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April 23, 2022

Company Reviews is an initiative to help you find insight about organization who you wish to join. We collate information from various sources to help you take right decision.

This is the Deloitte review based on information available on public platform. It will help you decide whether you should join Deloitte or not!!

If you have specific questions about Deloitte or want to suggest any other target company, feel free to write to us in comments. If you are a company representative and want to add more information, you can write to us at

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  1. Your music is too loud. I cant hear what u r saying.

  2. Pls tell about the work life balance

  3. First off all thanks for the video. I have a suggestion its better to reduce the volume of background music, because it difficult to listent you are talking.

  4. Idiot play music more louder..

  5. Don't join

  6. Oh… Background music is dominating ur voice…Good info tnq

  7. one advice for your video .. increase the music volume and decrease your voice volume

  8. Please remove bgm

  9. work-life balance is shit in most of the Deloitte teams because of unskilled people given roles and they commit unrealistic timelines , deloitte also bids to complete work in less time by charging Hetty amount , hence shitty work life balance , also employees have to work on multiple intitiatives to earn peanut bonus

  10. Good analysis, thank you. Please remove background music

  11. Please improove your audio

  12. Does deloitte offer permanent work from home option?

  13. Is it Delloite usi (office in india)or Deloitte India?

  14. Is it delloite India or delloite usi?

  15. Hey, pls lower the background music, it's so hard to hear audio. #thank_me_later!

  16. Even the competition is not properly captured, PwC is excluded. I think the presenter does not have idea of big4 and it's business structure. It's mainly referred deloitte usi not dttllp.

  17. Reply
    Pranshu Chakraborty April 23, 2022 at 1:49 pm

    Could you please suggest about AbInBev please?

  18. Pathetic background music.

  19. Have you watched your video after editing.. background music is too loud

  20. Good MSG information tnq

  21. I also want to join

  22. Low audio quality, low quality editing.

  23. Good review, keep it up, I liked it much.

  24. Deloitte always best

  25. Reply
    Pritish Kumar Rout April 23, 2022 at 1:49 pm

    I will join deloitte company

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