Steve Jobs' REAL wallet? Mani Wonders Cascade slim wallet REVIEW 2022

May 31, 2022

This is the wallet that Apple may have thought about building. Built from precision CNCed aluminum, it’s a box wallet that’s better in some ways than Ekster and SECRID, but misses the mark in other ways. Let’s call it a Steve Jobs wallet prototype

FOCX Advanced wallet C.02 –

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing – 0:18
Features 1:46
Measurement & Weight – 3:15
Pocket Insertion Test – 3:30
Price – 4:12
Card & Cash Insertion Test – 4:19
Review Summary/Detail – 5:19
Final Score – 8:12

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  1. Velcro strap will not last long. Velcro has limited uses before it no longer holds.

  2. oh no hes an apple fanboy lol (I'm jk not trying to be mean lol) I'm still waiting for someone to make one of these pup up card holders out of stainless steel. its hard for me to call them a wallet because they don't really scary cash well at all and can only hold a few cards but I mean they are cool!

  3. Good thing they didn't thought sticking that at the back iPhones. People would think it as some sort of power bank or something.

  4. haha it's like carrying an ssd. thanks for the review

  5. Wallet is horrible

  6. I don’t know who would buy this wallet, it seems like it’s solves no problems except for if you’d like to increase the size of your wallet with a chunky piece of metal. Sadly, this appears to be more like an iPod than something (new) Apple would produce. 😀

  7. Nice Review, but forget the Apple take, not sure what apple has to do with this faulty design of a Secrid knockoff, it's simply another take on the Secrid wallets. Have a Secrid wallet with a leather wrap-around case, this just seems all rather expensive and overly complicated, you have to lift the little flap to remove the cards. Get a Secrid…… and be much happier. Unless you want a rocket launcher to get your cards out, apart from the card that misfires and gets stuck in the case. This wallet is a bit of a disaster.

  8. It's really inexcusable that they couldn't have planned the accessory wallet better. Make the wallet 1-2 mm wider (give it room to add in felt stoppers on the sides of the box compartment) and then the leather accessory would be 2-4 mm wider and accommodate bills w/o having to fold them once. How stupid is a billfold that you still have to fold every kind of currency on the planet?!

    Also, it may just be my opinion, but I don't want to spend my money on a fancy box. I'd rather save $10 and have it come in a plain cardboard box.

  9. Hey! So i got the new Kisetsu Sinkai wallet if you want ill send it to you for your review!

  10. There is nothing I hate more than a wallet with proportions that won't take cash unless it's folded, Urrgg!

  11. i thought it was minimalist, useless fat wallet , leather anytime better

  12. Reply
    Abdul Rahman Noor May 31, 2022 at 1:48 am

    Also, the over-engineered packaging is so pointless – you're not going to store your wallet in a box so I don't get why it needs such a thick acrylic panel with magnets and everything on it.
    The world could use less plastic waste!

  13. Reply
    Abdul Rahman Noor May 31, 2022 at 1:48 am

    Sorry but this is definitely NOT what an Apple product feels like – with low quality leather, a money clip that is unusable when the case is put on, and a nerf-gun-like card shooter, this is what anyone IMITATING Apple makes.
    I'm not associated with Apple (and don't even use most of their products) but you have to admit their products are about more than just clean lines and design – it's about a seamless user experience that this two-handed wallet does not provide in any way.

  14. hey can you check out the slimfold coin wallet?

  15. I'm a dislike button

  16. I guess, if I was 16 I would be into metal wallets…but at 40, I just don't want people to look twice at my wallet and I want it to be comfortable and a beautiful blend of design, materials, form, and function. Fiddly, scrappy sounding, roughly/cheaply formed stuff loaded with springs that will wear out just doesn't interest me. Neither do Apple products….Steve would be rolling in his grave if he saw what the company is making these days.

  17. Reply
    emperor chop chop May 31, 2022 at 1:48 am

    That would be a charming wallet for $55. It's attractive, and the retractable money clip is novel, but the ergonomics with the card flap and the billfold that's not a billfold feel like sloppy design. Like they thought they were so clever with the case fasteners that it didn't matter if the case was actually functional or not.

  18. Too much packaging = money spent on s h i t

  19. The door functionality might be useful. I have been using an Ekster card holder (the carbon fiber version) which doesn't have the door. While the Ekster wallet is a solid choice for vanilla plastic cards a number of banks/lenders have swap their more "Premium" cards to metal. My Amex Gold, Plat, and Crypto card are all made of metal. While they won't fall off due to just gravity alone they require significantly less force to fall out then plastic cards. I definitely wish that the Ekster had a little dorr covering the cards.

  20. The cash slot is wasteful if cash needs to be folded. Makes the wallet bulkier. Too expensive.

  21. This wallet is a mess in every aspect…looks like it was a product of a graduation project from some students in an Engineering School!

  22. everything looks so nice until I saw velcro LOL
    also this design is better be in museum than in your pocket.

  23. Reply
    Carlomagno Jamisola May 31, 2022 at 1:48 am

    Looks like a cigarette container.. the cover is more of a wallet than the “aluminun box” itself🧐😟 just buy the cover!

  24. Interesting concepts but so many design issues, you can't even use the money clip while attached to the case…

    Could you ever review one of the Pularys box wallets maybe? I can't seem to find a difference between them and the Secrid wallets

  25. this wallet is a HARD no from me 🙁

  26. Great review but I’ll stick to my shell fat herbie

  27. Interesting walllet but I bought the Aviator (thanks to your review) and love it. Helped me get ride of my George Costanza wallet. Plus ..the Aviator even had a Canadian edition of their wallet (pretty cool).

  28. I can't get on board with these wallets that have mechanical components too them… so many potential failure points. Plus, who wants to carry a hunk of metal around in their pockets? There are very good reasons why quality leather and stitching remain so popular – soft, durable, pliable, etc.

  29. Good review, but I was surprised by the 5 star quality at the end after your comments regarding the quality of leather, the use of velcro and the lack of friction material on the sides.

  30. That price for that wallet is way too high. Just too much to refine before charging that much.

  31. I actually 😂 out loud when I watched this. I’m not sorry to say this but what a load of rubbish. 89g empty! Really! 😮 This truly is shocking. Skim into the nearest bin.

  32. I was a backer of the Kickstarter for this item years ago. There were a lot more interesting color options with that initial run. I never had a problem with the cards flying out. I just used the lever more deliberately and you get used to opening the lid without a thought. I suppose if you're used to a mechanism with more resistance this is more likely to happen. The wallet quality is poor for the money. Years later the edges of the leather on mine started to fray badly. I purchased a second one from their store (just to have a new-looking one) and was disappointed that they added the velcro strap. The kickstarter version didn't have that. I emailed them asking for one without the velcro, but they couldn't do it for me. It's a nice package but too expensive – especially considering the terrible wallet design. Interestingly, my search for an alternative and novel wallet led me to your channel.

  33. I know things can’t stay the same forever, but am I the only one that misses the old music? Great video regardless.

  34. Nice review, but doesn't interest me at all. Too bulky and too expensive. The retractable money clip is nice. Always enjoy your videos.

  35. Way overpriced and too much unnecessary features.

  36. Wouldn't want to carry that in my pocket looks like a cassette and no bend to it

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