Starfield – Review Controversy, First Mods and Community Reactions! News and Updates! reviews

September 5, 2023

Starfield launch day news including review controversy, community reactions, first mods and so much more! #Starfield

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  1. My $1,000,000 ship collection with complete tour:

    My Spoiler-free Starfield Review:

    Can you believe it? Starfield has officially launched! 🚀🚀🚀 WE MADE IT ASTRONAUTS! Sooooo… what do you think?! 👀

  2. I don't care about game journalists. I stand with Todd.

  3. I never use mods I play all games how they were ment to be played

  4. I’ve stopped taking IGN’s reviews seriously the last few years. Starfield captures space exploration swimmingly well, it’s just FUN. You can tell Bethesda took their time on this one-of-a-decade experience.

  5. 7 or 8 out of 10 is a fair score. Minor but noticeably immersion breaking bugs, tedious inventory management, clunky combat design and Relentless loading screen are all fair hits for overall score.

  6. Ign can suck it I really hate ign they are not like they use too be & I adore Starfield its a 10 out of 10 hands down.

  7. I give it a 1010

  8. @starwarshq Is there a creation kit?

  9. I found an Eclipse Vanguard ship after a firefight at a Relay Station.

    Took that straight to the docks and get it insured.

    It's my first ship after the Frontier. Well worth it and all I need to do is increase it's power supply.

    The game has so much to offer it isn't funny. Combat is at it's best, never have had firefights where it's been grand to play really well scripted NPCs

  10. "Underwhelming vision of space exploration" … let me guess, your vision of space exploration is skipping 98% of space travel via a star map screen? ohhhhh, riiiiight, such VISION bro! such EXPLORATION! … reminds me of "so STUNNING, so BRAVE!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. "god forbid they give the game a 7 out of 10!" … like, 3 off of 10! how dare they! they should be giving our precious Bethesda a 10! just for their loading screen mechanic whilst boarding ships! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. IGN: "It wasn't woke enough. So we will just make up stuff.. 7/10"

  13. The map part is referring to the fact that when I'm in a city and I know there's a shop somewhere selling ammo, but I can't remember how to get there, there's absolutely no map to help out. But this game still deserves better than 7/10. It's been incredible

  14. Floating rocks and chests. People standing on chairs and glitching through walls. Random CTDs. It's a Bethesda game and it's glorious.

  15. The boys at IGN obviously like to have their hands held while they play. Too bad there's no journo difficulty mode for them lol. The inventory management is an improvement over Fallout 4 imo.

  16. Are they not going to do an in game mod tab?

  17. i would like to see xenomorph mods i see starfield has there kind of xenomorph the terramorph i think that node to movie alien movie. and i worked hard to get the shieldbeaker ship showen on your ship video.

  18. im likeing starfield it reminds im fallout in space im still blown away with planet landscapes i land on mars yesterday i have so much fun with it i played 16.3 hours already im playing after you video

  19. I don't recognise IGN and Gamespot reviews at all and so should everybody. Take there scores off the aggregates and you'll get the accurate consensus.

    I'm loving the game so far. Added the better hud, fov and remove green shade mods and the game is perfect. I love exploring and looting and this game is heaven for me. 😊

  20. Will mods be available for console uses as well or just PC?

  21. A 7/10 is still a to high rating for this game in my opinion. I had npc's glitching through the ground unable to progress quest, bugged objective markers, braindead ai, npc clipping through walls, npc's flying in the air, tons of loading screens, babysitting your companion, with free exploring i noticed alot of 'points of interest' like an abandoned lab is exactly the same on a different planet. Not being able to fast travel because your in combat but theres no one to be seen, in dialogue npc's facing wrong directions talking to walls and/or glitching out, dead npc's talking including facial animations, bugged character models, and more. I think you still have your rose-colored glasses on.

  22. Spacerim

  23. anyone who says 10/10 is delusional af

  24. The 7 out of 10 us ign is a biased against xbox plain an simple

  25. Its fallout with a space skin. Every location may as well be in the same world. No real exploration. Disappointing

  26. I’ve been in love but I’ve reached a issue when I was gave the mission rook meets king and well I put it off to do other missions and leveled up to 12 and went to go to do the mission to have a guy run up to me in the key and both options he gives ends in death and idk what to do but reload and go do the mission right off bat

  27. I agree with IGN's take, as hot as it is. I'm currently struggling to walk from place to place, with me having full inventory, ship having full inventory and companion also having full inventory, it's a real struggle right now that's probably of my own doing, but aggravating non the less.. Early game, so far, is rough and I can't wait to get past this and unlock carry weight / cargo upgrades.

  28. IGN must have some sort of ulterior motive for giving this game such a low rank. Based on the reviewers reasons for not loving it, it sounds like they had a 13yr old child review the game. Lol.

  29. My biggest issue with this game is definitely the map it’s confusing

  30. I’m sorry this game kind of sucks. Unappealing characters, sparse and uninteresting world and story with tons of uninteresting tedious things to do in it and not great graphics. I’ll keep trying for a while but I’m already looking to mk 1 and phantom liberty.

  31. Incredible enormous beautiful game, played on PC with an RTX 4080 GPU at 4K 60FPS. Chose the Explorer trait because this is what this game is all about exploring, fun ship building and would love to colonize as many planets I can. Great combat gameplay too. Everything is customizable. Definitely the best game ever made by Bethesda. 10/10

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