STEVE JOBS movie review (non-spoiler) reviews

November 2, 2022

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  1. great review, but you were too kind to this one

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    your cult boyfriend November 2, 2022 at 1:58 pm

    I really, really liked your review. I personally love this film – I see it as The Social Network's hypersensitive sibling. Once again, great review and I really dug the Hecht reference at the beginning, I think you're spot-on there.

  3. I just dropped in to say that, you are a babe.

  4. I think you were way too harsh on this film. Yes the ending is overly sentimental considering how unflinching the rest of the movie has been. But all the emotional beats of the films worked because the actors sold the words and emotions. I saw the film as an experimental film that used the 3 act structure and recurring archetypes to show jobs growth determination and stubbornness thought out time. How reacts to the ppl as he and they changed (an amazing device if u ask me) and Boyle was able to get across all the info between the launches in a very visually interesting way. Some really beautiful and well paced moments. NEVER boring for me. Sure the Social Network is a better film but it's the greatest film ever made so nothing is really Better than that haha.

  5. Steve Jobs is a soggy donut… 😂 Love it

  6. The only thing Steve jobs put a dent in is my wallet

  7. I thought the film portrayed steve jobs very well, both the good and the bad things about him.

  8. You are one of the best reviewers around.
    BTW, have you seen this?

  9. Bong bong shmong wrong. I love that behind you.

  10. It felt very monotonous and repetitive. Sorkin also has that problem of most dialogue heavy screen writers where everyone sounds the same.

  11. Will you review Goosebumps?

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