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June 23, 2022

We should have read the short stories first! Apologies to the entire Dresdenverse. Side Jobs by Jim Butcher is a fantastic extra helping of the Dresden Files, complete with new perspectives and viewpoints. It’s a necessary read for any magical residents of Chicago. Plus, why Stephen’s childhood fear of Carrie was well-founded!

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  1. Ok I hope even though it will hurt that Harry has to go and talk to mama Murphy about Murphy death

  2. Faith: Wow you could tell this was an early written work. But, still great to see how Harry and Murph met. Also Faith, who Butcher has hinted at will be coming back into the story just in time for the BAT…… Common fan theory is she'll be the one to take up Amorachius.

    Wedding: Was great to see some interaction between Harry and the Alphas that really sells they are good friends,very true.

    Birthday: That is a really, really fun story. From Thomas LARPing as a vampire, to calling it a 'Code Carrie!" to the vamp fights being fun and epic. Just all around great. and agreed, it's kind of cheesy, but in a sincere, believable way that just makes you go 'd'awwwwww'

    Herot: Epic! We don't see that specifc runic magic, but we do see that she has runes engraved on her weapons that flare up when she fights. And wow does this one take on knew meaning with the PT reveal of just who Grendal was.

    Day Off: That really was just a pure comedy, of Harry having the worst day ever, without the world at stake. And yes, a lot of these were written for specific themse. This for comedy, the Wedding one was for a wedding based anthology, Herot was for a sequel to that about honeymoons. etc…

    Backup: The Oblivion War is freaking amazing, and Jim has revealed that the leader of it is The Archive, saying he can't see anyway of this detail being revealed in the books. Fun trivia, 'Empty Night' has been a curse we've only heard from Lara and Thomas (at least ill Cold Days) and many thought it was a White Court thing….. but we haven't heard any other Whampire use it. What if it's instead a Venator curse?

    As to Thomas… no it was not to raise any stakes or lead up to BG, the Thomas plot was to set up for the reveal that Justine had been taken by Nemesis. And, not even Harry would stand a chance of taking on the entire Svartelf nation, in their own home.

    The Warrior: It is just so, so so SO damn good…..

    Beer Bad: Mac's doesn't have any wards, just some high end Feng Shui to disperse ambient magical fields and iron clad neutrality making most not want to risk it.

    Love Hurts: Best part is "Murph…. this isn't fucked up enough to be us." "Damnit, you're right." And yes, Side Jobs came out between Changes and Ghost Story. Aftermath was put there for the book to be an epilogue to Changes.

    Aftermath: Murphy kicks serious ass! And true, maybe overdid things a bit with her.

    Now on to the next collection! With even less Harry!

  3. I can see Harry using magic to make everyone including himself forget Murphy so that she can come back. Then she works to get back together with him.

  4. The answer on after math- there are 3 short stories set between changes and Ghost story. 2 were published and 1 took an extra year due to George RR Martin. Aftermath was the 1st released. If i remember it was released within 6 months of Changes. The only one i am not sure was released before Ghost story was Molly's pov.

  5. So I know you said why should I read the comics why are they essential. I am currently reading them and there is some good stuff. Also some of the comics are strictly from Dresden point of view, while others are from side characters. There is a memory sequence of Murphy which is really good.

  6. The Thomas angle of PT/BG was meant to be a Nemesis plot to sidetrack Harry away from the triple threat of Outer Gates/Battle of Chicago/Repeated Jailbreak of Demonreach.

    I think Thomas intentionally got caught on camera to make it obvious that he was derping around. And Thomas hasn't gotten a lot of plot play lately, and now he's the priority quest after BG. I look forward to Thomas love in the future.

  7. Thomas did what he did because nemesis, possessing Justine, was threatening her life and the child's life.

  8. I think the short stories from the Dresden POV are the least interesting. The short stories for Thomas, Murphy, Molly, and especially Marcone all practically required reading. They all just add a lot of context to the world. It's particularly interesting to see how the Fomor actively avoided any direct confrontation with Harry Dresden.

  9. While we settle in to wait for the next book, I invite fans to enjoy a completely free novel set in the Dresden verse. Just Google Warlock of Omaha.

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