Simplilearn Review | 100% Job Guarantee Course Review | Should You Join? reviews

December 26, 2022

Hi Everyone,

In this video, we reviewed the Simplilearn data science job guarantee program. Many people were asking for Simplilearn review and their job guarantee courses.

Simplilearn :

Is it worth enrolling in the Simplilearn course?
What is your review of Simplilearn?


Simplilearn review
Simplilearn reviews
Simplilearn data science course review
Simplilearn job guarantee review

& many more!

This video is not sponsored. We checked the program and reviewed it in detail.

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  1. Data Science and Machine learning mai job k liye deep 10-12 years ka experience hoga… Fresher ko koi nahi puchega

  2. Reply
    The Rejected Candidate December 26, 2022 at 10:37 am

    Do we have to give any entrance exam to enroll our names in any data science course

  3. I want to build my career in product manager since im 2018 pssdout can i get placed after completion of course in simplelearn

  4. Bhai mene apply kiye or main asa bola ki app mujhe indemnity bond bana ke do usme likh do within 6 six months job nhi lga to app mujhe refund ke regards ye indemnity bond bana ke de nhi

  5. Great, thanks for sharing.

  6. Really thanks for providing the information. This is something I would definitely go ahead with. Thanks Simplilearn

  7. Awesome review video, Bushra!

  8. Paid reviews

  9. i have taken up without job guarantee . its not worth it in rs 40 thousand . The course material is not good . Just learn from youtube .youtube is far better for learning anything.

  10. Everything is saying is not true.
    Please don't fall in this trap.

  11. This is fake ….. because i m there in simplilearn job gauranty program…. Their carrier service team is poor… give proper response..just making fake commitments…. don't go for this course…

  12. Iam one of the learner Simplilearn. I really had a very bad experience with simplilearn. Never I had with any one. Just want to share some experience.
    At the time of enrollment or admission my counseller called me and told all the things provided by simplilearn. He trapped me in his basket, Because he get some commission by making admission. If you call after admission none of them will answer or respond the calls. At first he told me what ever doubt's I will have he will be there to resolve. But, we I called him with my problems he said I left the organization and I can't do anything for you.

    2. Simplilearn tells they have fortune 500 like amazon, EY,Google etc.. (And they also printed on their brochure) companies hiring their learners. This doesn't happen with them. Don't fall in trap by seeing their brochure.

    3. When you have any problems or difficulties it will not be resolved in one shot. They always tell you to raise tickets. That concerned department will solve and they dont have proper coordination with their departments.

    4. After completing the course one session will be conducted from career services department of simplilearn. We expected a lot from them. Atlast they made all our learners disappointed. By saying
    1. Learners cannot sit for multiple companies.
    2. First job is the final Job and will put so many constraints. ie; If your getting job with the salary of 5LPA the criteria is fulfilled. And learners cannot attend for any other companies.

    3. No hike will be provided for the experienced candidates but while enrolling into the course they will say minimum 75% hike will be provided.

    Many more problems to discuss….

    I suggest not to takeup course from simplilearn. There are much better organizations than simplilearn.

    I completed Data science course on Jun11 2022 and till today I am jobless for 3 months. Although I applied for many companies sent from the career service department of Simplilearn.

  13. Stop spreading the wrong information.. Simplilearn is just giving false commitments and just doing marketing nothing else.

  14. I see total false information is given here, i am currently enrolled in this course from Simplilearn, they are frauds, they have taken lakhs of rupees and no job assistance is provided here , the counsellors who promised us so many things are now not responding , they promised 1 on 1 mentorship and now instead of tht group mentorship was given in which 70 students attended the class together , now u tell me wht individual attention will be given in this, there is no interview preparation , no mock interview services which was promised now being provided to us , its like we r begging them to give us the service promised to us, n after unlocking my certificate, 3 out of the 6 month job guarantee has passed and Simplilearn has not fulfilled there promised and they are providing us jobs which required experienced ppl, n all tht too of startups, no offers from big fortune companies like Amazon etc, and i have not receive a single interview call from all the jobs I hav applied from Simplilearn,….so stop spreading false info

  15. What we have any proof for return

  16. please make video on data science should i join almabetter please review it plz mam

  17. Qualification ?

  18. Please review Intellipaat Data Science and Machine Learning MIT Job guarantee program.

  19. Mam if it's not sponsored so why are you providing your own affiliate link(referal link ) ?

  20. Have u seen any review in google Or any other sites. They give worst of worst review. Dnd try this

  21. Job guarantee is a false promises. They only provide job assurance not guarantee. There are far better institution than simplilearn. Many people are regretting after enrollment. 🙁

  22. chutiya bana rahi hai. Sorry for being unprofessional

  23. Thanks for the information…just browsed for the review and got to know simplilearn has high ratings and reviews than any other certification courses… defenitely will make use of it

  24. It's wonderful thank you for making this video. Am planning to do some courses in simplilearn.

  25. Great ✨

  26. You are very beautiful.

  27. paid promotion

  28. paid sponsership

  29. Don't join pls listen to demo classes are not at all good they are taking money doing promotions, don't listen to this I already joined simplilearn and wasted my money

  30. Do yourself a favour don't enroll here for any course The one whose money has gone here knows what happens here. Nobody has extra money please find a better place to learn who has better policy and should be included both side convince they will give you inconvenience and disappointness but can't go against there policy then they will give you intimation of impacting on your CIBIL so please be aware they will also ruin your future banking terms Only the one with whom it happened can understand that's why look for a good place to learn which is also in your interest. It's atleast better than regret

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