Square Enix Listened to Players and Fixed Harvestella! 2022

November 10, 2022

Hi! Today let’s take a look at the day one patch for Harvestella! 00:00 Introduction
00:33 Passage of time
01:52 Other changes
03:16 Conclusion

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  1. If they can fix the character customization and give us more options then I may consider getting it.

    I'm done buying games half done.

  2. They need to fix the girly boy model

  3. No co-op, no thanks ;(

  4. Harvest….Moooo…Stella….

  5. My only problems with this game are these and only these:
    1. No manual save from the beginning. – You have to go through the whole opening/tutorial and around halfway to chapter 1 you unlock the feature.
    2. No more options for character customization such as hair, eyes, body types, extra voices, etc. – I can understand that in a way, low budget on this and also I don't care or mind how the male character looks, this game screams more for female protagonist. I don't like "woke" stuff either and I can understand why most people find it cringe but I don't think this is a main example to hate the game. There's other games with so many feminine looking male characters.
    3. Time passing and fishing time are still the same as before, they are just a bit tweaked. I would prefer if we had the leisure to stay up in the night or be able to explore more while wasting stamina based on our actions and not from our actions+clock ticking. And fish is super slow still. At least it's not annoyingly hard like in Stardew Valley.
    4. Voice acting in scenes and in some dialogues would be more appreciated and enticing for the players. I don't understand why they bothered giving some voice acting on battles but not on actual story moments.
    5. Animations are super stiff sometimes and the combat is not polished at all, it feels like I am playing a game from PS1/PS2 era when I was a kid.

    Overall, I believe the game is really great, just not worth the full price. $50-$60 is not acceptable in any way or form for this kind of work. It barely deserves $25-$30 with a sale around $12-$16 and nothing else. Oninaki for example is an older game with some similar issues but was better in some aspects and mechanics and it was more combat oriented even though it had a clunky battle system sometimes, it really deserved its price. This one really struggles for me and yeah, the price annoyed me so much. It's like going to a burger place, ordering a burger only to find out there is not burger inside the buns and you just got some lettuce and one fart of ketchup in the center.

  6. They didn’t listen enough, why does the male model look exactly like the female model?

  7. I’m loving this game. Best preorder I’ve made in a while.

  8. The demo actually might have hurt sales

  9. Do you still play as a transgender instead of a straight male?

  10. Reply
    Transphobic Cinema Bathroom Guardian November 10, 2022 at 8:43 pm

    I hate the woke stuff they put in the game with the non binary bullshit.

  11. I'll probably get this game when it's on sale.

  12. Reply
    Gemilang Bayu Ragil Saputra November 10, 2022 at 8:43 pm

    Is it just me or that swordsman stance is like lightning's default stance?

  13. Reply
    Gary Isn't From Earth November 10, 2022 at 8:43 pm

    Still way too fast. I want it even slower.

  14. Welp, these changes will not help the game. The lack of character customization, the awful art direction to appease a certain type of people and the awful combat already sealed this game fate.

  15. I bought the game and so far I'm almost level 40 and completed alot of the game already. The problem I'm having so far is trying to figure out how to plant trees and install feeders and other crafted farming equipment on my farm. You can craft feeders and makers but it doesn't tell you how or where to put them

  16. I'm glad they changed how time passes in-game, that's a great improvement for sure.
    Unfortunately, the combat is basically unchanged and that's why I won't play the game. I know it's not the main focus of the game, but it's supposed to be somewhat important right ? And yet, it might be one of the worst combat experience I had with a SE title ever.

  17. They also really need to fix mouse and keyboard commands. When trying to garden I could not get the actions to move properly from the left side of the screen with plowing and watering, to the right side of the screen which was laying down the seeds. The game does not help you at all with this and wont let you move forward until you can lay down all the seeds properly. I almost rage quit until I accidently did something to make it work. Also the storage of stuff and use to inventory is not explained either so I still do not know when I have something or its still stored.

  18. So is this game about a girl? If so that’s fine, I just didn’t see any male character models to select from?

  19. I'm actually really enjoying the fact that crafting and other activities pass the time. It reminds me of Rune Factory 1 in a good way, back when RP was extremely limited and dungeons needed to be cleared slowly over multiple days. In modern games, yes you have more time freedom, but that always just makes me burn out before year 2 even begins because I spend way too much time in a single day rather than advancing the clock. The whole game has been a really pleasant surprise. I heard so much complaining about how "simple" the game is, but the simplicity is what makes it so refreshing to me. I'm also really enjoying the story, something that RF games have never really focused on much.

  20. SQUARE and their new intern naming games like YOLO…harvesting stella, triangular strategy, diorama field, octagonal story path, various daylife errands…am I the only one thinking these names sound a lot sillier than they had to?

  21. Thanks for this video! I just tried the demo and I thought it was just me who felt like the time flew way too fast, even more than in earlier Harvest Moon games 😅 I also get lost really easily in this game, I'm so used to top-down farming games and I'm bad games with full 3D controls, so this game feels like an entirely new experience for me. I do want to get the full version of the game eventually now! So glad to see a farming game this pretty and done by Square Enix, no less!

  22. I’m really loving the game so far!

  23. On paper this game sounds enticing, but it has the worst design for the player I've ever seen in a game.

  24. Mixed reviews.

    Welp. They didnt do that much lol

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