Starfield Review Drama & My Thoughts | Starfield News reviews

September 8, 2023

Starfield Review Drama & My Thoughts | Starfield News
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  1. What a great video. Never seen your channel before but this video popped up and i have to say, i really enjoyed this. New subscriber. Agreed with pretty much everything you said here. I personally couldn't care less about a review score. I'm an adult, i can make my own mind up. I started starfield this morning and so far I'm actually really enjoying it. Don't care if other people are saying its not good, because for me, it is. Keep up the good work.

  2. Very cool to hear some advice, never had a creator, especially at this larger size respond to a comment so thanks! Also, super excited for Starfield tomorrow. Glad it is streamable so I can play without buying a SeriesX/S

  3. Been busy playing starfield. I found some bugs but i think it was ob purpose one mission had a lot of objects like barrels and chest were just in the air. Reachable but think it was set on purpose. Was in a made area. Game has been a blast to play. Im slightly addicted

  4. Downloaded the newest driver for my omen laptop. Im so stoked to play another great fps from Bethesda! GG all!

  5. I'm totally with you on the sentiment here. I'm still trying to figure out where Starfield lost points to get to a 7. A game should be reviewed in multiple sections and subsections before a final number is dispersed. Call me old school but the way games used to be rated were based on:
    Gameplay: controls, game loop, fun factor.
    Sound: music, voice acting, sound effects.
    Graphics: art direction, animation, atmosphere, level design.
    Value: price, replayability, length.
    Writing: Story, dialogue, interactions.
    I may have left some categories out as it's been quite some time since I have seen a legitimate review. Now where did Starfield fall short exactly?
    My guess is the over hyped pre-market strategy. If I'm playing devil's advocate, I could see maybe Bethesda shouldn't have emphasized specifically how space exploration was cast, and maybe some other claims. This caused multiple people and outlets to expect a game of the year/ 99 percentile generational experience. The HUGE expectations shouldn't lean on the developers but rather the individual setting the expectations. This game absolutely blew me away, but the thing is, I wasn't following the hype and went in level headed unaware of what to expect.
    The results of this issue are multifaceted. Too much hype from BGS and the decay of reputable game reviewers.
    Play the game! It's easily a 9/10. (Maybe higher?)

  6. The trouble with reviewers is they know what the public sees as a good score, but they insist on forcing their standard on games. This does affect game sales. They have to accept no matter how justified they feel, they are not going to change the publics mind. So good games to the public are between 80 and 100. It is just they way it is.

  7. For me reviews are more like tendancies and getting an idea of the game, systems and maybe issues. I bought starfield deluxe and i have fun. I dont play it every day, but i also dont play BG3 every day and i think its an awesome game, but i dont wanna burn myself out. I like starfield, i think its a cool scifi game and it seems side stories like some corp. stories feel more immersive then main story at parts. I like playing it, but i also can see the issues. The UI, menu, equipment system feels terrible and i can see that vast majority of empty planets. But i can also see potential. The planets are there and have the potential of endless upcoming content, hopefully not just payed. Modder can basicly mod so many planets into a star wars coruscant if they want, with missions and all. The potential is massive with like 1000 planets, even if they are empty, but waiting to get modded into metropolis planets, but also official building up planets by bethesda! At the moment i feel starfield is a cool base game and sandbox waiting to get massivly build up with all kinds of alien worlds getting build!

  8. dude your videos are awesome, hope you can keep growing even after the starfield hype dies down

  9. How anyone can enjoy forspoken is unreal

  10. Ign giving cyberpunk a 9 on launch and deathloop a 10 will tell you not to listen to them. Nonsense

  11. A lot of fear, most definitely.

    Really could use some half-glass full views on what's happening in the USA(and Europe too I suppose) politically and socially/culturally.

    A good bit is from online, sure, but we've all seen it happening in the real world.

    CHAZ/CHOP, Jan 6th(and the fires and $h!+ riots that occured 6-12 months earlier) etc.

  12. 👍🏾👍🏾

  13. Love the game!! And really enjoy Dave Ramsey. Keep doing what your doing!!

  14. I’ve had a few bugs that have really got me frustrated with the game. It sucks because going into this game I was so exited for the adventure! At about 18 hours in I was doing a freestar ranger mission and I had to run the red mile but Mei would never give me the option to start the mission. It just said wait for her introduction but it never came, so I could no longer play the mission even when I exited the game and shut down my pc it never fixed it self. Then when I got a bounty on my head for the freestar collective. I paid it off and then still when I try to go into Akila City the guards and my companion act like I just killed someone and start attacking me while my campion says they go no longer follow me. I was really hoping this game was going to be seemless with all the good reviews and I really was excited for it I got a coffee mug and upgraded my pc for it. But it has so many game breaking bugs for mine it’s really disheartening

  15. It’s great game so far. Really been enjoying the adventure.

  16. Love Dave Ramsey! Love God! Love this channel!

  17. The fact that you've thanked the Lord in this video for his sacrifice for your daughter has earned you at least one more subscription today God bless you and may He bless your daughter with a long and prosperous life

  18. I think Starfield deserves its low review scores. I canceled my gamepass subscription after playing for 2 hours. I have no desire to continue playing Starfield.

  19. i took out a loan to buy a car after a rough breakup to try to make myself feel better. it didn’t work (shock) and now 2.5 years later im still plagued with monthly payments. i only have about 5 months left of payments and then im free. at least i’ve learned not to impulsively lend money to try and fix an issue which can’t be fixed by money. mortgage next!

  20. Someone on twitter tweeted @IGN Spain's review and called IGN USA shills for Playstation
    And IGN Spain liked the tweet lol

    So it was very clear that IGN US was on a different wavelength than the other branches. im not going to call then shills bc I have no actual proof beyond wha could just be a difference in standards, maybe IGN US just has higher/unrealistic expectations, however a 7, while good as per their review standard, and given by someone with a history of anti-Xbox bias, begs questioning

  21. not sure what your trying to say about Starfield?.. that 7s can not be true? Starfield can only be a 10/10?

  22. Watching streams is how I judge what games to buy and play this is because I am the best reviewer of the games I want to play. The only downside is that performance of the livestream can be mistaken for poor game performance.

  23. Well after hearing everything in this vid and being inspired I guess I'll sub.

  24. The numbers aren’t important. Also there is something wrong with IGN for only giving Starfield 7

  25. Brian, as much as I love you, please use video that is from your gameplay. I bet there's tons to do for some B roll that isn't just repeating the same bits of the same trailer over and over again.

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