier young so they wouldn't be confused and scared when they get older,But I guess that's too woke for some people

  16. 34:50 Negroes need to stop making fun of black women's hairstyles

  17. I liked the movie but felt the structure was a bit off

  18. lol this trash is already flopping hard.

  19. Fox News hates everything 💀

  20. Why they always making the black kids the gay character though lol

  21. Them mofos is dead

  22. He was a correspondent for the Daily Show

  23. This movie with Atlantis The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet is going to be an unofficial adventure trilogy.

  24. Reply
    Kamal Johnson Ent (The Black Seinfeld) November 25, 2022 at 4:53 am

    Lol I love jager 😂 makes me sad y’all don’t like it 😂😂 love the review ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  25. Why hasn't Billy stared in a movie; he is so charismatic

  26. 15:25

    Damn Billy killed em with that statement

    Its all about the marketing..

  27. I am yet to see anyone lose their shit over this Billy

  28. I told ya they're forcing this on kids now

  29. You guys are okay with Disney pushing LGBTQ into kids movies…using mainly Black characters? Do they really need to Buck Break Black males in cartoons now?🤔

  30. The ever-conservative far-right sees the performance as implicit revenge.

    It's as if they fear something about themselves and need help to figure out in a safe place how to let go of all that hate and programmed misery that is holding them back. Tucker carlson is homophobic, pathetic

  31. Treasure Planet definitely does seem like the best comparison to this in addition to Atlantis and Lightyear, and from what I've heard thus film hasn't been marketed well and so I don't know how the box office will look because of that.

    Sidenotes: So the black woman isn't the gay one this time lol. Also, eventhough it's nice to have an interracial as the main stars of this flick, it does still feel a little to safe for Hollywood to do it with a white man and a black women rather the other way around, and I personally think it would have been more interesting to do it the other way around.

  32. actually if you pay close attention woke means one race gets treated better over the other cause the color of there skin and who they sleep with, while the other races are just born evil, thats woke

  33. They want our rainbow dollars: spot on!

  34. Who made that double toasted figure ! I'd like to get my hands on those for my original characters

  35. Nothing more entertaining than elitist suck-up conservatives losing the culture war at their own capitalist game. I haven't watched the movie and don't plan to watch the movie, probably never will watch the movie, but… full price!

  36. So. You must have never heard of the God of Jacob. Hm. You will. You will.

  37. Pando? Like Pandora? Like Pandora's box? Like Avatar? Like Borderlands? Like God of War?

  38. Hope Chris Stuckmann makes a review of this movie too soon

  39. Reply
    Alain-Christian 🎧 November 25, 2022 at 4:53 am

    15:20 – THANK YOU! This has always been my point! It's not being being "woke" it's about making MONEY. Gay people exist, they have money, get that bread. That's it. And I ain't mad at it.

  40. Disney pulling the "first openly gay character" thing yet again. Yawn. 🙄

  41. Why is Billy in this review? Bring back Koreys dad Martin and the attractive chick

  42. it reminds me of Onward. i dont care for it to see it. feel the same for this one.

  43. Wacky Wall Crawler! I was just talking to a friend about those the other day. Got one in a box of Corn Pops.

  44. There’s a reason Disney’s stock is plummeting and the old CEO is trying he’ll revive them. Everyone is tired of preaching woke shit along with bad writing

  45. If you want to hear real film critics that are not woke as fuck Chris Gore and film threat is far more intelligent

  46. ben shabibo already made a video

  47. So this is like a Disneyfied Venture Brothers? Honestly I might go watch it.

  48. Whenever disney or marvel wants to put out a new gay character , they always make them black , I always wondered why

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