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October 17, 2022

Steve Jobs debuts its official trailer for 2015 starring Michael Fassbender! Watch it today with a trailer review!

Steve Jobs debuts its official trailer for 2015 and you can see it here today plus get a trailer review! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you her reaction to this trailer for Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen and Kate Winslet, from Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin! And with Beyond The Trailer’s Trailer Plus, you’ll get a link to other movie news, reviews, and trailers! Enjoy this official HD trailer and trailer review for Steve Jobs before you see the full movie in 2015! And make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for entertainment news on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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  1. Oh my god no one is vilifying him. He did that himself by being a fucking asshole. And this film doesn't look like it's robbing him of any of his achievements. We have to wait till the film comes out of course but so far it doesn't look that way at all. Also, I know you used the term "movie star" while talking about Fassbender and Pratt and I really hope you weren't comparing their acting when you were saying that. Pratt maybe slightly more famous but in terms of acting there is just no comparison. Fassbender wins.

    Oh and seriously, did you just say Steve Jobs SACRIFICED being seen as a good person to get where he wanted to be? There is so much that is wrong in that sentence. HINT: the word you are looking for isn't 'sacrificed'. God you fan girls will do anything to justify people's actions.

  2. As long as it's better than the 2013 Jobs.

  3. smh welp… I WAS excited about this movie….back to Mr Robot

  4. Why are they even making this movie? Wasn't there a Steve jobs movie that released just a few years ago?

  5. I read Walter's book. I am not a huge fan of the book (I have been following Jobs and Apple for quite some time now). But I must admit, Michael Fassbender, has done some homework.
    He looks quite captivating and charismatic on the role. I think he demonstrates the best he can, this homogenous mixture of the diabolic, vindictive and charming Steve right here.
    I will want to see the movie, it's a difficult one. The thing about doing movies about genius people, is that they are pretty unique in terms of character, behavior so on and so forth. So, to replicate complex personality, or how they see the world, it's quite a difficult job!
    It's more about convincing people about the incarnation you bring to the screen (Russell Crowe "beautiful mind") than really trying to replicate the person (when you focus more on the persona than their work or accomplishments)… So, there are a lot of Jobs fans, relatives, friends etc, that might not be happy with the movie, because of that. but that's not the idea of the movie!

  6. What the fuck are you talking about?

  7. Good. Then I can compare it with the other Steve Jobs movie that I have not yet seen. But why turn on the Irish accent in Palo Alto?

  8. Forget Steve Jobs.  I'd prefer a Steve Wozniak movie.  I find the celebration of the rich and powerful to be much more dangerous than alleged vilification.

  9. Reply
    David Patrick Schranck, Jr. October 17, 2022 at 7:46 pm

    You should review the "Goosebumps" trailer

  10. Wasn't there already a film about Steve Jobs?

  11. Let me say it the Steve Jobs' way: it sucks

  12. One of the greatest actors today.. one problem though.. I don't see Steve Jobs.. I only see Michael Fassbender.

  13. Irony.
    The add for this video was the Steve Jobs trailer. Got to see it twice

  14. This movie looks as good as Pirates of Silicon Valley, I need to see this movie since Fassbender brings the Jobs to a whole another level.

  15. Reply
    Christian Vincent Literatus October 17, 2022 at 7:46 pm

    This is what the master innovator of our time deserves! Thank goodness they made a good movie of him not the crappy one with Ashton. So gonna watch this!

  16. Didn't they just made this exact same movie but with different actors like not even ~2 years ago? Or is it just me…

  17. why no comment on how many movies there has been about Jobs? Pirates of Silicon Valley, Jobs, and now Steve Jobs?

  18. I think you should really wait until the film comes out before making assumptions. Also I didn't get the impression he was being 'vilified'. The clips seemed to be setting up his strengths and weaknesses: a brilliant, visionary conductor and showman but also a difficult person to work or live with. All of which is likely true from what we know of him. It's done dramatically because that's what a good film needs to do to keep viewers engaged. Also you're putting too much emphasis on him being the sole reason for Apple becoming what it is. People like Steve Wozniak early on and later Sir Jony Ive were also vital to Apple's success.

  19. Noah Wyle did a fine performance as Jobs back in the 90's TV movie, "Pirates of the Silicon Valley".  It was a good movie, and even Steve liked it enough to have Noah come out as his Jobs character to kick off a MacWorld event.  I still enjoy watching it to this day.  It ended with Job's recent return to Apple.  Apple Computer was still very much a maverick of company in those days, filled with piss and vinegar.  Mac users were all "Thinking Different" then, and the uncertainty of Apple's future was still in the back of everybody's mind.  This was before the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes world dominance that catapulted 1 Infinite Loop to the top of the food chain.  
    This film did a great job of balancing Steve's intense passion of changing the world as well as Bill Gates's desire to dominating it.  In retrospect – Steve and Apple ended up dominating the world financially, while Bill is now giving away his fortune to help change the world.  All in all, until this new film is out, "Pirates" is still my favorite Steve movie.

  20. not to disagree grace but the Steve Jobs screenplay by Aaron Sorkin (Based on the Book by Walter Isaacson) Steve blessed the Isaacson book himself, we may not want to make a movie on it, but  it was deemed it accurate.

  21. Love the editing and the use of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D Minor at 0:340:37. It really sets the tone for Steve Jobs being a conductor for talent on a grand scale for this movie.

  22. I hope they make a steve jobs movie every 5 years.

  23. Steve job was a great entrepreneur and somehow a visionary man but he was not a genius.You should know that Apple has been actually exploiting Chinese labour force to insane(inhuman) degree and giving it salaries you will never accept a quarter of for  decades.Steve Jobs ain't no hero  or an example for children and future entrepreneur Grace. He was just who he was .And I hope this movie won't be one sided but It rather tells the truth about the man;instead of making a glamorous depiction of him.

  24. This looks horrible, and Fassbender looks even worse.

  25. Hope this movie isn't a rip off of Jobs

  26. I think we missed the most telling thing about this trailer, well to me it is. One of the three scenes look a bit grainy and some other scenes just look a little more clearer than others. Give the film a more vintage feel. Then crispier when iPod is introduced I presume. And after some light research, the film was shot on both Super16 and 35mm film. 
    Argo did this as well. That movie was shot on 3 different styles. Washington and Hollywood and Iranian set ups. It made the movie better, somehow, but glad it's being used here to.

  27. Being the President of the USA or Apple does not absolve you of responsibility for being a good parent. I would not care if my mother or father discovered a cure for Cancer. A shit parent is a shit parent. Also to pretend he was a saint robs him of his humanity. Newsflash people most of our heroes have done things we don't approve of.
    JFK was a womaniser.
    George Washington was a slave owner.
    Martin Luther King was a cheater.
    Michael Jackson had inappropriate relationships with children.
    Winston Churchill was a racist.
    The Pope is homophobic.
    Nelson Mandela was a terrorist.

  28. Her first comments got me thinking:
    Who's the better actor? Fassbender or Bale?

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