Should You Buy Disgaea 7? Honest Review 2022

January 30, 2023

Disgaea 7 Complete Overpowered series showing off guides for grinding and maxing out innocents and gear, getting rank 40 gear, unlocking and progressing through LoC/Land of Carnage and unlocking all skills, characters and trophies aswell.
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  1. You sound fine mate!
    I bounced off D6 hard after sinking amazing amounts of time in D5. That they brought more D5 (not char world or whatever that game board thing was!) complexity into D7 with evilities is a instant sell for me whenever it comes to PC.

  2. Gameplay and feature wise D5 was absolutely Peak, D6 in comparison is a downgrade. Auto-battle as designed in D6 is stupid. You just don't play the damn game. I think they can get a great system is that is limited to repeating stages, the scarcity through items… I don't know. Seems they are salvaging some of the D5 goodness, could be a more than decent title.

  3. My concern was the inflation in starting stats and levels. Like, I don't want to start the game off with garbage stats, but I also don't want to be dealing 20K damage with a my starting teams single attack?

  4. I won't be buying Disgaea 7 because I got the secret ending in Disgaea 2 with the munchies and it scarred me lmao. Hope it's a fun game when it comes out for you bub you deserve a fun game to grind

  5. so there's still not enough info for auto battle to ease my concern, if the game still revolve around auto battle for endgame grinding like maxing weapon stats for item world its going to be even worse than 6, because it auto battle with extra step to acquire it, however if the level capped only 9999 then this probably not a problem…hopefully

  6. Hi Primal thanks for your vids. I always enjoy them 😊 just need to ask ya for help in disgaea 5. Can you add me on Psn? My id is PlatinumPedreiro
    What i'm looking for is to beat carnage and do 10B damage.
    Can you help me? Thank you

  7. 7? 6 just came out?

  8. it seems like they took what it worked well on D5 and D6 to create D7. but not from scratch, taking code of D6 for the new generation of graphics

    i don't mind at all the 3D graphics, i just want the game to work smoothly wherever i play it, switch is almost good enough because it's portable, but i really miss the customization of D5 for characters, it seems to be back, looking foward to it, i want to buy it when it releases in occident

  9. I somehow missed if d merits were still a thing, but i love the look, if not the 3d characters, so far.
    Liked D6's juice bar and d merit system, and honestly the expanded levels and rakshasa idea of kinda prestige carnage with more 'breaking past limits' stuff.
    Really glad to see more classes back, limited replay, but hopefully more than like a few dozen items, i assumed it'd be a new currency, back to the not map exp is fine, that was easy to work around plus juice bar, glad weapon skills are back, REALLY glad character world is gone, raising aptitudes was a PITA.

  10. the mic sounds good 👍 👌 and getting disgaea 7 when it comes out

  11. YES I HAVENT SEEN THE VIDEO BUT YES IT LOOKS WAY BETTER THEN 6 but question the juice bar felt very slow to go through it per character maybe I did it wrong but is it more or less the same or is it a little different?

  12. Does anyone know if theyre bring back weapon abilities or are they still class based like 6

  13. Wow, 50+ hours playing without understanding Japanese. Thats is quite impressive. I would highly recommend trying to learn Japanese in this case. It will make things a lot more fun 😀
    Take it from someone who's one of the reasons for learning Japanese is to play Disgaea games haha (ie me). I already received my collectors' box and the game. Soo happy that I bought Disgaea 7. Have yet to play it haha . Disgaea 7, feels like a return to form. I really liked some things about 6. Auto-battle was a really fast way to get characters on the map and get them close-ish to the enemy. Hopefully 7 will be great.

  14. Looks better than the trash 3d of D6. Still, sad to be missing the sprites.

  15. Sure, why not? I am honestly very curious to see what they do with innocents as I have felt like they have been broken a long time, many of them literally being useless. I honestly liked the idea of auto battles, it just needed to be refined and have some hard limits on what it could be used for. For example, auto battling could be useful for an "idle game" kind of experience where, while the game is not running, you could be earning some sort of resource while offline, with the caveat that you can only gain one or two resources at a time. Other possibilities might exist as well, but the idea is, turning Disgaea into a sort of 'idleish" RPG just to help a bit with the grind but not to make it more efficient than manually playing the game could be a direction the game could have gone.
    I dont care about pvp. I do wish the level design feature was brought back, I had so much fun designing maps and customizing the home base. Yes, I am one of those weirdos that loved the pirate ship part collecting from D4 <3

  16. I am more intrested in how the story plays out since thats what I used to love about these games

  17. I am probably getting it, if it comes out for Steam. (which I heard it does)
    Wasn't a huge fan of 6 but 7 looks a bit more fleshed out and even if I thought that 6 was a weaker Disgaea, it was still a pretty decent Tactical RPG.
    The D.I. system in 7 from what you said, sounded bothersome though. I do not really care about it however, I just wish they would do it like in Final fantasy tactics were you can assign it to normal characters whenever you do not feel like taking control of your whole squad.
    But thats just a nitpick at this point

  18. I'm definitely going to get the game.
    I just hope more then anything we'll still be able to obtain stats in the trillions.

  19. I am so glad they improve the switch version

  20. Just wish the stupid company would release this game worldwide or least make it with in a 3 month period for world wide

  21. Having requirement for that auto battle is the best thing they have done on this game so far. Auto battle in my opinion should be only use for grinding not for progressing in the story.

  22. Very stupid question but can you go past level 9999 like in disgaea 6 ps I loved that feature All of the games had simply beautiful art work and I'll continue to support this game and Nippan itchi software to the very end long live disgaea

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