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June 13, 2023

Reviewing the Sony Xperia 1 V after using it as my full time phone, including a real life camera test, gaming performance, battery life and beyond. The Sony Xperia 1 V is a big improvement vs the Mark IV, offering a proper point and shoot photo experience, cooler running and general upgrades. But is it the best phone for you in 2023, over the Samsung S23 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro etc?

If you want a smartphone camera that can boost your pics to make them look stunning with zero effort, the Sony Xperia 1 V isn’t your best choice. I found that Galaxy S23 family was easier to use for good looking photos, but this phone offers an impressive DSLR style experience. And the auto mode is much improved, dealing with trickier conditions quite happily.

The Sony Xperia 1 V is also much improved vs the Mark IV when it comes to performance. No overheating issues, unless you try using it non-stop in scorching sunshine, plus a fantastic gaming mode to give you the edge. Battery life is also good, as long as you aren’t constantly whipping out the Xperia 1 V to use that camera.

So are you tempted by this Sony smartphone? It’ll hit the UK in June for £1299.

Sony Xperia 1 V Review Chapters:
0:00 – Banging on a bit
0:42 – Design
2:09 – Software & features
5:21 – Display & audio
7:31 – Performance & gaming
9:13 – Battery life
9:55 – Cameras
15:49 – Verdict

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  1. Thanks for checking out my Sony Xperia 1 V review! Are you tempted to lay down some mega-quids on this clever flagship? Let us know your feelings below!

  2. Sony has a knack of offering as little as possible, for as much money as possible.

  3. What is that anime show shown at 5:29 in the video?

  4. Very good review..thinking to switch from Samsung fold to this..what you think? I really appreciate camera phone like this

  5. Best smartphone for 2023-2024. 👑

  6. I e had 4 Xperia phones loved them all ,im on Xperia 1iii at present,i may be tempted on the mark 5 if price comes down,imo you cant beat the build quality on Sony phones.

  7. I am glad Xperia 1 v supports 120fps on call of duty mobile, just like Xperia 5 ii


  9. Love (ofcourse, never had anything else). I have the 5ii waiting for the 5v.

  10. I saw makima on xperia display. I clicked this vid

  11. For me it will be a biiiggg upgrade. Why? Well i'm still on my xperia xz premium 😅

  12. My main concern with this phone is the relatively bad video quality in low light compared to the iphone 14pro.

  13. What tags did you use for this video 💀💀

  14. Tôi vừa đi trải nghiệm về , ứng dụng camera thường khi chụp ở chế độ auto bị cháy sáng khá nhiều , photo pro cho hình ảnh tốt hơn , nhưng khi zoom gần lại các chi tiết đều bị vỡ.
    Và tôi đã so sánh nó với google pixel 7 của tôi , hoàn toàn không có hiện tượng đó.
    Tôi nghĩ cần thời gian để sony hoàn thành phần mềm cũng như những phiên bản kế nhiệm sensor tiếp theo.

  15. Ghost in the shell. Imagine using this phone after watching The Nun.

  16. It is not a competitor to pixel 7 pro ..however as the pixel 8 is not here yet we cannot be sure if its a competitor to that either. Generall think ultra 23 of apple i phone 14 .

  17. Does it has multiple users?

  18. 🇹🇷❤️❤️

  19. where do you get the anime wallpapers from?

  20. I had a 5 IV and had to get rid of it after less than 3 months of using it. The often glitch and lag while doing random/normal everyday stuff with the phone, phantom touching that only can be cured by restarting the phone, the rather not-so-loud stereo speakers, and clunky Android 13 UI that even doesn't have some of the features plus the terrible narrow design (which I know now why no other company incorporates this kind of design because it sucks and has no other actual positive side aside from the phone being comfortable to hold) are among the many red flags Sony phones have. I would not recommend Sony phones to anyone. They may have top-of-the-line hardware but Sony's literal laziness and lack of proper care for their interface and software is just pathetic at this point. Not to mention the biggest red flag there is which is the criminally short span of software support Sony provides with just 2 major android updates and 3 years of software support.

  21. From where do you get your wallpapers backgrounds

  22. Reply
    darkagentJAY`111™ June 13, 2023 at 11:19 am

    Don't let Makima control you getting this expensive phone… 😂

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