Steve Jobs Review! – CineFix Now 2022

December 27, 2022

Steve Jobs is the newest attempt to create a biopic for Apple founder Steve Jobs, but will it have the fervor of a new iPhone? Ti will let you know if it’s worth checking out! Subscribe:

So will Steve Jobs have have you pre-ordering the blu-ray on iTunes or will you wish you’d gotten tickets for a different film? Ti will let you know her thoughts.

Are you going to see Steve Jobs this weekend? Have you already seen it? What did you think? Have you seen the other movies about Steve Jobs? Who played Steve Jobs best? Are you sick of hearing about movies about Steve Jobs?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Му gf rеаllу lоvеееs this film. Wе fоund full mоviе hеre => Stevе Jоbs Rеviеw CineеееFiххxх Nоw

  2. Reply
    Alan Flowers Productions December 27, 2022 at 2:10 am

    Ti, you are amazing

  3. Boyle uses split layer scenes where he shows us in one panel on the screen a scene of traffic in rush hour for instance and then the second panel is Steve jobs looking down and the third panel a stock exchange frenzy all simultaneously on the screen, Boyle uses this technique in almost all his films and especially used it a lot in the beginning scenes of 127 hours. an he also used it in this film as well. that being said i was able to identify this as a Boyle film and not just a Sorkin film

  4. Reply
    Raydo Alonso Zorrilla-Riese December 27, 2022 at 2:10 am

    This movie visual structure was "total Boyle"! What is she even talking about? His experimentation with light, editing, music and blocking was amazing, and definitely common to his style of filmmaking. Aside from that, she completely missed the deepness of the script itself. Even though sometimes the dialogue does run into a point that reminds us that we are watching a movie based on a Sorkin script, he manages deconstruct Steve Jobs as more complex character, and his relationship with the people closest to him. After all this was not a movie only about Steve Jobs, but a story about a father and a daughter that disguised itself as a "biopic."

  5. T I saw you on empire last night. lol

  6. You asked me to calm down? What was that!

  7. Act 1 is 16MM, Act 2 is 35MM, and Act 3 is digital HD. Thought this movie was a brilliant reaction to the tired biopics we've been watching for the last ten years and also in terms of machine gun dialog, SJ is Sorkin-lite compared to Newsroom and West Wing. This movie will be up for Best Pic, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director, and maybe some performance awards for Fassbender and Winslet. One of the most refreshing movie experiences I can remember.

  8. this girl dont know shit about cinema and movies

  9. 2:40 … I never noticed that, you ruined it for me :'(

  10. I love Ti. Her analogies are just the best. I.e. "That one was like a runny dump." Keep it up!!!

  11. I bristled at Sorkin's credit here so thank you for the heads up. I too am tired of the firefight dialog ethos. People don't speak that way unless he wrote the lines. DVD waiting but I bet Oscar goo goos love it.

  12. It is a Sorkin movie so drink your espresso.

  13. Contention not contingency. Contingent is if one event occurred this will happen, like if I want eggs for breakfast it is contingent on me going to the store to buy eggs.

  14. I feel like im the only one that like the Ashton "Jobs" movie. I thought it was really good.

  15. Lol thought you were reviewing Steve Jobs the person!

  16. Steve Jobs was a sociopath, a control freak, paranoid and, all around jerk.
    But he was rich so people love him.

  17. The thing about Boyle is he doesn't make the same movie twice

  18. epi-tome?

  19. Epitome is pronounced: E-pit-oh-me, not Ep-i-tome. I used to make the same mistake.

  20. Why does this woman pronounce things weird? First was that time with epitome, now with caveat. The hell? Say things like you know what they mean!

  21. Why is there a movie about Steve Jobs again?

  22. Not a single word about the Fassbender performance, that's sad. I think he's the main interest of the movie.

  23. What about FEAR THE WALKING DEAD reviews?

  24. "too small to be an actual feature film for theaters"….so fuck all the movies with low budgets they dont deserve theaters…or even movies with large budgets but different ways yo use it like this one….That was a pretty unconsiderate

  25. Totally agree with her about Sorkin's writing. I had to bow out of the Newsroom after 3 episodes because of how exhausting it was keeping up with the frenetic line delivery and character interactions.

  26. Hitler and his Nazis also brought about a lot of innovation in technology, but they also did some shitty stuff in their personal lives. We don't make movies about them (like this). It absolutely matters how people were in their personal lives and Jobs besides being a incredible businessman was a megamaniacal sociopath that never gave to charity, stepped over and shit on a lot of people to get to where he was, and never invented a single thing ever. He was the talking head that convinced you as to why you need what he was offering. One last point: Silicon Knights was and still is my favorite story about the early Steve Jobs era b/c it incorporated Bill Gates and Microsoft's story as well as talk about Jobs, his college years, Lisa, and overall encompassed a lot more into the entire story of the coming PC age and its players.

  27. telling us that the movie ends with the Imac isn't a spoiler !!!!!!!

  28. I've stopped listening after you called him "innovator".

  29. This Was really extensiva and straight to the pinta!

  30. The Newsroom became pretty irritating and hard to watch for me, especially because of Sorkin's dialogues. I mean it's really "cool" to hear people talking fast and demonstrating how cynical they are, but that really destroy the suspension of disbelief in my case. Not to mention that these "too clever to be real" lines are basically interchangeable between characters.

  31. Really great review! Nicely done.

  32. Steve jobs isn't deserving of 1 movie let alone 2, what the fuck Hollywood

  33. Is this moving coming to theatres or video? Is there any way to watch it right now?

  34. The Social Network made me an instant fan of Aaron Sorkin. Can't wait to see this film!

  35. your hair makes it hard to pay attention, put on a hat or something

  36. I love your hair. And your lipstick. And you seem really knowledgeable! I have no clue what you mean when you name whoever isn't an actor, so that's probably a good sign you know a lot more than me, lol

  37. Um, "Epitome" is pronounced "E-pi-tuh-me"

  38. They actually shot the film in three different ways. First in 16mm, then in 35mm, before finally digital.

  39. Do Steve Jobs' movies never mention Pixar?

  40. Reply
    Brian Anderson’s Painting INC December 27, 2022 at 2:10 am

    Next up can you do the Martian movie

  41. i love her

  42. Steve Jobs wasn't a great man. His company was built on child slavery and he was okay with that.

  43. Love this channel, reviews with this girl – not so much. Actually not at all.

  44. Good observation about Danny Boyle. Lots of good movies, but very stylistically and thematically malleable.

  45. i like this girl

  46. I don't know but I really don't like this girl. She seems constantly negative and pessimistic and not in a funny or charming way. She comes across as pompous and snobby and its kinda annoying.

  47. More specifically, it was filmed in 16mm for the 1984 scenes, in 35mm for the NXT scenes, and digitally for the iMac scenes.

  48. 67th like 🙂

  49. Steve jobs was a dick

  50. last time I came this early I had to sleep on the couch o_0

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