Star Wars: The Clone Wars 7×04: "Unfinished Business" reaction & review reviews

January 10, 2023

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Hey everyone! Here’s my reaction and review of Clone Wars 7×04! Well dang! Gotta say, of all the crazy theories I had, Echo joining the Bad Batch was not one of them! It makes total sense though….he doesn’t really fit as a standard Clone anymore, and as much as he and Rex are family, it would be tough to pretend like everything is just gonna go back to normal after all that’s happened. I was proud of Rex for being mature and considerate enough to let him go for his own good. Sad, but a lot happier of an ending that I was expecting! Great ep! Enjoy! ~ MH

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  1. We're definitely seeing Anakin's slide towards the Darkside here, after losing Ahsoka, being away from his wife for months, the Jedi keeping things from him, that rock in his shoe that he just can't find, taxes, his vacation request getting denied…
    It all leads to Darth Vader.

  2. It's interesting to see the stark contrast between Rex and Anakin with attachments. Anakin's crippling weaknesses is his inability to let go of anything meaningful to him whereas Rex ultimately let his friend go because he cares for him

  3. Honestly echo coming back was so satisfying for me, as when Disney bought star wars, there was the leaked episodes with these four in them and It was so bittersweet.

    I was happy because he was back, but sad because we didn't really get to see it. But then when it actually came out i was so happy, as fives and echo are two of mine, (and many other people's) favourite clones as their development is just so great

  4. You'll be fine , keep watching

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    Michael SpaceZombie January 10, 2023 at 9:46 am

    "that was darker than we've seen from anakin so far"

    people seriously just forget how he slaughtered an entire village right before the clone wars started huh.

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