Starfield – More Exciting News! Reviews Incoming! Todd Howard Speaks to You, Day One Patch and More! reviews

September 6, 2023

More Starfield news, including reviews incoming VERY SOON and Todd Howard speaks to you, find out what he had to say! Also, news on the Starfield day one patch, a mysterious post by Starfield and more! #Starfifeld

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  1. Don't forget to also subscribe to The HQ Clips channel right here: I will be dropping gameplay clips of Starfield there tomorrow as well as my review RIGHT HERE on this channel! SEE YOU TOMORROW ASTRONAUTS! EDIT: btw, the Funko Pop Vasco link is here: forgot

  2. Are the audio issues going to be fixed??

  3. I wonder if God Howard could sleep last night knowing the reviews were coming out today

  4. It might be finding locations that Bethesda has picked by picture?

  5. this suck man reviews got game much earlier and preorderes got 5 days earliey. this never happen a game espicaly bethesda type game. ı repsect you keeping quite and spoiler free but bethesda game spoiler is world not story. its quite hard to exite your videos about posibilty about game when we know your played game. this funniest thing lol. you still making big posbiltyies about game like not played. after played the game you eighter change format of video or be slience. imagine playing all battlefront games and dlc knowing all heros and making videos about posiblty to what heros or planets vehilces etc can come a game. imagine that be redicolous.

  6. Starfield is my most anticipated game of 2023. I’m so hyped for the exploration and the story. Todd Howard’s message was very touching. You did a great job covering the news and updates. Keep it up!

  7. This guy scalps reddit posts and calls it BIG NEWS.

  8. curious about the bunch of reviews drooping soon, wont matter to me since am playing the game on early access

    good video, thank you

  9. I think this is going to be Breath of the Wild for Xbox, it’ll convince people to buy a Xbox just for this game.

  10. Imagine dragons is a good group and make interesting music, but I can't help but feel that BGS dropped the ball a bit by not getting STARSET to make a song for STARFIELD. Starset often makes video game music and works well with Breaking Benjamin who are also well known for making good video game music going all the way back to Halo 2. I hope that they will rope them in for a later DLC. This is just my personal preference though since I enjoy alternate rock more than hybrid rhythm and poetry.

  11. I’m not the biggest fan of this new song but I really enjoyed all the visuals. I love what Starfield has done to the gaming scene, I truly believe this game is what Xbox really needed. I love the community and everything we have done, the channels that have grown. Walk on brave explorers, walk to the release date.

  12. Flying on rails surrounded by planet jpegs, yay next gen gaming!😂😂😂

  13. So glad I upgraded my internet speeds for the day one patch so I can get straight into it. 15gb will on only take 3mins

  14. Dang thought this was actually news

  15. Looking forward to it Bethesda!

  16. Here we go here we go!!!! Omg can’t believe we’re here!!!

  17. There are 1000 unique adverts worldwide with different screenshots. It's not an in game thing

  18. Officially on vacation and ready to go. 😅😅

  19. I preloaded today when a friend told me that you play early even if you plan on playing with gamepass by buying premium upgrade on the xbox store.

  20. do we have a sneak build yet? with silencers?

  21. was hype big big fan I was OD for it but tbh not feeling it anymore hype for me died due to leaks

  22. I've so excited!! Got it pre-loaded on my Xbox Erues X & PS5. Away we go!!

  23. Few things I'm curious about:
    how many quests does the game have?
    It's weird with the landing and taking off the planet with the loading screen. Sad that you cant do it like in No man's sky.
    Exploring the planet limited "tiles" parts of land..
    Not having anything new on some random planet (then whats the purpose for 1000planets?)
    Well…this are few of my questions and downsides so far and I'm a bit sceptical.
    Not buying any game until I'll see some gameplay or review.
    We all got lied with some "Early access games" that seems they never release or games that promise and don't deliver…
    But i cant wait to see your honest review of this game! Keep up the good work

  24. "Fixed rare crashes that could occur when viewing the credits after completing the game." – lol, only rare because very few people have completed the game. Pumped for tomorrow.

  25. im not going to be able to sleep at all tonight lol

  26. Tomorrow the 31st for anyone in the western hemisphere. Tomorrow is the 1st for Europe and Asia though. Not sure why a company based in the US gave their release date info as if they were in Europe/asia 😂

  27. I really want to watch your video tomorrow but I also want to save all of the excitement

  28. Thank you Bethesda for caring but also being the only company that lets people mod their games on console

  29. I saw on one of the leaks today that one of the collectibles in the game are snow globes. I think this very well may be the “windows to the world“ they are talking about, pure speculation of course❤

  30. DEFINTLEY im in countdown to starfield

  31. He sounds excited, hope that means the game delivers what has been promising so far.

  32. The leaks got me canceling my preorder since the entire planet isn’t explorable they really snuck the boundary walls

  33. How did I only just realize that the science crates look a tad like Meridian's Beacon?🤨

  34. I'm so ready for this game! Time to live out my space fantasies I've had since I was a kid! I'm going space pirate all the way!

  35. Bro the funko pop Pre-order discription
    "This pre-order item will be available to ship February 2024" 😭💀

  36. The Starfield post is in regard to billboards around the world. Each one is individually numbered 1 thru 1001. I've already seen someone post one in a subway that was number 813 or something.

  37. Adam savage is also doing a build of the ship too check it out

  38. If I change my time will I get access to the game at 5pm instead of 8?

  39. I need Todd as a companion… some day…

  40. Can't wait to see how buggy and underwhelming this game will be. Modders will have their hands full to fix this.

  41. Can't wait 💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥

  42. The game will get a 78 on metacritic

  43. So can I download the day one patch update before I can launch the game? My internet is very slow when downloading. Comes out for me at 7pm CDT Aug. 31

  44. Am I the only person who thinks this game is not going to be given nearly a fair shake? It seems that just because the game is on Xbox, everyone is trying to shit on it.

  45. Sorry… but you said "full review"?
    So you already played over 100 hours? or you just trying to make a quick buck like those trash journalists
    Either way im still gunna watch it lol.. i just may judge you more.

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