Signalis Nintendo Switch Review 2022

November 23, 2022

Signalis is a cyberpunk inspired survival horror game with just a hint of Metal Gear Solid about it too. It has just released on the Nintendo Switch. Is it worth getting? Well, let’s find out…

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Review written and video created by Azdin (Grinning Wolf Games). Narrated by Glen Bolger.

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  1. Thank you to Azdin over at Grinning Wolf Games for making this one. Please do check out his channel here: –

    Will you be picking this one up? I've just ordered it from PlayAsia myself. Let us know in the comments section!

    Looking for eshop credit? Get OFFICIAL Nintendo Eshop Cards and other bits and bobs, at our new website and online store here – – Save 10% using code 'SWITCHUP' until the end of November 2022

    If you are a physical collector you can use code "SwitchQ4" to save 5% at PlayAsia

    Happy gaming! Glen

  2. Game looks really good, will pick it up on steam.

  3. i would play this if i had a switch its not really fun or worthwhile playing on a big 4k monitor you almost feel bad for using up the electricity for this game on my series x

  4. Really good game. It checks all the boxes for a survival horror game. It has a really spooky vibe.

  5. Loved it but big silent hill fan so it's my sort of game. Ordered a physical copy.

  6. Very good review. I absolutely love this game

  7. It’s coming out on physical in the US?! In February?! Let’s gooooooo! I’ll pick it up then. 👍

  8. How about a physical copy of Silent Hill for the Nintendo Switch, ANYBODY ??

  9. I played this on Gamepass and I’d gladly pay for it on Switch too.
    Fantastic game. Only criticism is the hard 6 item carry limit.
    No need for that in 2022.
    The latter half of the game has some serious backtracking that could be alleviated by allowing you to carry more items.

  10. Might have been Game of the Year if not for Elden Ring.
    But, man, the six item slots had me sweating.

  11. Defo not a horror guy but this does LOOK cool af

  12. This looks like a pixel art anime. I really love the aesthetics of this game. I put it on my wish list about a week ago. My backlog is out of control. 😭 Thanks for another stellar review guys.👍🏿

  13. Metal gear meets resident evil? Yes please!

  14. This looks rad

  15. Beat it and though I thought this was a good game it definitely had a few issues that irked me like the aiming in the game seemed to just randomly switch between enemies at times or it wouldn’t focus on an enemy when I was aiming at it. Idk me personally It didn’t feel quirky it felt like it was being buggy. But maybe I’m wrong. I definitely enjoyed the anime inspired artwork and I enjoyed meeting the characters jn the game. I did think the radio was a cool feature too, though I forgot about it at times.

  16. It’s free on Xbox

  17. Good game but kick in the balls difficult at times, rule of six inventory rule is brutal. Backtracking for items you couldn’t pick up means you’ll be reviving already downed enemies along the way.

  18. Signalis hits all my weak spots. Might double dip.

  19. Things that go Bump in the eShop…

  20. Great vid guys, why don't you do regional equivalent for anywhere in Africa, I am in SA for instance, I realize you can't do everywhere but one currency per continent would help, Euro Vs Pound is honestly a mute comparison. Keep up the great content, laters yo

  21. Reply
    unrelated popcornfire November 23, 2022 at 3:34 pm

    Deleted it after 10 minutes.

  22. I have been following this game for a while. Will pick up me thinks.

  23. Just finished Call of Jauraz (which you made me buy) brilliant game made extra special for
    £1.79, now holding out for the BF deals!

  24. Pre ordered the physical version also preordered the physical version of Prodeus! Humble games are such an awesome studio! 😊

  25. Gestalt and Replica. I think i have heard these before, Hmm.

  26. It's on xbox game pass

  27. Currently playing this game. With 3 hrs in I can honestly say it's one of the best to come out this year. I love everything about this game.

  28. Played it on PC. Loved it. Limited inventory is a bit annoying because it's like the first Resident Evil playing as Chris but you have to pick up so many more items that constant backtracking gets a bit tiresome. It's really my only criticism of it, though.

  29. Hard pass… What else you got?

  30. Added to my wishlist buy it next time I’m ready to spend $20

  31. I had not heard of this game until it came out; it’s strange that a game that was so well made received such little marketing. If you like old-school Silent Hill or Resident Evil then this is a must buy. There’s a very cool setting and story here as well which charts its own path in some ways while also very obviously having some very strong influences.

  32. Looks great!

  33. In in love with this game, a great tribute to PS1 survival horror.

  34. 1:15 in and just want to make some corrections. Gestalts are humans, Replikas are, well, replicas of humans. Neither are really cyborgs. Replikas have different unit types based on their purpose. Gestalts do not only serve administrative roles. Other than that, decent review.

  35. Great review!

  36. I never play these type of games this really caught my attention

  37. This game slaps

  38. I’m considering this one tho🤔

  39. Just finished it the other day, literally amazing

  40. Definitely waiting for a sale on this. It looks like a great game but for some reason I just can't justify full price on it. I think at 25% or more off I'll be interested and scoop it up.

  41. The aiming reminds me of a combination of classic Resident Evil tank aiming controls as well as Resident Evil Gaiden for the original Gameboy. Resident Evil Gaiden had a unique shooting and aiming system on Gameboy where if a zombie touched you then you would enter a battle screen and have to click at the right time on a meter to make your shots land (almost like the active reload feature that I loved from the Gears of War series).

  42. I’m hanging out for the physical in February (£25 – barjhan!) but I can’t wait to play this 👻

  43. When it comes to horror, which is my favorite genre, the #1 aspect is to have an engaging and tense environment. Most of the time, jump scares can be overused to the detriment of the game. I am looking forward to playing this one however since it's style is largely different than most that we normally see.

  44. gestalt aren't androids. replika have administrative roles as well as manual labour

  45. Great review SwitchUP crew!

    I've recently subscribed and been enjoying your reviews since. Your reviews remind me of the great old days of G4 (not to be confused with the revival). Fair, modest and dives deep into the different aspects of a game that come together to make it enjoyable. Signalis is already in my wishlist although I opted for Dreamlight Valley which your review convinced me to give it try and oddly enough I'm enjoying it. But knowing that there's a physical I'll snatch that up when I can. Thanks again and looking forward to more.

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