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Sims 4 Gameplay – Let's Review Jobs – Sims 4 Lets Play, Part 1 2022

Sims 4 Gameplay – Let’s Review Jobs – Sims 4 Lets Play, Part 1
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Sims 4 Review Jobs…

Just starting out, the first things we need to do is get jobs for our sims. When we built the house in the sims 4 pilot, we spent most of our money, keeping only $70 Simoleon. Now, faced with the possibility of starving, getting our sims jobs is very much needed, so we’ll review our options.

At the moment Sims 4 jobs include: Astronaut, Painter, Writer, Criminal, Secret Agent, Entertainer, Culinary and Tech Guru. Each Sims 4 job has a few options, and each option has 10 levels that can be attained.

About this Sims 4 gameplay series…

Previously, we ran a two part pilot series wherein we used the sims 4 demo to create a sim. In fact, we created two sims in the first sims 4 pilot episode, and then added a third in the second episode. This Sims 4 Gameplay series picks up from there, having just built a house in build mode. We’ll take our newly created sims out of their rundown sims 4 trailers and move them into one nice house they will have to learn to share.

Please review the Sims 4 Pilot (starting here with part 1) if you want to see the leadup to this Sims 4 gameplay series:

Sims 4 is the first Sims game I have played since the first one. I recall enjoying the first Sims, and in fact I played a tiny bit of the second one (though not enough to count), but really, I’m pretty far removed from the Sims. Sims 4 has been requested of me quite a bit, and after watching a Sims 4 trailer I decided to look into it further. One Sims 4 trailer in particular (forgot which) really struck me – made me think, “Ok, this looks pretty interesting” so here we are, many years later finally playing it again.

There is a Sims 4 CAS (Create a Sim) Demo!…

You can get the Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo from the EA Origins site if you want to play around with creating a sim of your own. It will really give you an idea for just how much customization is available in the Sims 4 CAS, and it’s free to download!

Here is a link to Download the Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo:

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