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October 31, 2022
  1. Great video. Glad to see she was so excited.

  2. This is fantastic brother, father and daughter time is amazing. Got to love the trigger control that she has.

  3. She closes her eye just like daddy when shooting. 😂😂That's awesome how happy she was when she saw it.

  4. Nice! Wait, when did the thumbs down button get re-enabled?

  5. While our 15-22 isn't very accurate, it is the most reliable semi auto 22lr that we own. The only time we ever have an issue with it is if there isn't enough primer material in the 22lr round. It literally never jams. I think you're going to get many years of trouble free fun with that pistol…

  6. That's awesome brother glad to see your little girl enjoy that 22lr that's what I started all my kids out on and now they shoot everything I have and we all enjoy getting out together and shoot

  7. Looks like Good people having Good fun. 🤠👍

  8. Very cool video Smash. Your daughter's reaction made it all worthwhile I bet. You are fortunate to have Aquila within driving range. Guys like that are priceless.

  9. He did a fantastic job on the cerakote it looks amazing. So glad your daughter liked it, makes you feel good when you do something special for your kids and it is a hit. Thanks brother.

  10. Lots of pings! Good job team Smash!

  11. Great video teach them young I took my 6yo and she love it she wants to go everyday

  12. Broooo teachin’ em right! Good stuff, man! I took my 7yr old out to the range for the first time too a couple months back. With the rifle version of the Smith & Wesson 15/22. Although its still too heavy for him to hold up, he did really reaaally good on the bench rest! It was a very proud dad moment. He has been asking me, repeatedly, that he wants to go practice again. Im thinking about getting him a tiny battle belt set up for him. Wouldnt that be cute!? Of course all safety rules followed. Cant wait for him to be able to hold the rifle on his own. Then teach him pistol with the TX22 and start some transition/reload drills! Great job, Smash!

  13. Nice! I would like to get a choke tube cut in a 12ga barrel so I can use a breecher choke tube! good family fun! Smashers! 👍

  14. Good job, dad.

  15. now you need to get her some matching ears and eyes

  16. I live cool spots

  17. SO CUUUTE!! Can’t wait to hangout again!!

  18. Awesome 👏🏼 my 16 year old doesn’t like mine anymore, so my 5 year old is taking advantage of it.

  19. Love it. I bet you are really happy seeing her happy to shoot. Your son seems to have just as expensive of a trigger finger as you do. You are going to need A LOT more ammo!

  20. That's awesome smash your little girl is so happy

  21. Great video! Your daughter looked super happy!

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    C and T Designs and Arms October 31, 2022 at 3:13 am

    Good deal brother Smash

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