Still AWFUL? Air Canada Signature BUSINESS CLASS *Surprise Review!* reviews

December 29, 2022

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Is Air Canada still awful? Today i’m flying Air Canada in a surprise review onboard their Boeing 787 Dreamliner. After my last awful experience, it’s time to find out how they perform with their reintroduced Signature Business Class product. I’ll be departing from their flagship Toronto YYZ airport and, as i’m now allowed to enter Canada i’ll be reviewing their ground experience, lounges all whilst maintaining a low profile. The aim today is to not have the same issues as last time (see previous review) or indeed the curated PR flight I was presented with back in June.

My trip report today will encompass all elements of the onboard experience, food service, bedding, a seat tour and in this instance how ‘friendly’ the crew are. As usual i’m totally honest and open about my travel, so you’ll see this though the lense of an ordinary passenger rather than certain YouTuber’s who give an unrealistic advertorial walk through of their flights..

As always let me know what you think in the comments below, do you have a recent experience with Air Canada Business Class? How does this change your view on my previous awful experience?

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  1. Hey guys 😀 so as always I value your feedback and take onboard what you say seriously. I’ve amended the title of this video to reflect the consensus of what’s been commented here. I’m not chasing a click bait title, my rational was to put the viewer in my position going into this flight (I.e disappointed by my last experience / not wanting a PR fan fair). I hope you understand but most of all thanks for watching and your continued support of the channel. Much love 🙏🏼

  2. Why am I not surprised ? Typical Air Canada Sh8t service

  3. Best to avoid Air Canada like the plague. One of the worst airlines in the world.

  4. I'd rather eat dirt than fly air Canada.

  5. Well at least they made the experience a lot better for you this time. I'm from Canada so I'm happy they stepped up there game.

  6. Diet Coke!! Yuck tastes horrible and is very foamy

  7. I've been to this airport lol

  8. Well, after your prior Air Canada experience, I was anticipating at what point your complimenntary beat-down by the crew would begin. (With or without billy clubs.) Almost surprised it never did occur. But then that's good , after all.

  9. Just a suggestion…..too much time again spent seeking out the lounges. That's not really the prime reason for air travel. Concentrate on the flight experience more. Besides, your fascination with the lounges seems too often to lead you to have to rush to make the flight. Why do that?

  10. that maple leaf boarding screen……WOW

  11. Reply
    Metalgear SolidSnake December 29, 2022 at 7:07 am

    The problem is that this only happen because you have a youtube account, normal passengers are pissed on by Air Canada, so to hell with their staff and the way they are!

    Air canada is bad as always!

  12. Funny how your first video has plenty of comments where people crap on AC yet this one has a lot more with people sharing more positive comments.
    FWIW I've flown AC for much of my life in both coach and business. In business class, the service has always been good. Sure, maybe not as reverent as Asian airlines, but still positive by Western standards. In economy, they've rarely ever given me anything worth complaining about. The hard product for AC has always been above average too. Food can be hit or miss though.


  14. When the guy behind starts on his phone call……I usually have the urge to sing at the top of my voice…..and I can't sing, tone deaf and proud!!!

  15. Kind of ironic you get annoyed at people on the phone when you film and narrate your trip….

  16. every time this spoiled kid has a negative review.

  17. Glad to see you had a better flight Will, you see when they put their mind to it they can get it right 👍

  18. Will, I hear you throwing some serious shade at some youtubers making "advertorials" instead of giving the real experience. Who are you talking about? I don't want to take them at face value if I am watching them as well. What's the T? Are these guys that are on the take?

  19. what don't you try to get a written approval from airline and all be-seated passengers before putting on your gopro every single time you're onboard, I will definitely complain in your face next time i see you doing the same thing, no respect to other paying passengers at all.

  20. It’s amazing how much they can improve by just shutting their mouth

  21. Credit owed where credit is due. Glad this trip was wonderful!

  22. FYI, QR codes work in any orientation. You don't have to rotate your phone.

  23. Lol well u didn't ask wheee the lounge was lol it's posted abd has big signs it's good to see u doing a reveiws but some things could be fixed by just reading the rules .

  24. he must shill for square space lol

  25. And if you are not vaccinated, what then? And if you have had covid and have natural immunity? Considering the development of the Omikron varients, why bother with a vax mandate? Don't Air Canada have the proper filtration systems intact in their Air-Flow and Airconditioning?

  26. it´s funny that you say FML but you have the opportunity to fly businessclass every flight you are on, meanwhile all other shmugs me included have to fly with the standard seats to our destination.

  27. Ah the joy of listening to someone else's phone call on public transport.

  28. Hey man, you should try WestJet It's a Canadian airline and id love to hear you opinion of it.

  29. I’m sure they knew you are coming since the moment you booked a ticket. I was a flight attendant for 9 years and we always knew about “special passengers”, history of why they are special, what to expect from them, given clear instructions how to react and how to interact with them it’s all being told firstly to purser and then passed on by purser to the rest of the crew during the pre flight briefing.

  30. Do you know if air canada operates their old livery on their 777s?

  31. They AC, knew you were flying as every passenger already has a profile in their systems. A complete turn around from ONE flight from your previous video about AC being "horrible" smells fishy to me. At least Noel Philipps says it like it is .

  32. If you wer actually I Signature Business, you should have went to the AC Signature Lounge near the gates. It is a FABULOUS experience with champagne, great restaurant and service is wonderful???

  33. Thank you for this review. I am very pleased that AC upped it's game. Now, if I could just afford BC for those long haul trips from London to Vancouver…

  34. Thank you flying to Brisbane Au from Vancouver in April 2023 and love this video!! SOLD on these seats

  35. Good to hear a good review about AC!

  36. In Canada we lovingly call Air Canada “scare Canada”. We just never know what could happen Lol

  37. I travelled signature today and was hoping for one of those AC face masks you’re wearing. Where did you purchase it ?

  38. Won’t watch is videos!!!!

  39. 9:19 Aw mate. That's 'Bare in mind' not "Bear". Unless it's a Canadian wildlife pun.

  40. I love Air Canada! They are always so good to me! I’m sorry you had this problem

  41. *YYZed 😉

  42. I’ve noticed that Air Canada doesn’t treat their “sun destinations” passengers as well as their other passengers…which would explain why the Mexico flight was so bad. I often visit family in the Caribbean and take Air Canada: the planes, the crew and service are usually not good. Had a horrible experience when travelling with my pets and swore never to take Air Canada again. The crew treated me like pariah. I had travelled with pets before and never had any issues.

  43. There’s a reason Air Canada is commonly referred to as Scare Canada by Canadians no less. Good service is hit and miss.
    I travel a lot. And have witnessed disrespectful attitudes from FA’s toward passengers many times.

  44. I bet he has a NASA tattoo somewhere

  45. Who is sam chi?

  46. They have your account flagged so as soon as you book, they know. Try this with someone they aren’t expecting and see what happens!

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