Shadowrun Trilogy Console Edition Review "Buy, Wait, Never Touch?" Also Gamepass -AUDIO FIXED reviews

July 3, 2022

Trilogy Console Edition Review “Buy, Wait, Never Touch?” Also Gamepass -AUDIO FIXED
Shadowrun Trilogy console coming out! Gamepass as well as other consoles. Let’s see what we can see.

When other companies were Baldurs gating and regaling use with stories around Icewind dale. I always wanted something different. And sometimes we got it. arcanum of Steamworks and magick Obscura mixed magic with the oppression of industrial revolution magic races, Planescape Torment said, screw it let’s just have everyone be insane and tell a story of the multiverse. But it was Shadowrun, later than the other that came to PC that got me excited. Cyberpunk and sly elves, low life, high tech, and high magic.,
Shadowrun Trilogy for the console is out on gamepass as well. Hairbrained Schemes title takes all 3 of the original Shadowrun games and console preps them with higher resolution graphics, controller support and more.

i bought it. And dived into the world.
Now Hairbrained has decided to port it over to consoles. A long time in coming I think.
Shadowrun Trilogy, all 3 of the games ported to the console with upressed graphics, console controller gameplay
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  1. Thank God for Gamepass. I'm playing on Hard on XBOX and I'm having a blast. I'm 10 hours in but I haven't encountered any bugs at all!

  2. I always loved the Shadowrun universe. Felt like it's never gotten a faithful video game adaptation until this trilogy. The SNES and Genesis games were fun and both took totally different approaches, but neither really brought to life what I'd read in the books (Oh I never played the pen and paper rpg, I'm not that much of a dork, I tried to actually but let's just say that of you're willing to play Shadowrun pen and paper you're gonna be a very specific type of person). There was one other game that was basically an FPS, so that was baffling why they chose to do that. Again though I've had these for PC for years now and they're great, so if you've never played them and have a console instead of a PC don't miss these.

  3. I gotta tell ya, the changes they made to the menus and what not to make it console friendly reay work for me. I'm glad it's on game pass, I'm glad it exists on console, but DAAAAAAAMN! One of the challenges in the game is to see if you can avoid a crash. Lol.

  4. I mean, The IP has been around since 1989. There's so much depth, it's an immense world combining cyberpunk with fantasy. It's profoundly disappointing that there's been no attempt at a AAA RPG on any platform. I remember the SNES game. Shadowrun Hong Kong features a samurai ghoul as a recruitable team member, for that alone it's worth checking out.

  5. I had been confused lately because I vividly remember playing a game called Shadowrun, but it was a shooter game and not an isometric field. I heard about the “Shadowrun trilogy,” on Game Pass and checked it out..

    But then after searching I realized I was thinking of a stand-alone game called Shadowrun that I played on Xbox 360. Strange that there’s 2 semi well known games carrying the exact same name lol

  6. Dude this was a great review 👏 thx

  7. Reply
    Rude Jester Media July 3, 2022 at 8:10 pm

    This is Baldurs Gate but…you know…Cyberpunk. So great. I’m not a fan of isometrics but I gotta try this. Also the Ascent is awesome

  8. Aside from some janky collision issues and uber repetitive music at times — I’ve had fun.

  9. Runs absolutely horrible on Switch, supper buggy can confirm

  10. My only complaint with the Switch port is the font size is sooooo small in handheld mode! Wish they would release a patch to adjust that. Otherwise, no issues so far.

  11. I'll admit I'm not an RPG fan but I was revisiting one of my childhood favorite games – Shadowrun on Sega. I was surprised to learn that this game Trilogy was released on PS4 a few days ago. Thank you for putting this review together

  12. Maybe there's a been a patch already but started playing Returns two days ago and haven't had a single glitch or problem with the game. If that's all stopping you, seems like a lot of its been fixed . Plus it's on gamepass

  13. Or be on xbone and use gamepass to play the game

  14. Reply
    KatalistProductions-Kozzy-Sasha July 3, 2022 at 8:10 pm

    Amazing, underrated games. Especially Dragonfall and Hong Kong. So glad console gamers can enjoy this trilogy now

  15. I wonder if it was patched. I'm most of the way through Returns now, no freezing at all. I agree getting stuck on the geometry is annoying as heck though, but other than that I haven't had any bugs at all. (On XSS).

    Is it a generational thing that I've seen so many people complaining about having to read? It's an RPG, that's like…bread and butter of the genre, especially CRPGs. It's kinda odd.

    Edit: Editing to say I had a pretty frustrating but with the painting puzzle in Returns. There goes that.

  16. Reply
    Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated July 3, 2022 at 8:10 pm

    I've loved shadow run since the genesis lol

  17. I used to watch so many different reviews before I bought a game then I found your channel and ever since if you say it’s a go I get it lol

  18. Dragonfall and HK are such great games and its a shame about the ports. If you have even middling PC they run fine on pretty much anything and there are a ton of mods on Steam as well.

  19. Never played any of those games before yesterday,I spent 7 hours with the first one…and of course I'm feeling it today at work,hahaha.

    Bloody amazing,simple,yet complex,not a fan of turn based rpgs,but the atmosphere in the trilogy,the storyline and all,wow!!

    By the way,I remember a Shadowrun for the XB360,more like a shooter,anyone knows if it is related?

  20. Welp, I've yet to try the port but this doesn't give me much hope. Now I feel like an idiot for preordering the series. I knew better and I still preordered it. I've been wanting to play Shadowrun for so long I couldn't help myself. At least I got it at a discount…

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