Steve Jobs Review reviews

January 5, 2023

Michael Fassbender makes a better Steve Jobs than Ashton Kutcher but is better enough to nab him an Oscar? Find out what Justin and Michaela thought of Danny Boyle’s new film ‘Steve Jobs’!

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  1. I loved almost everything about this movie. Sorkins screenplay, the directing, the visual, and Fassbenders and Kate Winslets performance, fantastic. But Seth Rogen, really? Who decided to cast him. That choice didnĀ“t make any sense. He is a mediocre actor. He was just being Seth Rogen without being funny (To confident, to extroverted). Which is nothing like Steve Wozniak. – The actor who portayed Wozniak in the one with Aston Kutcher he did a really good job. They should have cast him instead.

  2. the reason why it is a sorkin movie is well because it is a sorkin movie. ???
    wow you guys really are pretentious movie reviewers.

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