Space emergency: Astronaut calls 911: BBC News Review reviews

June 22, 2022

Have you ever made a phone call to the wrong person by mistake? Imagine doing it from space! Neil and Tom teach you the language the media is using to discuss this story.

Key words and phrases
extremely large, enormous
•Compared to 20 years ago, the cost of a train ticket is astronomical!
•The country has struggled for the last decade with astronomical debt.

sparks panic
causes strong fear
•A sudden rise in oil prices often sparks panic among drivers.
•Alien spaceships arriving from Mars sparked panic.

activity which is out of control
•The smell of blood drove the sharks into a violent feeding frenzy.
•Last-minute Christmas shoppers grabbed the final items on the shelves in frenzy.

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  1. thanks a lot it is really help full

  2. I like the way you teach the vokabulary. It's very interesting to watch your videos.

  3. I could with no doubt tell that unfortunately in my country inflation is astronomically high. Prices send me into a frenzy .

  4. 2:04,What Neil said"this is the ??? prefect example of puns in the headline",what is the word???

  5. 1. Astronomical (adj): extremely large, enormous –> "Price, expensive, debt, inflation"
    (adj): related to astronaut studying stars and the Earth.
    2. Spark panic: cause strong fear.
    Spark (v): start something suddenly
    Panic (n): uncontrollable fear.
    3. frenzy (adj): activities which are out of control
    —> frenzy panic:
    –> send/drive/grab sb into a frenzy:
    —> a violent feeding frenzy:
    The discounted clothes at the end of the season drove me into a frenzy

  6. Astronomical good

  7. cannot thank you enough BBC, keep it up guys

  8. BBC News Review will inevitably be crowned the best program for studying new vocabularies. Can you show facebook or twitter of Neil, Dan, Tom and Catherine. Show me their full name please. They are professional News Reviewers. They always give me a real buzz.

  9. Where are your spectacles Neil and Tom?! 🧐🧐

  10. Just loving the way you guys teach! Really grateful for this content and eager to see more! 😊

  11. Where are subtitles? =D

  12. Reply
    Mohammad Zakaullah Zaka Muzaffarpur June 22, 2022 at 5:01 pm

    Nice way to teach English vocabularies.

  13. Thank you, BBC.

  14. Great programme thank you. Could we substitute the verb "spark" with verbs like " trigger, ignite" in this context ?

  15. I have a soft spot for Neil's new jumper! He looks charming in that jumper !

  16. I like Tom a lot! Go Tom! You are an awesome English teacher. Very clear and easy to understand.

  17. I like BBC Learning English in an astronomical way.

  18. who watching now?

  19. May we have English sub? Please, thank you

  20. Reply
    Andres Cardona Mercado June 22, 2022 at 5:01 pm

    It was an astronomical new video, I loved it. When reading the title, a spark panic drives me crazy so I watched it. I wait every week to watch your great videos a frenzy devour them.

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