She-Hulk Behind the Scenes Review – This Explains EVERYTHING! Marvel Studios Assembled Part 1 2022

November 14, 2022

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 may be over, but Marvel Studios have released a Making of She-Hulk behind the scenes special! Commenting on everything from the fans, to actors like Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo. Insight into the production and even some cut scenes and jokes? Does this make She-Hulk worth watching?

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  1. She-Hulk: Attorney at law is back with a behind the scenes special that goes on for 53 minutes, That's a third of the length of the entire show! Featuring cast interviews, writers thoughts, sets, and cut scenes you quickly come to realise just how everything happened. But hey, the cast had fun making it and that has to count for something….right?! This is part 1 as there is just so much to cover in the special, part 2 will be out Asap. But let me know your thoughts below, does the what you've seen make the show appear better, or worse, they did cut some ACTUALLY funny jokes from the actual series. And as always, thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Did you see mislany's shirt. "Support trans futures" 🙄🙄🙄

  3. I was gonna say you're dunking on She-Hulk really hard but then again Marvel put the basket at eye level and they still missed so somebody has to take advantage of the opportunity

  4. She's not a great actress considering this is the first thing I have seen her in and this is shit

  5. Lol “Bill Biggsby”

  6. Imagine the amount of copium Mark Ruffalo has been using on a daily basis, since the first episode started. Yikes.

  7. That adult pretender woman really thinks that she is funny. There is nothing less funny than a person who thinks he is funny.

  8. I'm watching this… and it's hard to make it through the cringe of the creators babbling nonsense even with Disparu mocking them. That's an achievement. It takes a lot of weapons grade cringe to get to that point.

    Also, when talking about the mo-cap… no wonder why this show looked as terrible as it did! They didn't understand how Motion capture works! I've never worked in the industry and I feel like I would've had a better understanding how that stuff would've worked… dear lord…

  9. If I heard this story concept and be given this storyboard as it was, I would tell these whamens to redo it or get fired since even on a conceptual level it is horrible. Why would anyone want to watch a superhero show where they just do mundane stuff, this was a joke in the first avengers movie where they are eating shwarma after the battle and it feels boring to watch, now imagine that scene but as a show, you get she hulk. They took a high risk low reward path, they got wrecked. Also they should have added "I'm a huge fan of She-Hulk, can't wait to destroy it in 8 EPISODES GUYS"

  10. Hmm yea so there were what 5 movies made with Hulk – they a) made the whole process somehow looking worse, b) are showing off the process like it's something hard/new but it's been done at least from 2012. The only difference is the hair – which ok is hard to get looking real in cgi. Like that's a failure just on another level..


  12. Besides Pickle Rick, whatelse has she written that gives her the pull and balls at Marvel? Also a lot of people argue that Pickle Rick is the beginning of the downfall of Rick and Morty.

  13. 11:32 : partical she-hulk mixed with vfx please ?

  14. Watching this channel is a huge reminder to brush your teeth

  15. We need another Incredible Hulk movie. I don’t like mcu hulk. I feel like they emasculated him and put his arc behind the scenes mostly other than ragnorok. I would like to see him taken seriously

  16. Ruffalo's lesbian jeans are lovely.

  17. Ummmm. I expected more from this video… but just like she hulk, it sucked. Maybe it really isnt her year 😢

  18. Reply
    Boogie Nights Mark Wahlberg November 14, 2022 at 6:33 pm

    Women-Make your career your priority, you will be happy
    Same women when writing woman who prioritized career-She's unhappy because she focused on her career.


  19. I just found out Disparu is in his thirties and now I neeeeeed to know what skincare routine he uses. I want to look like that in my thirties.

  20. 4:54 Support what? Ok I'm totally out. What a tosser.

  21. Doesnt she just dress at Tall Sally or the US equivalent….

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