Segway's New BEAST Scooters – GT2 and GT1 Review reviews

March 21, 2023

We finally put the ALL NEW Segway GT2 and GT1 beast scooters to the test! Tune in see a full break down and review of these futuristic scooters.

➡️SEE 🛴Segway GT2 & GT1

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  1. Reply
    Electric Scooter Guide March 21, 2023 at 7:08 am

    What do you think of Segway's new beast scooters? Let us know in the comments below!
    ➡SEE 🛴Segway GT2 & GT1🛴:

  2. This scooter is great but this cost $4,000, you're buying the brand, there are other scooters that get the same results for less money.

  3. Honestly FK the GT1 for anyone thinking about it, do not get it.


    Well for one I live in Florida, zero hills all flat ground. I’ve had my GT1 less than one month and I went a total of 11 miles and I had 10% battery remaining.

    This scooter is a joke, if it got anywhere even remotely close to its advertised range then I would recommend it. This is BS! I get about 25% of the range they claim. At this point I’ll never buy another Segway.

  4. Works well for an emergency.

  5. When are you gonna review p65 and p100?

  6. This kind of scooter help to avoid traffic and parking Issue ☺️, in most busy cities ,

  7. Reply
    The Truth , Plan And Simple March 21, 2023 at 7:08 am

    I just saw this scooter on amazon for 399.00

  8. I've gone 35mph on a single motor g30

  9. I’m between this if it goes on sale or Inokim OXO. The portability is a problem for me since I want a scooter that I can put in my trunk like my G30P

  10. Amazing review

  11. ESG Team,

    At around the 4:15 mark of the review, you advise "Recommended Settings" for front and rear shock dampening. Four questions on that, if you'd be so kind:
    1. As adjustable hydraulic shock dampening is commonly recommended on a per-rider, per-payload basis, can you advise why these click settings are your general recommendation? Do these values presume a certain rider weight or riding style?
    2. Similar to #1 above, what rider weight and riding style (max comfort vs. max performance) was the focus when these click values were finalized?
    3. Some GT owners have commented that they believe that Segway mislabeled the "Slow" and "Fast" settings on the label for the front and rear knobs, with rotations to either side being the opposite of what's labeled on the vehicle. In particular, the left and right side labels for the front shock seem to contradict one another. Do you find that to be the case, or no?
    4. From the video review, a hand seems to be adjusting the front shock knob from the "back side," meaning the red knob is on the other side of the shock. Segway seems to indicate that front shock adjustment (clockwise and counter clockwise) should be done from the "front side" of that red knob. Can you advise from your perspective and assessment?

  12. It looks cool but I im seeing alot of electrical problems in its future

  13. yehu

  14. Reply
    Jesus Walked The Earth March 21, 2023 at 7:08 am

    I could deal with 40MPH if it let me always go 40MPH. On my Apollo phantom v2, at a certain battery level the top speed would fluctuate.

    Does the gt2 let you do top speed for most of its battery life?

    Thank you.

  15. Hey ESG, when do you plan to review the segway p100s?

  16. After seeing your review, I wanted to buy the GT1. It turns out that, in Europe, the max speed is limited to….25km/h!!!! That kind of defies the logic of buying this scooter! Pitty!!!🥲

  17. Very good reviews 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  18. Great analysis!!

  19. Dang I’m better off buying a used car with some of the prices on these things

  20. Hè my friend.whats is better vsett or gt2

  21. The design is so beautiful.

  22. I have a question, I have a gt2 when the scooter is on the park it is quiet but when I turn on any of the eco modes or sport from below something gently hums, is it normal? And when he switches to the park after a few seconds, is it quiet again? Is this some kind of cooling system?

  23. the horn is a bad joke lol

  24. features like cruise control and enhanced throttle really makes me appreciate my EUC, cause I don't need all of that crap.

  25. What's the point of these high speed scooters? Where can you legally use them?

  26. The design looks amazing,complex and practical. The only improvements I would do its the height from the ground and some bigger wheels. Overall,the design ITS AMAZING !!! One of the thing that I love its the central console and the cockpit. They are strong and very dope looking. Also the water guards are finally doing its mission straight outta factory. These scooters should influence all scooters that will be made from now on.

  27. Did you have any issues connecting the Bluetooth engine speaker?
    I have a a p100s and it’s not connecting, another video showed a GT2 connected to the speaker but in the comments it sounded like people weren’t able to connect to the GT series scooters also. Did you have to update the firmware of the speaker somehow?

  28. Absolutely love it

  29. Looks nice but $4K for a scooter?? My mother has had cars that were cheaper and probably lasted longer longer than that scooter. I'm not feeling it, regardless of specs..

  30. The price the real beast.

  31. Would you say the dual motor Segway GT2 or the Nami burn (the $3300 version of nami burn)?

  32. For me is yet the DUALMOTORS SPIDER 2 LIMITED EDITION due to its weight – 26 kg

  33. Segway always delivers with overpriced garbage, there are plenty of faster scooters costing less than half..

  34. Great video. They make great products, but treat the customer terrible. Majority of backers who ordered a GT 6 months ago in March on Indiegogo are still waiting on delivery. They arrived at the US warehouse in July, and they said they would be delivery late August. Then they said early September, now they are saying delivery won't be until sometime in October.

  35. Reply
    Damion(Lifted Legend 710) March 21, 2023 at 7:08 am

    They need to make an attachable seat

  36. Doesn't the GT2 have cooling vents right behind the wheel for the battery? How does that handle dirt/water? Can the battery be replaced by the end user?

  37. I'll wait for the supply of not selling due it's pricepoint bring down the price.

  38. I’m 4’11 would this work?

  39. Looks good, but what is wit the crazy price? 🤔… Doesn't looks normal. Sadly it's a hit and miss. Anyway thank you for the review. I understand that the gasoline price it's up 👆, but you can't place a scooter price 🛵 at a car 🚙 price though!?

  40. It's 2k now so thoughts for 2k

  41. And you have to be a body builder to carry it

  42. nice, but pricey…….wondering when the big boys like honda, yamaha, kawasaki, suzuki or bmw will jump in?

  43. Nice 😊

  44. I need one of those!

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