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January 17, 2023

I review the new Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin film “Steve Jobs”

Mickeleh’s Last Video (for Steve Jobs)



playlist of steve keynotes

BONUS: The Making of 1944—-and-chaplin–cameo–wasn-t.html
Directed by Danny Boyle
Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin
Based on Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Michael Fassbender
Kate Winslet
Seth Rogen
Jeff Daniels

Music by Daniel Pemberton
Cinematography Alwin H. Küchler
Edited by Elliot Graham

Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs)
Kate Winslet (Joanna Hoffman)
Seth Rogen (Steve Wozniak)
Jeff Daniels (John Sculley)
Michael Stuhlbarg (Andy Hertzfeld)
Katherine Waterston (Chrisann Brennan)
Perla Haney-Jardine (Lisa Brennan, age 19)
Ripley Sobo (Lisa Brennan, age 9)
Makenzie Moss (Lisa Brennan, age 5)

Production companies
Legendary Pictures
Scott Rudin Productions
Mark Gordon Company
Entertainment 360
Decibel Films
Cloud Eight Films
Distributed by Universal Pictures

Release dates:
September 5, 2015 (Telluride)
October 9, 2015 (United States)
Running time: 122 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

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  1. somehow I missed this, I know you were close to Jobs. Maybe the real story is a tad lame for the Hollywood drama queens. Hollywood would also steer away from making a giant free ad for Apple.

  2. Spoilers. 😉

  3. My problem is this movie was based less on the book and more on everything else that we've already seen in various documentaries, videos and interviews. I think to do a Steve Jobs movie justice, you would have to do a trilogy of movies and I don't think Hollywood would ever do that.

  4. I think I spotted you in that movie… Were you the one who made a speech that was completely talked over by Steve Jobs bickering with his ex?

  5. Reply
    The Cake is not a Vlog January 17, 2023 at 11:39 pm

    So who played you then?

  6. Good review. I saw the film last night and thought it was wholly entertaining, but I picked up that it wasn't an accurate depiction of Steve Jobs.

  7. Thank you for the review – I guess I'll pass on this movie as well then.
    Which movie or book would you recommend, which captures the persona and workings of Steve Jobs in a well, rounded way?

  8. This is the most interesting review I've seen of this movie. I loved hearing your personal insight.

  9. I was in extra in the Flint Center and got to meet Danny Boyle. While I didn't enjoy the film as much as many did, I'm reminded of how nice Boyle was, taking time out of his schedule to give a speech to our film department (the Flint is on my school campus). Also, please upload more Steve stories. I could hear hours of that.

  10. You're the perfect person to review this. Amazing to think you were there! Sad to think many people will take it as fact x

  11. great review!

  12. I do enjoy a good, even-handed review. As always, sir, you bring a cogent and rational voice to the conversation.

  13. Slandering IBM is one of his "good" ideas? I'm all for competition, but I would prefer companies focus on promoting their own products, rather than giving consumers a misleading image of their opponent. When a company resorts to slander, it leads me to believe they simply don't have any better products to show us.

  14. Insightful and interesting. I liked the review.
    Only one thing, wasn't it hot for you in that sweater??

  15. I have no interest in seeing the movie, but I enjoyed your review.

  16. shouldnt they be bluray extras?

  17. Your reviews are wonderful! Would love to see more content like this on your great channel. 🙂

  18. Reply
    bernardthedisappointedowl January 17, 2023 at 11:39 pm

    This sounds like a disappointment – clearly I should see it, Hoot, etc, ^oo^

  19. Joy to catch yer talking about films… the fact yer personally involved is just gravy, as I believe is yer parlance that side of the pond… maybe parlance circa 1925 to be fair, but still, great sounding stuff anyway, Majestic me transatlantic friend 🙂
    Cheers yer star, Brigs 🙂

  20. Great review and insight, as always, Mickeleh.
    Thank you for sharing these stories.

  21. I was hoping you would review this film. I though you would provide an interesting and personal perspective and I was not disappointed.

  22. I have a question that's not about the video exactly, but it's about the notification system for new videos: YouTube didn't inform me about your last five videos (including this one), I actually had to click on your channel on a hunch that you'd posted something. But it also didn't show me that you'd posted new videos there either, I have to click on your Videos tab as well to see the latest one. Anyway, have you noticed this problem? And is anyone else experiencing it?

  23. I am not surprised that experiencing a sensually powerful fictionalized version of a person and context that you have real life familiarity with imbued you with a sense of psychological dissociation.

  24. Soo… what about that Ashton Kutcher film?

  25. Impressive review. Great to see you back M.

  26. I don't watch Dr. Who, so I don't watch those reviews. But this video made me realize how much I missed your channel!

  27. I love when you share all of your old Apple stories. Actually I love when you share any story. Actually I just really love your channel.

  28. Who better to review this movie than a man who was there for part of it and that man has also reviewed quite a few movies and could teach a college level course on the subject. Crash Course Movies. I think so. Get the Green Bros. on the phone.

  29. Kate Winslet did an absolutely excellent job. I actually had the privilege to see an advance screening of this film, wasn't held to an NDA, but haven't been provoked to discuss it yet. I think that the three acts reflecting one another and changing are an absolutely excellent structure within which to tell a story. They provide the exact kind of setup in which one can actively build meaning and repetition of a curious enough nature to draw attention. And from there spring symbolism, dynamics/development, and themes. Creating associations and (for lack of a better, less brutal word) "emotional engineering" are very Jobs in my mind after watching so many keynotes in his post iPhone hay day and reading Walter Isaac's biography of the man. Precise, end-to-end control of the experience is really something the film provides, things going more or less wrong in different ways at different stages in the life. I stopped being disconcerted by the incongruence of Fassbender's appearance, not even hearing about the painting-esque goals of this presentation. It worked. I think it worked better when provided the less distracting bald Steve simulacrum that they could achieve, but the story and set-dressing and performance were plenty to draw the audience in.

    An amazing film. (But why did "Here's to the Crazy Ones" run silently?)

  30. Excellent review! I think Kate Winslet would take your description of her performance as the highest compliment.

  31. I love that you are wearing a turtleneck for authenticity reasons. However, it looks like it is a tad too warm for filming.

  32. Intrigued to see this film. Funny how modern mythology works.

  33. Reply
    Quaver, Lord of Crisps January 17, 2023 at 11:39 pm

    Ahhhhhhh no annotations to the interesting videos nuuuuuuuuu

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