Starlink Full Review – 20 Things you MUST Know! 2022

March 21, 2023

Starlink is now in Nigeria and in this video, we compile 20 things that you should know before you buy it. #starlink #spacex

0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – How to Buy Starlink
2:47 – How Long Does Delivery take
3:24 – What comes in the box
3:57 – How to Set up Starlink
5:39 – How does Starlink work?
6:38 – How many people can connect to Starlink
6:53 – Accessories
8:35 – Make Money with your WiFi?
9:11 – Mounting on the Roof
9:56 – Is Starlink Unlimited
10:32 – Starlink Plans
11:50 – Can Starlink work without Electricity
12:23 – Download and Upload Speed
13:36 – Ping + Latency Test
14:31 – Gaming Test
14:55 – Speed vs Location Test
15:21 – Starlink’s Range Test
16:10 – Starlink’s Weather Test
16:48 – Starlink’s Multi Connectivity Test
17:08 – Starlink’s Customer Support
18:41 – Starlink vs 5G Router vs Fibre


Starlink Website:

Starlink App

Create an account on Payday:

WiCrypt Interview:

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Watch Branch Education’s Video of Starlink/Satellite Technology:

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  1. Do you want a Starlink kit? Would you buy it if you had the cash?

    Reply below 👇🏾 Let’s chat!

  2. What happens when it rains 🌧 🤔

  3. Nice.. can u move the BIG mic away from ur face. It's a distraction. Am sure u can get a tiny mic

  4. Hi. I have this old lg flagship I want to buy from aliexpress. It has a from At&t, Verizon, and T-Mobile. All American. Any advice on the one that will work very well with our network here for both calls and data? I just don't want to waste money. Thanks

  5. starlink or ipnx? which one is better?

  6. Reply
    Trendkings Mobile Forex Trading March 21, 2023 at 12:05 pm

    Hi Fisayo, Kindly check your email, trying to reach you, Its urgent

  7. 200mbps download that's very slow for what you are paying for!

  8. save you 21 minutes, its completely useless for an average day to day nigerian, just stick to your 5g MTN routers,

  9. One missing item is lightening protection. The highest conductor on a roof is prone to lightening strikes. I would hate to imagine that this is the Starlink antennae, installed on a roof !!

  10. A $600 antena outside an african home, ofcourse people asked if it has to be outside.

  11. Gpon is far better than both 5g and starlink if you ask me. Is just that the hype around 5g and starlink is more than Gpon

  12. Amazon has launch it's own satellite dish just like the starlink. Maybe you can do a review on it before I can either of the two. Please 😊

  13. Finally
    EH, starlink is not for the Nigeria of now

  14. What i would add is be careful watching starlink reviews on youtube.
    Too many people reviewing starlink saying bad things while they have broadband reception in their mountains and forests (americans). they could go to hell.

  15. Just like everything the muskrat makes starlink is a overrated shittier alternative to something better.

  16. Nice talk Fisayo.
    Can you help with this question! My residence is at a location that's about 8km from my office. Can i install starlink at my residence and use it at both locations ( my residence and office) without moving the equipment.

    Please help

  17. Would you be able to recommend any other choice for fast internet besides the choice you provided, I use the MTN 5g and it's been too disappointing lately, making me struggle at work.

  18. Great review. On delivery duration … I Ordered Starlink on Feb 6, paid fully at once, but shipment date has been moved twice (from initial 19th Feb to 24th Feb to 15th March), then silence. Disappointing.

  19. This is how a review should be. Balanced, unbiased, well-proven and well-researched. Not like that "tik-tok-er" who is so egocentric and ONLY dishes reviews that are biased and negative due to personal and uninformed opinions; without zero research about the product itself. You're welcome.

  20. Excellent video! Love the way you divide the content into segments 👌

  21. Reply
    Marvellous Adesanya March 21, 2023 at 12:05 pm

    But is MTN’s 5G actually 5G?

  22. Quality content ❤

  23. Does payday work for all online market?

  24. Superb review there Fisayo. While it's not at it best right now, I do think Starlink have more room to grow as well as improve in its affordability.
    We do need a wealth of options in terms of internet connectivity as to the few we have. Keep the innovation going!!!

  25. Bro I know you know that your target audience literally can afford this

  26. I thought the speed would be faster like 1GB/sec

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